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U.S. Coast Guard Scale Model
Replica Kits and More

italeri c130 Coast Guard Model Kits

C-130J U.S. Coast Guard
The Lockheed C-130 Hercules entered in service during the ‘50s but it has been continuously improved in avionics and engines to make it suitable to the changing of operational needs. In particular, the C-130J, still in production, has new Rolls-Royce turboprops with composite scimitar propellers , digital avionics and reduced crew requirements. In the "extended range" version it is used by the Unites States Coast Guard to carry out its specific duties such as : maritime police, patrolling, environment protection and search and rescue. The big four-engine joins a fleet of fixed-wing aircrafts, operating from land bases, and helicopters, such as the Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk, which can be operated from the ground air-facilities or from flight-deck equipped cutters. Model Includes two decal sets.

Coast Guard Ship Model Kits

US Coast Guard Patrol Boat
The United States Coast Guard has maintained various classes of patrol boats. The USCG currently has 49 Patrol Boats in its Island class. Their pennant numbers are WPB 1301 through WPB 1349. As built, these vessels were all 110 feet in length, and refitted with an additional 13 feet. This model kit is around 14 inches long when built.

italeri hh60j jayhawk helicopter Coast Guard Model Kits

HH-60J U.S.Coast Guard
he Sikorsky HH-60J "Jayhawk" was identified by the United States Coast Guard - replacing the old and glorious HH-3F Pelican - for search and rescue, maritime patrols, and environmental protection missions. The "Jayhawk" is basically and directly derived from the robust, flexible and highly reliable SH-60 Seahawk used in a huge number by the United States Navy and embarked on all major units of the fleet. The HH-60J Jayhawk is able to fly a crew of four people, in addition to other 6 additional people on board. The HH-60J is normally based on land but it can be also based on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutters. Thanks to its main powerplant, formed by 2 General Electric T700 gas turbines able to provide 1,410 Kw each, the “Jayhawk” is able to reach a maximum speed of 330 Km/h and a cruiser speed of 250 Km/h.

revell Coast Guard roger b taney Ship Model Kits

USCG Cutter Roger B. Taney
The 327- foot endurance cutter Roger B. Taney was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Among the first to fire back that morning, the ship served escort duty throughout the war in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. During the Okinawa campaign in 1945, the Taney came under air attacks more than 250 times-surviving some of the heaviest suicide attacks of the war. The Taney also served in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. In peacetime, the ship has served as an ocean station vessel, a search and rescue ship, and on Alaskan fisheries patrol. The USCGC Taney is now stationed in Virginia, as a unit of the Fifth Coast Guard District. Detailed deck with 8 depth charge throwers & 2 roller racks, life rafts, boats, davits, searchlights, and railings. Engraved hull detail, two-40mm guns, four-20mm guns, 5" elevating gun in rotating turret, radar, antennas and display stand. Decals with authentic markings. Molded in white.

lindberg coast guard tug boats

United States Coast Guard R5D Plastic Model Kit
The Coast Guard acquired fifteen Douglas R5D's, the Navy's version of the
famous DC-4 (the Army Air Force's/Air Force's designation was C-54). The first six aircraft were acquired in 1945 and were used for transport duties,
logistical support, search and rescue operations, duty with the International Ice
Patrol, electronic tests (LORAN testing--these were EC-54U aircraft), and
photographic mapping flights (RC-54V aircraft). Nine were acquired from the
Navy while the other six were acquired from the Air Force. They remained in
service up to 1962 although one R5D stayed on the Coast Guard's inventory until

pegasus great white shark model

Great White Shark with Diver and Cage
Includes shark with two head options, shark cage and diver

hobby boss coast guard jayhawk model

United States Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk Helicopter
The HH-60J Jayhawk is a medium-range recovery helicopter. It`s development began in 1986 based on the HH-60H Rescue Hawk airframe. into the US Coast Guard in the early 1990s. The HH-60J is used to perform search and rescue, law enforcement, military readiness and marine environmental protection missions. Kit has engraved panel and rivet detail, full cockpit and cargo interior, separately molded cabin doors, nose radome and 2 drop tanks. Decals and color painting guide for a USCG aircraft.

trumpeter coast guard hh651 dolphin helicopter model

U.S.C.G. HH65-A Dolphin Search and Rescue
Just in from Trumpeter it the HH65A Dolphin Search and Rescue U.S Coast Guard Helicopter. Model Brief. Features 91 pieces on 5 sprues and measures 11.1" long. Decal markings US Coast Guard.

billings boat kits uscg lifeboat

Waveney Class Lifeboat model kit.
44-foot lifeboat, designed to carry out search and rescue assignments in poor weather and water conditions. With a skilled and experienced crew, this vessel can carry out the most demanding of rescue operations. The vessel is self stabilizing. When built, this boat model kits is around 30 inches long.

lindberg uscg coast guard model ships

Scale U.S. Rescue Ship Model Kit with Figures
The Air Force Rescue boat. It is a detailed replica with crew figures included and lots of deck details. Measures around 13 inches long.

lindberg coast guard tug boats

US Coast Guard Tug Boat Plastic Model Kit

minicraft uscg pby airplane model

PBY 5A USCG Model Building Kit
The PBY Catalina served the United States Navy and allied nations throughout WW II and continued to serve long after. The PBY-5 was used as a maritime patrol bomber, for anti-submarine patrol and as an air-sea rescue aircraft during and after World War II. The new 1/144 Minicraft PBY-5 offers new post-war markings representing a US Air Force and distinctive USCG - Coast Guard Search and Rescue aircraft. Contains 2 decal options: USCG PBY-5A, French Frigate Shoals, Hawaiian Islands, 1953, USAF O-A10A, 44-33939, 4th ARS, Hamilton AFB, CA, ca. 1950. Position-able landing gear.

revell grumman albatross airplane model

SA-16B Albatross Model Building Kit
The SA-16B Albatross is known primarily for its unequaled capability as an air/sea rescue plane, though it had also seen service in anti-sub warfare and escort and surveillance missions. Nearly 63' long and 26' high, it can airlift up to 15 survivors or drop an air rescue kit to provide shelter and medical aid to 40. Kit Includes: operating landing gear, 3 man crew, Two survivors on life raft.

revell kustwacht waker ship model

Scale Kustwacht Waker Rescue Model Kit

airfix severn lifeboat ship model

RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat Model Kit
Introduced to the RNLI in 1995, the all-weather Severn Class Lifeboat is the largest in their fleet. It has a range of 250 Nautical miles and a top speed of 25 knots. It also carries a powered Y boat that can be launched and recovered by a lightweight crane to enable rescues close to shore. Its propellers are protected so it can take ground without damage. This kit enables a fully detailed model of this RNLI Lifeboat to be built. Full detail of the outside deck, hull and fittings are included and by removing the cabin roof a fully detailed interior can be viewed. Kit features optional full or waterline construction hull, highly detailed decks and superstructure. Includes railings, masts, antennae, crane, 'inflatable' boat with outboard motor, extensive deck fittings and display stand. Decals for hull and superstructure plus ensign - names and hull numbers for 44 stations/boats.

revell sar berlin rescue ship model

Search & Rescue Vessel Berlin Model Kit
This is a Scale plastic model kit of the search and rescue vessel Berlin, a modern German ocean-going search and rescue vessel of the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS) or German Association for the Rescue of Shipwrecked. Model kit features: 1-piece hull. Detailed decks and superstructures. Rails and protective mats. Radio mast with radar screen. Upper control position with detailed equipment. Two water cannon fire extinguishers. Three ship's screws. Detailed tender on after-deck. 2 Authentic decals: 1) DGzRS Berlin. 2) DGzRS Hermann Helms. No. of parts: 208. Length: 382 mm.

lindberg nantucket light ship model

Nantucket Light Ship
Highly detailed kit comes with display base and measures 17 1/4 inches long.

us coast guard monopoly games

USCG Coast Guard Monopoly Game
Celebrate over 200 years of military and maritime service in this U.S. Coast Guard edition of the MONOPOLY® game. Buy, sell and trade the U.S. Coast Guard’s most prized assets including Diamond Head Lighthouse, USCGC Juniper, and the HH-65 Dolphin in an effort to protect U.S. Homeland Security. Use one of six collectible pewter tokens including Eagle, Life ring, Anchor, Cutter, Helicopter, and Lighthouse to navigate your way around the board. It’s time to get underway, Advance to GO!

us coast guard cutter ships

U.S. Coast Guard Cutters

us coast guard rescue

Rescue Warriors: The U.S. Coast Guard, America's Forgotten Heroes

history of u.s. coast guard ships

The Coast Guard Ships

the u.s. coast guard books

The United States Coast Guard:
1790 to the Present

u.s. coast guard manual

The Coast Guardsman's

u.s. coast guard ships on the great lakes

The U.S. Coast Guard on
the Great Lakes

u.s. coast guard ships

The U.S. Coast Guard

u.s. coast guard helicopter rescues

Coast Guard: Helicopters
to the Rescues

u.s. coast guard dangerous rescues

Coast Guard: Dangerous






glencoe-navy-seal figure

Navy Seal




Atlantis blackberd figure model kits

Blackbeard Pirate




moebius forgotten prisoner figure

The Forgotten Prisoner



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