Why don't they make a model kit of .....?

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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !






Why isn't there a model kit of the model I'm looking for?

This is a common question, I get emails all the time, almost every day, of people looking for a certain model. There are many reasons on why there isn't a particular model kit available, so I'll cover some points on that here.

Plastic Model Kits

Models made of plastic require an injecton mold. Plastic is heated to a high temperature and then forced into the mold at high pressure. This makes the plastic "trees" that hold the parts, and gives you what you need to build a model.

Here is a mold for a plastic model courtesy of Round2 Models:



This mold makes JUST ONE of the many parts trees that make up a model, and this is JUST HALF of the mold. You need two for each tree (excluding kits that use slide molds I believe), and some models have many trees, depending on the complexity of the kit.

Don't let the picture fool you. This is one heavy piece of steel. You need a fork lift to get these around and put them in and out of the molding machines, or move them around a warehouse.

So what's involved in getting a mold made?

The molds to make a model kit can cost from $ 100,000 to $250,000. Just to make one kind of model.

So model companies don't start popping out new models every day because they feel like it. It's expensive!

There's also a boat load of engineering time, CAD work, and milling work done to even make the mold. It's not a simple task.


A reason why there maybe isn't the exact year of the car you want -


To use a car model for instance I'll pick the Ford Mustang by Revell.


revell 90 mustang drag racer 5.0 mustang model kit


You'll note that the box says 1990. However, this (Fox) body style was used from 1987 to 1995. And that body and chassis is based on the first 1979 Mustang. Some people (not familiar with models) may ask why there is no model of a 1989 Mustang, or a 1991?

This is because from 1987 to 1995 the Mustangs were almost all the same (except for cosmetic changes).

There's no reason for a model company to go to the expense to make a kit of every year from 1987 to 1995 when they are all almost identical. Usually a model company will pick a year for a car body's run (maybe the most popular?) and go with that.

So the chances of a Mustang model from Revell coming out that's a 1993 is probably rare. The 1990 is as close as it's going to get. Model companies feel it's up to the individual modeler to make any small modifications to the kit / body to make their specific year car.

Also, some companies make 3D printed and resin conversion kits to turn one style or year model into another, using a kit already on the market.

People may think models of say, a 1952 Crosley Coupe car, would sell like crazy. And maybe it would. But a model company has to be sure before they drop hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are THOUSANDS of cars that have never been in model form, so don't be dismayed if there isn't one available now, or never has been. It's quite common.

Also, when it comes to cars and trucks, I recommend you look for a diecast version, possibly even a toy. If it can be taken apart then you can repaint and modify them, very much like a model kit

If a plastic version isn't available for the model you're looking for, I suggest checking with these model companies. Here's a list -

Model companies, resin casters, and 3d prnited car models click here


If you haven't already, a quick search in the Resin Database can sometimes show if a resin version was availabale at one time.

Even if the resin model is OUT OF PRODUCTON, you can still find them on ebay or at a local modeling event that has vendors.

In an extreme case where you want a model of a certain car, and no model of any kind is available, you can have one scratch built.

Here is a list if companies that can do that.





new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !






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