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Large Scale Naval ship models. Some of these kits are quite long when built, and are impressive when displayed. They include many fine details part, decals, and many even have photo etch.

ship models from kits

Ship Models from Kits

merit uss enterprise aircraft carrier model ship kits

  • Full Hanger Deck Detail
  • Positional Elevators
  • Metal Chain for Anchors
  • Book - USS Enterprise CV6

trumpeter uss kitty hawk aircraft carrier model ship kits

  • 1400 Parts
  • One Piece Deck
  • Hanger Deck

tamiya uss enterprise aircraft carrier model ship kits

perry class uss reuben james ffg57 model ship kits

mil com uss hornet aircraft carrier model ship kits

  • USS Hornet CV-8 Aircraft Carrier
  • Carrier Deck is molded in clear plastic to display hanger detail
  • 9 Photo Etched Detailing Sheets
  • Various Aircraft
  • Full Hanger Deck Detail

perry class uss reuben james ffg57 model ship kits

  • Photoetch Fret
  • Brass Barrel

Trumpeter uss freedom lc ship model

dragon independence cvl22 ship model

merit uss john kennedy cv67 ship model

  • Two Photoetch Sheets
  • Aircraft
  • One piece hull

mrc uss intrepid essex class cv11 ship model

  • 4 Photoetch Sheets
  • Aircraft
  • Hanger Deck
  • One Piece Hull

lindberg us coast guard patrol boat model

  • Molded in White
  • 109 Parts

merit uss john kennedy cv67 ship model

  • Photoetch Parts
  • Aircraft

trumpeter uss arizona ship model

merit uss yorktown ship model

trumpeter uss iowa ship model

dragon uss princeston ship model

  • Photoetch Parts
  • Figures

trumpeter uss missouri ship model

bronco uss new york ship model

  • 136 Photetchd Parts
  • 18 Various Aircraft

trumpeter new york battleship ship model

trumpeter san francisco heavy cruiser ship model

Trumpeter liberty ship model

Liberty ships were used during WWII to primarily carry supplies. They were made fast and simple. During the height of the war, a new Liberty Ship left the shipyards EVERY FOUR DAYS! Trumpeter makes a couple of Liberty Ship models, one of them being the SS Jeremiah O'Brien. It just so happens that the REAL O'Brien is being restored, and is a last survivor of these workhorse ships. Talk about some great reference! This model would be a great addition and interesting build for history buffs.

hasegawa uss gambier bay escort carrier ship model

trumpeter uss indianapolis ship model

trumpeter uss texas ship model

lindberg blue devil fletcher destroyer ship model

  • This new reissue has elminated the old 1960's R/C motorized Parts, and has a lower price

trumpeter essex cv9 ship model

Trumpeter north carolina ship model

Trumpeter uss hornet cv8 aircraft carrier ship model

Trumpeter uss lexington aircraft carrier ship model

trumpeter cvn68 uss nimitz aircraft carrier model ship kits

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

trumpeter uss hancock aircraft carrier ship models

  • Various aircraft

trumpeter uss lassen ddg82 destroyer ship models

  • Photoetched Parts

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

tamiya battleship uss missouri

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

hobby boss uss arizona ship model from pearl harbor

tamiya new jersey model

  • Photoetched Parts
  • Metal Prop Shafts
  • Stainless steel wire

academy models uss oliver hazard perry ffg7 ship

revell flower class corvette model ship kits

  • Photoetched Parts
  • Movable 102 mm gun
  • Crew Figures
  • Laser-cut self-adhesive wood deck veneers

tamiya prince of wales ship model

airfix-hms-illustrious ship models

trumpeter hms hood battleship ship models

trumpeter german bismarck model ships

  • German Bismarck Battleship
  • Huge 50 inches long
  • Over 1700 Parts
  • Photoetch Parts
  • Single Piece Hull
  • 4 Aircraft
  • Metal Gun Barrels
  • Metal Chain and Prop Shafts

trumpeter german zerstorer destroyer model ships

  • Photoetch Parts

Trumpeter russian navy udaloy severomorsk destroyer ship model

dragon battleship scharnhorst

  • 356 Parts

tamiya german battleship bismark

  • Guns & Turrents Positionable

icm german battleship markgraf model

  • 518 Parts
  • One Piece Hull

fujimi imperial japanese battleship ise models

trumpeter moskva ussr russian missile cruiser ship models

  • Photoetched Parts

trumpeter russian admiral lazarev ship model

  • Photoetched Parts
  • One Piece Hull

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits


fujimi aircraft carrier shokaku ship model

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits

  • Metal Chains
  • Removable Missiles
  • Rotating Gun Turrents
  • Brass Wire and Props Shafts

clear display case model ships

42 inches L x 17 inches H x 10 inches Ship Display Case for Ship Models
Dust can kill a paint job on a model very quickly. Protect your investment
and model with this beautiful case.













gold medal ship decals navy

US Naval Ship Decals



us navy flags and pennants

US NAVY Flags & Pennants



us navy markings decals

US Navy Markings



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