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Submarine scale model kits. From the Nautilus, TV and Movies, to the Nuclear submarines used in todays navy.


pegasus nautilus submarine captain nemo model

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemo Nautilus
After 3 years in developement, the kit is here!
Jules Verne's Nautilus Submarine!
Includes a detalied base with Giant Squid and photoetch parts!

hasegawa submersible shinkai model

Manned Research Submersible SHINKAI
Kit features multipart full hull with engraved panel lines, rotatable propulsion screw in pivoting main thruster assembly, clear-molded view portholes, detailed external appendages (horizontal thrusters, camera array, sample baskets and remote manipulator arms), finely molded hull fittings, removable ballast and display stand.

pegasus great white shark model

Great White Shark with Diver and Cage
Includes shark with two head options, shark cage and diver!

aoshima triton submarine deep sea explorer  model

Deep Sea Explorer Series Submersible Triton

moebius 2001 moon bus model

39-inch Movie Seaview
with Ballistic Missile

moebius 2001 moon bus model

39-inch TV-Series Seaview
with Flying Sub & Hanger Bay

moebois models uss skipjack submarine Model Kits

Huge 1/72 USS Skipjack Submarine Model
1/72 Scale. Measures 42 inches long when complete with 45 detailed parts, Features accurate teardrop shaped hull. photo-etched metal main sea water suctions and discharges, includes hull numbers and ship names for all 6 skipjack class submarines. Highly detailed navigational and communications array, featuring antennae, periscope and snorkel.

revell u47 cutaway uboat model

1/125 German VII C U-Boat U-47 with Interior
124 Parts. Interior / Cutaway view of interior.

gato submarine models Kits

1:72 Scale U.S. Gato Class Submarine
Large scale kit is 52 inches in length! It is a brand new tooling and is a
massive, world-class model replica with 266 parts.
Highly detailed kit in every way.

revell 1/72 scale german uboat model

36-inch 1/72 U-Boat Type VII C U552 "Wolf Pack"
This limited-run kit features a two-piece hull with molded details, a highly detailed bridge, two conning tower options with spray guards, an anti-aircraft gun with rotating mount, an 88 mm cannon with optical sighting and fire-control equipment, movable hydroplanes, a movable stern rudder, a posable periscope, opening torpedo hatches, antenna thread, a display stand and 5 decal options. 150 parts.

revell 1/72 scale german u505 uboat model

36-inch 1/72 German Submarine Type IXC U505 Late
Both Bow and Stern Torpedo Doors in the Open or Closed position. 160 parts.U-505 is a German Type IXC U-boat built for service in the Kriegsmarine during World War II. She is one of six U-boats that were captured by Allied forces during World War II, and the first warship to be captured by U.S. forces on the high seas since the War of 1812. Later Version with Mk III Conning Tower (Larger Winter-Garden), highly detailed Hull with Rivet and Weld Line Structure; Imitation Flood Vents and Doors; Deck detail; Bot Bow and Stern Torpedo Doors in the Open or Closed position; Moveable Ruder Assembly in the Stern; Detailed Propellers; Moving Hydroplanes; Retractable Periscope and Antennas; Conning Tower Platforms; upper Conning Tower Side-walls with Aerials, Compass and Hatch; Separate Splash-guard on Upper Conning Tower Rim; Net deflection Antennae and Isolators; Cord for the Antennae; 2 cm Flak Twin Cannon & 3,7 cm Flak Gun and Display stand. Decals and Flags for (2) ships: captured by the US Navy, Atlantic Ocean, June, 4th - June, 20th, 1944 and 2th U-Flotilla, Atlantic Ocean, March, 16th - June, 4th, 1944.


revell type xxi u-2540 uboat submarine with interior Model Kits

U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 German WWII Submarine with Visible Interior
Model details: Separate left outer hull wall giving a view into the interior; Detailed surface structures; Detailed torpedo compartment; Crew living quarters; Detailed control room; Conning tower with internal structures; Detailed diesel engines and electric motors.

tamiya I400 submarine japanese model

Imperial Japanese Navy C-3 Submarine
Over 300 parts
Mother ship and mini subs included
58 and a half inches long

tamiya I400 submarine japanese model

Japanese Navy Submarine I-400
Hangar features realistic interior details and can store 3 Seiran aircraft.
Hangar door can be posed in both opened and closed positions.
1/350 Scale Submarine.

monogram seaquest deep ocean transport model

SeaQuest Deep Ocean Transport

alliance model works steampunk submarine

Steampunk Submarine Model

trumpeter uss gato submarine Model Kits

USS Gato SS-212 1941 Submarine
Kit consists of 121 parts on 7 sprues with markings for year 1941.
Completed kit measures nearly 26 inches long.

resin hunley submarine Model Kits

CSS Hunley Civil War Submarine
This Hunley kit has been completely re-mastered, and updated to reflect the most recent information about the submarine as taken from direct observation and measurements from the real artifacts. This kit has been, and remains, the most accurate model of the Hunley anywhere in the world.
The new kit features figures of the guards seen in the C.W. Chapman painting. The option of extra hatch lid castings to portray the model with either open, or closed hatches. There are also 2 options for adding the Torpedo Spar that are much more up to date and more technically accurate than before.
Includes the dock that the Hunley sits on in the famous painting, and an entirely new set of well-illustrated fully explained instructions covering the building process.

trumpeter kilo class attack russian submarine Model Kits

Russian Kilo Class Attack Submarine Type 636
This kit is a brand new tool from Trumpeter. Features 53 parts on three sprues plus an upper waterline line hull and a full hull so you can build both versions if you like. Completed model is 20" long. Comes with markings for Russian Navy SSK Kilo Class Type 36.

zvezda nuclear kursk russian submarine Model Kits

Russian K-141 Nuclear Submarine Kursk
1/350 Scale. Full Hull Kit! Huge kit of the Kursk. Brand new tooling comes molded in black and clear with a display stand. About 28 pieces. Decal sheet also included.

revell u99 submarine Model Kits

U-99 German U-Boat Submarine
1:125 scale. This is a model of one of the best known and most feared German U-Boats of WW II. The U-99 sank 43 Allied vessels before finally being sunk by a British Destroyer in 1941. Model measures 20" long when complete. Features a finely detailed hull and stern with dire planes, 2 rudders and ships screws, 20mm anti-aircraft gun, 3.5" gun, accurately detailed conning tower with periscopes, hatches and railing.

trumpeter attack model 33 submarine Model Kits

Chinese Model 33 Torpedo Attack Submarine
Built kit is about 21-inches long.

trumpeter chinese missile submarine Model Kits

Chinese Type 33G Guided Missile Submarine
This kit measures over 20 inches long and includes a display stand.

trumpeter sea wolf ssn-21 submarine Model Kits

USS SSN-21 Sea Wolf Submarine
This kit measures around 20 inches long when finished.

monogram seaquest deep ocean submarine model

Seaquest DSV

afv japanese I-58 submarine Model Kits

Japanese Submarine I-58 Early Type
Highly detailed 1/350 scale assembly model kit of the Japanese submarine I-58, a Japanese B3 type (also known as the (I-54 class) submarine in World War II. New tooling upper hull. Precisely replicates details of the vessel. Choice of waterline or full hull display model. Pressure hull is included. Precision photo-etched parts are included.

bronco german uboat Model Kits

1:35 German U-XXIII Coastal Submarine
German Type XXIII submarines were the first so-called elektroboats to become operational. They were small coastal submarines designed to operate in the shallow waters of the North Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea,

academy german uboat submarine Model Kits

1/150 German Navy U-Boat
This 1/50 scale kit can be built as a static display model or a motorized, diving submarine, and the kit includes a RE-280 electric motor and lead weights for the hull for the diving version. A display stand with nameplate is included for the static version.

dumas uss bluefish submarine Model Kits

USS Bluefish Submarine - 33 inches long
Experience submarine excitement with the USS Bluefish (SS 222). This 33" long model of a Gato / Balao class submarine has a beam of 4".

merit hms x-craft british submarine Model Kits

HMS X-Craft Submarine
The X-Craft was a Midget Submarine developed by the British Royal Navy for Special Warfare. The submarine with a 4 men crew was 15.9 m long with a maximum diameter of 1.75 m and a displacement of 30 tons.

italeri uboat biber submarine Model Kits

U-Boot Biber Model Kit
The "Biber" was the most notorious "pocket size" submarine deployed by Germany's Third Reich Marine (Kriegsmarine) during the end of WWII. This 100% new tooling kit is a spectacularly accurate miniature recreation containing intricate hull detail, precise hatch and Conning Tower components, photoetched fret, as well as two crew member figures. A beautiful decal sheet and a highly painting guide is included to complete the model in one of three paint schemes. A nameplate as well as display stand is included to make this kit a magnificent addition to any 1/35 scale WWII Naval collection.

italeri u-boat biber submarine Model Kits

1:350 Riich DSRV-1 Mystic US Navy
DSRV-1 Mystic is a Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle that is rated to dive up to 1500 metres. DSRV1 was built by Lockheed for the U.S. Navy and launched 24 January 1970. The box includes 2 submarines.

submarine model kits

Simply Model Submarines

sub model kits

Model Submarine

u995 german type VII uboats


german uboat models

Kriegsmarine U-boats

japanese sub models

Imperial Japanese Navy Submarines 1941-1945

us navy sub models

US Submarines

gato class submarine in action books

Gato-Class Submarines

pegasus nautilus submarine model kit

Jules Verne Nautilus

german u-boats submarine in action books

U-Boats in Action

u995 german type VII uboats


us navy fleet type submarines

US Navy: The Fleet Type Submarine

u boat the lost sub

Lost Sub

sub model dvd

Submarine: Steel
Boats - Iron Men

sub salvage dvd history channel

Sub Salvage

run silent run deep

Run Silent - Run Deep

national geographic lost subs dvd

National Geographic
Lost Subs

gray lady down sub model dvd

Gray Lady Down

submarine 707r anime dvd

Submarine 707R

crash dive movie dvd

Crash Dive

the enemy below movie dvd

The Enemy Below

up periscope movie dvd

Up Periscope

distination tokyo movie dvd

Destination Tokyo

k19 widowmaker movie dvd

K-19: The Widowmaker

hell and high water submarine movie dvd

Hell and High Water

blue submarine 6 dvd movie

Blue Submarine No. 6: Anime Legends Complete Collection

das boot dvd movie

Das Boot

us navy submarines

U.S. Submarines Through 1945 : An Illustrated Design History

Submarine Models are a great past time to build. Most of them can be simple, though the larger kits will need a lot of room to display.

These kits range from the TV submarine models like the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seaview, or the Jules Verne Nautilus, to more conventional modern nuclear submarines of today.

But many other countries have submarines, so there are model kits of subs from China, Russia, and Germany in WWII. All these kits are a bit different, but allow you to build a whole fleet of interesting submarine models for your collection.







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