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With todays materials and technology, you can now find them in a wide range of products and compounds to make stunning figures you could never do in the past.

Resin Figure Models - Resin figures usually offer more detail, and more interersting subjects that would never be a plastic model kit. Resin kits can be made two ways. Many times as a kit, with individual parts you need to assemble and then paint. Or, some are cast as one piece, so that assembly is kept to a minimum, and you only have to develope your painting skills (though painting figures, especially skin and faces, is a fine art in itself).

Cold Cast Resin Figures - These are commonly a figure that has been cast all as one piece. More like a statue, they still need your painting skills to bring them to life. The resin can be different than a kit with separate pieces, and the resin materials vary widely.

Depending on the material used, they are usually quite solid and have some weight to them.

Vinyl Figure Model Kits - The vinyl kits are a soft material. Easily cut with a knife. These usually have separate parts and need to be assembled. They also tend to be hollow and light, but offer a good opportunity for painting and modifications.

If you're not familiar with other mediums for model building, I recommend the issue of Scale Model Life - Figures to give you an idea. That issue covers vinyl figures, plastic figures, and even resin ones. You should never be afraid of a model just because of the materials it's made of.

All take different approaches, but the end result can be fun and spectacular.

Resin and Vinyl Figure kits. Cold cast statue models, and soft vinyl projects to build and paint.

scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life -

Traditional (unpainted) Resin Busts and Figures.
These can be multi piece kits, resin solid cast,
soft vinyl kits, White metal, or a combination of mediums.

resin samaurii bust


resin pirate bust


resin pirate bust


resin rose marie figure

Rose Marie

resin pirate bust figure

Le Capitaine Pirate

resin pegaso sioux indian width=

Sioux Indian

resin athena bust


resin zulu warrior figure

Zulu Warrior

resin nefertiti bust


pegaso samurai model width=


pegaso desert guard raeesah width=

Ra-eesah Guard

pegaso queen iceni width=

Queen of Iceni

pegaso apache warrior width=

Apache Warrior

pegaso angie width=


pegaso krankod width=


egyptian panther goddess statue

Egyptian Panther Goddess

pegaso delaware warrior indian

Delaware Indian Warrior

verlinden sports hero football figure models

Football Player

pegaso scottish highlander


pegaso american football player

Football Player

pegaso lady pirate

Lady Pirate

pegaso inca priest

Inca Priest

pegaso bounty hunter

Bounty Hunter

pegaso gaul chieftain

Gaul Chieftain

pegaso masai warrior

Masai Warrior

pegaso ottoman warrior

Bashi Buzuk Ottoman Warrior

pegaso afar girl

Afar Woman

pegaso chinese lady woman

Chinese Woman

pegaso elf

Elf Huntress

resin calamity jane

Calamity Jane

resin bettie page

Bettie Page

pegaso elf


pegaso indian woman

American Indian Woman

resin black cat

Black Cat

lifesize pirate woman

Lifesize Pirate

pegaso indian woman

Lynn Minmay

girls in resin model book

Girls in Resin

painting miniatures angle giraldez

Painting Miniatures

Horror jack pierce makeup

Movie Monsters in Scale

amt dick tracy ford coupe car model

"JAWS" Great White Shark
with Diver and Cage

pegasus dragonslayer dragon model

Dragonslayer Vermithrax Dragon

These new style classic figures below are cast in a solid white resin that's
easy to prime, and allows for some fantastic painted subjects.
(click here to find out a more about painting them)

resin zeus figure

Zeus with Lightning Bolt

resin poesidon figure

Poseidon with Trident

resin aphrodite figure


zeus with lightning bolt figure

Zeus with Lightning

resin bathers figure

Classic Figures

resin lincoln figure

President Lincoln

resin mermaid figure


resin icarus figure

Fallen Icarus

resin wild stallion

Wild Stallion

resin mermaid figure

Hades & Cerebus, the 3-headed Dog

resin 1930s dancer figure

1930s Dancer

resin woman sitting

Art Deco 1950s Woman

hecate witch statue

Sorceress Hecate

resin mermaid figure models


resin modern woman sitting

Woman Sitting

resin modern woman sitting with flowers

Woman in Sundress

resin mars god of war figure models

Mars God of War

hermes statue resin

Hermes God of Luck

classic athena woman roman


mermaid couple statue

Forever Love

classic woman bather

Art Deco Woman

romantic couple statue resin

Romantic Couple

dancing couple statue

Dancing Couple

wild horses statue resin

Wild Horse

romantic couple statue resin

Ares God of War

woman statue


dolphin waves statue resin


marie antoinette bust

Odin with Wolves

woman with flowers statue

Woman with Flowers

apollo daphne resin

Apollo & Daphne

madd hatter alice

Mad Hatter

green fairy statue


apollo resin


greek woman resin

Greek Woman

angel warrior statue


three graces resin

Three Graces

These resin figues already have a painted "bronze" patina applied to them.
However, you can easily prime and paint them any way you want.
(a few are cold cast in actual "bronze" material, but can still be re-painted)

CLICK HERE to find out about primer & painting them.

loki resin figure

Punk Girl

loki resin figure

Norse Loki

skadi warrior with wolf statue resin

Skaoi Warrior & Wolf

kung fu shaolin monk figure

Shaolin Monk

goddess frigga figure

Goddess Frigga

geisha resin figure

Geisha Woman

athena figure

Athena with Owl

american indian chief figure

American Indian Chief

chango resin figure


african goddess figure

African Goddess Oshun

goddess norse hel figure

Norse Hel on Thrown

wizard merlin resin figure

Merlin the Wizard

frigga with shield figure

Frigga with Shield

thor with hammer figure

Thor's Hammer

odin on throne resin figure


300 leonides sparta figure

Leonidas Warrior

thor with dragon figure

Thor Defeats Dragon

viking with shield and club

Viking Warrior with Shield

freyr figure


loki with dragon figure


hades with cerberus dog figure

Hades with Cerberus

norse god baldur figure

Norse God Baldur

mighty thor figure


female viking warrior figure

Viking Warrior

goddess diana moon figure

Goddess Diana

spartan warrior figure

Spartan Warrior

oggun god of war figure

Oggun God of War

ww2 marine figure

WWII Marine

navy seal figure

Navy Seal

military sniper figure

Military Sniper

paratrooper figure

Paratrooper with Gear

military army soldier figure

Army Soldier

fighter pilot figure

Fighter Pilot

drill instructor marine figure

Drill Instructor

us navy sailer

US Navy

australian roy gunner

Australian Gunner

army ww i doughboy

Army "Doughboy"

us navy sailer crackerjack

US Navy

normandy us soldier

Normandy Soldier

drill instructor marine figure

Drill Instructor

us marine soldier saluting figure

Saluting Marine

us eod specialist figure

US EOD Specialist


star trek worf model



120mm = @ 4.72 inches

= 1/16 Scale

75mm = @ 3 inches

80mm = @ 3 1/8

54mm = @ 2.12 inches

= 1/32 Scale



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