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While Tamiya is known for its highly details model kits, they're also known for their model hobby paints as well.

The new synthetic lacquer spray paints work very well, especially on Tamiya plastic kits.

The plastic that tamiya uses in their model kits is ultra smooth, my guess is because of their high end polishing process' when they make a mold for a kit.

Their plastic also seems to be stiffer (not soft, like some other model companies do, such as the older AMT models).

The combination of these two things, in my eyes, helps their paints to give you a fanastic paint job on your model.

One thing I've noticed through my may years of using their paint is that some colors work extremely well, but some of them can be quite thin.

So as with any model paint, it's always prudent to test your paint first (white plastic spoons are cheap and good to use).



Popular paints from Tamiya.


tamiya paints

Tamiya TS series paints are a synthetic lacquer that dry in just minutes and cure faster than traditional enamel paints. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. These are especially formulated to work on plastic model kits.

If you're looking for Testors Car Model Paints, click here.

tamiys ts1 red brown paint

Red Brown

tamiys dark greenpaint

Dark Green

tamiys ts3 dark yellow paint

Dark Yellow

tamiys ts4 german gray paint

German Gray

tamiys ts5 olive drab paint

Olive Drab

tamiys ts6 matt black paint

Matte Black

tamiys ts7 racing white paint

Racing White

tamiys ts8 italian red paint

Italian Red

tamiys ts9 british green paint

British Green

tamiys ts10 french blue paint

French Blue

tamiys ts11 maroon paint


tamiys ts12 orange paint


tamiys ts13 gloss clear paint

Gloss Clear

tamiys ts14 black paint


tamiys ts15 blue paint


tamiys ts16 yellow paint


tamiys ts17 gloss aluminum paint

Gloss Aluminum

tamiys ts18 metallic red paint

Metallic Red

tamiys ts19 metallic blue paint

Metallic Blue

tamiys ts20 metallic green paint

Metallic Green

tamiys ts21 gold paint


tamiys ts22 light green paint

Light Green

tamiys ts23 light blue paint

Light Blue

tamiys ts24 purple paint


tamiys ts25 pink paint


tamiys ts26 pure white paint

Pure White

tamiys ts27 matte white paint

Matte White

tamiys ts28 olive drab paint

Olive Drab

tamiys ts29 semi gloss black paint

Semi Gloss Black

tamiys ts30 silver leaf paint

Silver Leaf

tamiys ts31 bright orange paint

Bright Orange

tamiys ts32 haze gray paint

Haze Gray

tamiys ts33 dull red paint

Dull Red

tamiys ts34 camel yellow paint

Camel Yellow

tamiys ts35 park green paint

Park Green

tamiys ts36 red paint

Fluorescent Red

tamiys ts137 lavender paint


tamiys ts38 gun metal paint

Gun Metal

tamiys ts39 mica red paint

Mica Red

tamiys ts40 mey=tallic black paint

Metallic Black

tamiys ts41 coral blue paint

Coral Blue

tamiys ts42 light gun metal paint

Light Gun Metal

tamiys ts43 racing green paint

Racing Green

tamiys ts44 brilliant blue paint

Brilliant Blue

tamiys ts45 pearl white paint

Pearl White

tamiys ts46 light sand paint

Light Sand

tamiys ts47 chrome yellow paint

Chrome Yellow

tamiys ts48 gunship gray paint

Gunship Gray

tamiys ts49 bright red paint

Bright Red

tamiys ts50 mica blue paint

Mica Blue

tamiys ts51 racing blue paint

Racing Blue

tamiys ts52 candy lime green paint

Candy Lime Green

tamiys ts53 deep metallic blue paint

Deep Metallic Blue

tamiys ts54 light metallic blue paint

Light Metallic Blue

tamiys ts55 dark blue paint

Dark Blue

tamiys ts56 brilliant orange paint

Brilliant Orange

tamiys ts57 blue violet paint

Blue Violet

tamiys ts58 pearl light blue paint

Pearl Light Blue

tamiys ts59 pearl light red paint

Pearl Light Red

tamiys ts60 pearl green paint

Pearl Green

tamiys ts61 nato green paint

NATO Green

tamiys ts62 nato brown paint

NATO Brown

tamiys ts63 nato black paint

NATO Black

tamiys ts64 dark mica blue paint

Dark Mica Blue

tamiys ts65 pearl clear paint

Pearl Clear

tamiys ts66 gray paint

Gray IJN

tamiys ts67 gray paint

Gray IJN

tamiys ts68 wooden deck tan paint

Wooden Deck Tan

tamiys ts69 linoleum deck brown paint

Linoleum Deck Brown

tamiys ts70 olive drab paint

Olive Drab JGSDF

tamiys ts71 smoke paint


tamiys ts72 clear blue paint

Clear Blue

tamiys ts73 clear orange paint

Clear Orange

tamiys ts74 clear red paint

Clear Red

tamiys ts75 champagne paint


tamiys ts76 mica silver paint

Mica Silver

tamiys ts77 flat flesh paint

Flat Flesh

tamiys ts78 field gray paint

Field Gray

tamiya ts79 semi gloss clear paint

Semi Gloss Clear

tamiya ts80flat clear paint

Flat Clear

tamiya ts81 royal light gray paint

Royal Light Gray

tamiys ts182 black rubber paint

Black Rubber

tamiys ts83 metallic silver paint

Metallic Silver

tamiys ts84 metallic gold paint

Metallic Gold

tamiys ts85 bright mica red ferrari paint

Bright Mica Red Ferrari

tamiys ts86 brilliant paint

Brilliant Red

tamiys ts87 titanium gold paint

Titanium Gold

tamiys ts88 titanium silver paint

Titanium Silver

tamiys ts89 pearl blue paint

Pearl Blue

tamiys ts90 brown jgsdf paint

Brown (JGSDF)

tamiys ts91 dark green paint

Dark Green

tamiys ts92 metallic orange paint

Metallic Orange

tamiys ts93 pure blue paint

Pure Blue

tamiys ts94 metallic gray paint

Metallic Gray

tamiys ts95 metallic red paint

Metallic Red
(MazdaMX5 / Miata)

tamiys ts96 orange paint

Fluorescent Orange
(Repsol Honda RC213V)

tamiys light sand metallic paint

Light Sand Metallic

tamiys cobalt green paint

Cobalt Green
(Porsche 934 Turbo)


As always, test your paints before applying it to your final model !

The easiest way to test paints is to shoot them on cheap, white
plastic eating spoons
. Paint them and label them.

Then you know what the color looks like in the future.

spoon paint tests


These Tamiya Acrylic paints below are easy to clean up with simple water.


Don't forget the Paint Brushes - Click Here!


tamiya x20a thinner

Acrylic Paint Thinner



pledge future wax

Pledge (Future) Wax

panel line pens grey black

Panel Line Pens - Black & Grey

purple power cleaner

1 Gallon Purple Cleaner
(Strips paint and chrome off plastic models in minutes)








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