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Super heroes have been a mainstay of comic books very nearly 100 years, in one form or another. Some of the classics, such as Superman and Batman, go all the way back to the 1930's.

But there are so many popular characters, from Spiderman to Batgirl, from the X-Men to Lobo. Every comic book fan has his or her all time favorite.

Of course, models of super heroes have been around since the 1960's and still flourish today. No matter how old you are as an adult, super kits are everywhere.

They're dynamic and action oriented. With poses that reflect their personalities. They're colorful, to match the the high colors in the comics that burst out from the book's pages.

Plastic kits are the major force in model building and collecting, but you can find just as many in resin and vinyl kits. Your typical super hero model builder is usually familiar with all the mediums, and doesn't have any problems assembling a model from any certain material.

But it's not the model building per se' that makes them stand out. It's the amazing paint jobs they receive. Every fold of fabric, every steely eye, every punch about to be thrown is brought to life with pallets of colors you never knew could look so good. There are some real masters at painting figures. You can't help admire them and want to build the model kit yourself.

Moebius models has began producing kits at a quick rate, recently following previous successful kits with their classic 1966 Batman line. The Batman, Adam West, and the Catwoman, Julie Newmar are out now. (I hope someone also does a resin replacement head to convert the model to make Eartha Kitt, that would be awesome!). The Boy Wonder Robin, the Riddler, and The Penguin, are scheduled to be next (and soon).

Moebius did well before with their Marvel Comics Ironman models. I think they made about 3 different ones. They also did the War Machine and the ever popular sexy Black Widow. Of course, they offered other Marvel kits such as Spiderman, and even the Green Goblin. Two great comic book characters that make great model kits.

Round2 has issued several as well, from Superman to Wolverine. Comic book models continue to thrive! Now Dragon Models has done very well with their Marvel Avengers series (Ironman, Hulk, Nick Fury, Thor) and let's hope they keep producing them.

There are some resin and vinyl kits too, many of them from companies no longer in business. But they're still popular and sought out by super hero model builders. Screamin', Horizon, Biliken. Just to name a few. Well known names for classic figure hero model kits.

So whomever is your favorite, it might be time to build a super hero model. They're colorful and fun, and would be great in your collection.

Super Hero, Villians, and Comic Book Models and Statues. Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life -
Volume 3

moebius models classic batman joker

Batman Classic Joker - Due 2018

moebius models lynda carter wonder woman

Wonder Woman - Due 2018

moebius batman resin model


moebius wonder woman resin model

Wonder Woman

moebius superman resin model

Superman - Due 2018

moebius batman riddler model

Classic Riddler

diamond select deadpool


atlantis the phantom ghost that walks

The Phantom

moebius models classic batman adam west

Classic Batman

moebius models classic catwoman

Classic Catwoman

moebius models classic penguin

Classic Penguin

moebius models classic robin

Classic Robin

moebius models krypto dog

Krypto the Super Dog

polar lights superman model kit


horizon riddler model


spiderman snap kit


moebius classic batgirl model

Classic Batgirl

dragon ironman figure model kit

Ironman Damaged

dragon ironman figure model kit

Ironman Heartbreaker

horizon green goblin model figure kit

Green Goblin

the red skull figure kit

The Red Skull

hasegawa batgirl model figure kit


hasegawa batgirl model figure kit


dragon nick fury figure model kit

SHEILD Nick Fury

dragon ironman hall of armor figure model kit

Ironman Hall of Armor

horizon venomfigure model kit


dragon ironman midas figure model kit

Ironman Midas Suit

dragon ironman patriot figure model kit

Iron Patriot

dragon bane figure kit

Dark Knight Bane

dragon hulk figure model kit

Avengers The Hulk

dragon captain america figure model kit

Captain America

dragon ironman figure model kit

Ironman Mark 7

dragon ironman mark 39 model kit

Ironman Mark 39

dragon ironman mark 33 figure model kit

Ironman Mark 33

dragon ironman igor model

Ironman IGOR

dragon captain america winter soldier model

Captain America

dragon ironman war machine model

War Machine

dragon ironman  hot rod suit model

Ironman Hot Rod Suit

horizon catwoman figure model kit


dragon thor model

Avengers Thor

dragon thor model

Marvel Thor

dragon bane dark knight figure model kit

Dark Knight Batman

polar lights spiderman with new box


round 2 spiderman model kits

Amazing Spiderman

dragon avengers ultron figure model kit


dragon ironman hulkbuster figure model kit

Ironman Hulkbuster

dragon ironman avengers figure model kit

Ironman Mark 43

polar lights wolverine figure kit

X-Men Wolverine

revell ironman figure model kit

Marvel Ironman

horizon batman figure model kits


moebius batmobile

Batman vs Superman Batmobile

moebius bane model

Bane Tumbler with Figure

moebius batman tumbler batmobile model

Batman Dark Knight Tumbler

moebius batman batpod model

Batman Dark Knight Batpod

moebius cat woman bat-pod model

1/18 Catwoman with Batpod

dragon tumbler batmobile model

1/9 Tumbler Batmobile

moebius cat woman bat-pod model

Krypto Dog Set LE

ant man helmut

Ant Man Helmut

figure pop sculpting

Pop Sculpture: How to Create Action Figures and Collectible Statues

haynes marvel shield carrier owners manual

Marvel Vehicles: Owners Workshop Manual

girls in resin model book

Girls in Resin

horizon indiana jones figure model kit

Indiana Jones

horizon indiana dr jones figure model kit

Dr. Jones

atlantis models zorro kit

Zorro Figure with Tornado

round 2 spiderman figure model kit


round 2 hulk figure model kit

Incredible Hulk

moebius green lantern model kits

The Green Lantern

horizon might thor model figure kit

Mighty Thor

Moebius iron man 2 war machine figure model kit

Iron Man II
War Machine

moebius models black widow scarlett figure kit

Black Widow


moebius ironman models

Ironman Mark III

moebius ironman models

Ironman Mark III

moebius ironman models

Chrome Ironman Mark II

moebius green goblin model kit

Green Goblin

spiderman moebius model


polar lights round 2 new captain america figure model kit

Captain America

horizon steel superman model


horizon catwoman model kit


horizon bane model kit


moebius superboy model kit

Superboy & Krypto

moebius wonder woman model kit

Wonder Woman

polar lights incredible hulk model kits

The Incredible Hulk

revell batman figures statues


revell superman figure model kits


revell batman robin kit


toy biz rhino figure model kits


toy biz captain america model

Captain America

toy biz xmen storm model


horizon robin model kit


toy biz x-men wolverine figure models

X-Men Wolverine

toy biz marvel thor figure models

The Mighty Thor

toy biz fantastic four the thing model kits

The Thing

toy biz ghost rider model kits

Ghost Rider

toy biz venom model kits


toy biz spiderman figure model kit


toy biz incredible hulk figure models

The Incredible Hulk

toy biz venom model kits


revell robin figure model kit


horizon vinyl cyclops model kits


horizon vinyl cyclops model kits

X-Men Cyclops

revell batman the riddeler figure model kits

The Riddler

revell batman model kit


moebius resin conan model

Conan The Barbarian

horizon batman penguin figure model kit

The Penguin

horizon wolverine x-men model


horizon punisher model

The Punisher

aurora tonto figure model kit


horizon she hulk model

She Hulk

horizon xmen cyclops model

Ghost Rider

judge anderson figure model kit

Judge Anderson

horizon spiderman model kit


halycon judge dredd model figure kit

Judge Dredd

batman robin figure model kit

Dick Tracy

harley quinn xray figure model kit

Harley Quinn XRay

horizon wolverine model kit


lifesize captain america statue

Lifesize Captain America

lifesize thor statue

Lifesize Thor

resin batman bust model kit

Batman Bust Resin Cast

resin ironman bust model kit

Iron Man Resin Bust

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