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U.S. Helicopter Kits, including Bell Cobra, Hueys, Apache, and others such as the Blackhawk models.

Some helicopters are actually made outside of the U.S, but used by our armed services, or in some civilian applications, like seach and rescue.

Originally designed for the U.S Army during the Vietnam war, thousands of this famous Bell UH-1D "Huey" helicopters are still in service as transport, ambulance, and attack aircraft.

Also, the UH-1D is part of the armed and police forces of more than fifty nations.


The CH-47A Chinook was first delivered for use in Vietnam around August 1962. It's a tandem-rotor medium transport helicopter.

The Chinook's primary mission is moving artillery, ammunition, personnel, and supplies on the battlefield.

It can also perform rescue, aeromedical, parachuting, aircraft recovery and special operations missions as needed.


The SH-60 Seahawk is a U.S navy multi-mission helicopter.

Developed fom the U.S. Army UH-60 version, it's often used for a wide variety of tasks, including: anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, drug interdiction, anti-ship warfare, cargo lift, and special operations.

The SH-60F is the SH-60B ungrade and came into service around 1988.

The SH-60F uses Sikorsky twin turboshaft engines and is normally a carrier based helicopter.


academy usmc shark mouth model

USMC AH1Z Cobra Shark Mouth


Bell AH1G Cobra US Attack Helicopter


AH1G Cobra US Attack Helicopter


AH1G Arctic Cobra Helicopter


AH1S Cobra Helicopter


AH1F Cobra Attack Helicopter


AH1S Cobra Chopper US Army


hobby boss uh1 huey model kit

Bell UH1 Huey B


Bell UH1D


Bell UH1H Iroquois US Army / JASDF


Bell UH1D Iroquios Slick Huey


Bell UH1F Huey USAF


Bell UH1C Huey US Army Easy Riders


Bell UH1B Huey US Army


Bell UH1C Huey


(2) Huey Helicopters


Bell Rescue Huey Helicopter


(2) Huey UH1 Helicopters


Helicopter Pilots


OH-6A Cayuse


AH6J-MH6J Nightstalkers




AH6 Night Fox


AH64D Apache Longbow US Army


AH64A Apache US Army


AH64D Apache Longbow JGSDF


AH64 Apache Longbow


AH64A Apache


AH64D Apache Longbow


AH64D Apache Longbow


AH64D Apache Longbow


HH60J Jayhawk USCG


US HH65A Dolphin USCG


academy blackhawk model

UH60L Black Hawk


AH60L DAP Black Hawk


UH60A Blackhawk US Army


italeri mh60k blackhawk model kit

MH60K Blackhawk SOA


UH60 Blackhawk Night Raid


UH60A Blackhawk


UH60J Rescue Hawk


SH60B Seahawk


SH60B Seahawk


SH60B Seahawk


SH60F Ocean Hawk


SH60F Ocean Hawk


SH60J Seahawk


afv club s70c blue hawk air rescue model kits

S70C Blue Hawk Air Rescue Group


MH60S Knight Hawk


MH60S U.S. Navy HSC9 Tridents


HH60H Rescue Hawk


SH2G Super Seasprite


Clear Prop - UH-2A/B Seasprite CP72002 1/72 Scale Model kit

UH2 AB Seasprite


MH53E Sea Dragon


Sikorsky U.S. Navy SH3H Sea King


Sikorsky SH3G Sea King


Sikorsky SH3 Sea King


MH47E Chinook


MH47E SOA Chinook


HC2 CH47F Chinook


CH46D Sea Knight


CH47D Chinook


CH47A Chinook


CH46E Bullfrog US Marines


UH34D Chocktaw US Marines


UH34D US Marines


UH34A Choctaw


H34 Navy Rescue


V22 Osprey


MV22B Osprey USMC


Hasegawa 1/72 Ground Self-Defense Forces V-22 Male Spray Transportation Airplane, Plastic Model 02359

V22 Osprey JGSDF


Jolly Green Giant Helicopter


Police 500D Helicopter


Hughes 500D TOW Helicopter


miniart hummingbird kolibri model

Flettner 282 V-23 Kolibri - Hummingbird


AMP 48-013 - 1/48 - Kaman HOK-1/ HUK-1 Plastic Model kit

Kaman HOK-1/ HUK-1


Mcdonnell Model 120 Flying Crane


Sikorsky HO3S-1 Marines Hedron 33


Army Mule Helicopter


US Army Helicopter Paint Set


USAF Colors Vietnam Paint Set


USAF Colors 1960s to 1980s Paint Set


USAF Colors Vietnam / Sea Colors Paint Set


Bell UH1 Huey Book


AH64 Apache Book


Sea King Book


Helicopter Nose Art Book


Other Helicopters


Sea Planes / Float Planes




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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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