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Water, Sea, float planes and flying boat aircraft models.

Flying Boats tend to be aircraft where the fuselage actually touches the water and the plane floats on the water like an actual boat.

A Pontoon, or "float" aircraft tends to be a plane that doesn't touch the water except for the two floats to support it up off the water.

Some aircraft are referred to as being Amphibias when they can land on water, but also have traditional landing gear to takeoff and land on soild ground.

Some planes, especially older ones, are referred to as "hydroplanes" and can be any plane that has to do with water.


Hasegawa HE02371 1/72 ShinMeiwa Ps-1 Kai US-1 Plastic Model kit

ShinMeiwa Ps1 Kai US1


aoshima us2 model aircraft

JMSDF US-2 Rescue Flying Boat


Russian Amphibious Aircraft Beriev Be200ES


Russian LUN Class Ekranoplan


Martin Mariner PBM5 Boatplane


Reconnaissance and Patrol Beriev Be6


HU16A Albatross


PBY5A Catalina Black Cat Seaplane


US Navy PBY Catalina Seaplane


Be-12P Soviet firefighter (Beriev design bureau) 1/144 Amodel 1442

Be12P Soviet Firefighter


Be-14 Soviet rescue aircraft (Beriev design bureau) 1/144 Amodel 1441

BE14 Soviet Rescue Seaplane


Beriev Be-18P Beriev design bureau 1/144 Amodel 1441-01

Be18P Beriev Soviet Seaplane


Martin Seamaster


Hydroplane SPL 1/72 Amodel 7271

Hydroplane SPL


Special Hobby 1/72 Scale Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I/ASR Mk.II Plastic Model Building Kit SH72431

Supermarine Sea Otter


Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Flying Boat


Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Flying Boat Mavis


Curtiss H16 US Navy Biplane Flying Boat


Felixstowe F2A British Flying Boat


Felixstowe F2A Flying Boat


Sikorsky U.S. Navy SH3H Sea King


RAF Westland HAR3 Sea King


Westland HC4 Sea King


Westland HAR3 Mk43 Sea King


SH3G Sea King


S61A Sea King Antarctica Observation


SH3 Sea King


Great Wall Hobby Douglas TBD-1A Devastator Floatplane Model Building Kit, 1/48 Scale

Douglas TBD1A Devastator Floatplane


Valom VLM72017 1:72 TBD-1A Devastator Model KIT

Douglas TBD1A Devastator Floatplane


F4F3S Wildcatfish Float Plane


F4F-3S 'Widcatfish' USAF floatplane 1/72 Amodel 72210

F4F3S Wildcatfish Float Plane


Spitfire MKVb Float Plane


Valom 1/72 Scale Heinkel He 119V5 - Plastic Model Building Kit  72111

Heinkel He 119V5


L19 / 01E Bird Dog Floatplane


Cessna 172 Floatplane


Cessna 150 Floatplane


Piper Cherokee Float Plane


Pilatus PC6 B2/H4 Turbo Porter Floatplane


AMP 48-009 - 1/48 - Supermarine S-5 Plastic Model kit

Supermarine S5 Race Float Plane


Yakovlev AIR-10 1/72 Amodel 72239

Yakovlev AIR10


Yakovlev UT-1 Soviet hydroplane MM48-004

Yakovlev AIR10


Arado Ar231V2 Prototype Aircraft (w/Resin Parts) 1/48 Special Hobby

Arado Ar231V2 Prototype Float Plane


Mikro-mir 72-012 - 1/72 Tupolev G-1 Soviet Transport Aircraft, Plastic Model kit

Tupolev G1 Soviet Transport Float Plane


Nakajima A6M2N Floatplane Rufe


A6M2N Type 2 Floatplane Rufe


Nakajima A6M2N Type 2 Fighter Floatplane Rufe


Japanese Mitsubishi A6M2 Float Plane


1/144 Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe Type 2 Floatplane Fighter Plastic model

Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe Type 2 Floatplane Fighter


Beechcraft SD17S Pontoon Plane


Hobby Boss Antonov An-2W Colt Airplane Model Building Kit

Antonov An2W Colt Pontoon Plane


Hawker Osprey III/IV floatplane Amodel 72241

Hawker Osprey III/IV Floatplane


Special Hobby 1/48 Imam Romero Ro.44 Model Kit

Imam Romero Floatplane


Heinkel He51 B2 Floatplane


ICM Models He 51B-2 German Fighter Floatplane Building Kit

Heinkel He51 B2 Floatplane


Kawanishi E7K1 Type 94 Float Plane


Kawanishi E7K1 Type 95 Recon Float Plane


Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Float Plane


Mitsubishi F1M2 Zero Observation Float Olane


Albatros W4 Early German Float Fighter


Roden Albatros W4 Late German Floatplane Fighter Airplane Model Kit

Albatros W4 German Float Fighter


Piaggio Pegna P.c.7 Racing Seaplane


Piaggio Pegna P.c.7 Racing Seaplane


Dora Wings DW72020 Savoia Marchetti S.55 Italian Torpedo Bomber 1/72 Scale Aircraft Plastic Model Kit

Savoia Marchetti S.55 Italian Torpedo Bomber


Dora Wings DW72015 Jahu Savoia Marchetti S.55 Record Flight

Savoia Marchetti S.55


AK Acrylics 3Gen Aircraft Set AK11721 WWII Luftwaffe Seaplane Colors Set 3G

Luftwaffe Seaplane Colors


Aces High Hydro


Russian / Soviet MIG


US Helicopters


Other Helicopters




new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !




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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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