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Large Scale Naval ship models. Some of these kits are quite long when built, and are impressive when displaying. They include many finely details parts, decals, and some have photo etch.

ship models from kits

Ship Models from Kits

merit uss enterprise aircraft carrier model ship kits

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier CV6 1942
Includes 5 photoetch sheets.

tamiya uss enterprise aircraft carrier model ship kits

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier
38 inches long.
She may be retired, but not forgotten! Build the
very first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world.
Elevator Platforms are available. Railings are available.
Naval Aircraft are available. Deck Equipment are available.

perry class uss reuben james ffg57 model ship kits

USS Indianapolis CA35 Heavy Cruiser
This is a precise reprodution of the USS Indianapolis, 1945 version. Featured in this kit are detailed reproductions of various canonns, machine guns, and floatplanes. The upper and lower hull can be divided and a display stand is included. Ship measures approx. 532mm in length (20 inches long) .
This is all new modern tooling model.
Railings are available.Detail Set is available.
This kit is also available with a captured IJN I-58 Submarine.

uss monitor model

USS Monitor Civil War Ship Kit
Features resin and cast metal parts
Includes illustrated instructions. Approx 22 inches overall.

mil com uss hornet aircraft carrier model ship kits

Scale USS Hornet CV-8 Aircraft Carrier Model Kit
48 inches long. Largest Plastic Injection Modeled Aircraft Carrier Model Kit Scale: 1:200 Features: - Giant Size of over 1,239 mm Long - One Piece Injection Molded Hull - Fully Detailed Hanger - Carrier Deck Molded in Clear Plastic to Display Hanger Detail - 5 x F4F-4 Wildcat Fighters - 5 x SBD 3/4 Dauntless Dive Bombers - 8 x TBD-1 Devastator Torpedo Bombers - 16 x Doolittle Raid B25 B with Proper Nose art and Markings - Optional Built with "Early" or "Late" Type Radars - Over 1,290 Parts - 44 Injection Molded Spruces - 9 Photo Etched Detailing Sheets - 8 x Turn Metal Barrels for 5 inch Guns - Metal anchor Chains

perry class uss reuben james ffg57 model ship kits

USS Reuben James FFG-57 Premium Edition
Special Edition kit includes: Highly detailed and accurate superstructure; full hull or waterline option; two SH-60 Seahawk anti-submarine helicopters
Includes large photo-etched fret and brass barrel.


Trumpeter uss freedom lc ship model

US Freedom LCS-1 Littoral Combat Ship
USS Freedom (LCS 1), the lead ship of the Freedom class of Littoral combat ships (LCS). Model kit features: 1-piece full hull, well detailed superstructure and deck, aft well deck interior, optional position transom doors, bridge and hangar interior, communications suite antennae array, twin waterjets, separate deck fittings turret-mounted Mk 110 57mm dual-purpose gun, Rolling Airframe missile system, Bushmaster II gun turrets (x2), 0.50 Cal machine guns (x4) and photo-etch details (railings for all deck levels, flight deck netting, antennae, sensor panels, flight deck tie-downs, ladders, MG shields and stand nameplate). Also includes display stand, RHIB high-speed boats, MG-8 Fire Scout unmanned autonomous helicopters (x2) and clear-molded MH-60S Seahawk helicopters (x2). Completed model is approximately 13" long. Decals represent hull and flight deck markings, stern name and aircraft insignia. 530 plus parts on 8 sprues, lower hull, upper hull, and deck.

dragon independence cvl22 ship model

U.S.S. Independence CVL-22
Slide molded one-piece hull, 8 ground crew, 10 aviators, 18 aircraft F6F, TBF and SBD, detailed anti-aircraft guns, towing tug, jeep, photo-etched parts, detailed deck. The flight deck itself is one piece, allowing suitable texture to be rendered and full inclusion of deck-edge detail. For all those finer details, several photo-etched metal frets are included.

merit uss john kennedy cv67 ship model

USS John F Kennedy CV-67
Over 1300 parts - 2 Photo-etched sheets, over 36 inches long.

lindberg us coast guard patrol boat model

US Coast Guard Patrol Boat
16-inches long when assembled.

merit uss john kennedy cv67 ship model

USS Momsen DDG92 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
Photo-etched parts included

trumpeter uss arizona ship model

USS Arizona BB39 Battleship
36 inches long when assembled. 974 plastic parts, 3 sheets of photo etch, decals for US Navy 1941 also included 12 metal barreLs, 4 propeller shafts, 4 metal gun shafts and metal anchor chain.

merit uss yorktown ship model

USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier
5 photoetch sheets. 1943 Midway.

trumpeter uss iowa ship model

USS Iowa BB61 Battleship
53 inches long- The USS Iowa - This kit consists of over 1,520 parts on 34 spruces and includes a metal chain and shaft, photo-etched handrails, ladders and radar parts and two OS2U aircraft.

trumpeter uss missouri ship model

USS Missouri BB63 Battleship
53 inches long- Kit features 1-piece main hull with separate bow, internal hull stiffeners, crisp molding, highly detailed decks with engraved plank texture, individual deck fittings, complex multi-tiered superstructure, full weapon's array, stowage lockers, filigree masts and yardarms, ship's boats, life rafts, intricate boat and aircraft cranes, clear-molded SC-1 seaplanes (x2), metal propeller shafts and brass anchor chain. Photo-etch parts are provided on (6) frets – superstructure railings, inclined and vertical ladders, gangways, light weapon details, catapult and cable reel parts, boat details, fire control/radar antennae and many additional fine details.

bronco uss new york ship model

U.S.S. New York LPD-21 San Antonio-Class
Amphibious Transport Dock Ship
Photo-etched parts included, 613 parts
AV8B Harrier II (2 pieces) - USMC AAVTP7A1 (2 pieces) - USMC M1A1 MBT (2 pieces) - USMC M-1114 (2 pieces) - USMC MV-22B Osprey (2 pieces) - USMC CH-46E Sea Knight (2 pieces) - MH-53E Sea Dragon (2 pieces) - MH-60S (2 pieces) - USMC LCAC (2 pieces)

trumpeter new york battleship ship model

USS New York BB-34 Battleship
Includes over 840 pieces molded in gray. Including metal chain, photoetched details, name plate and stand. Box is 20 x 4 x 10 inches.

Brass Propellers are available.

trumpeter san francisco heavy cruiser ship model

USS San Francisco CA38 Heavy Cruiser
Can be constructed as either full hull version or waterline version. A display stand with name plate is included for the full hull version. 441 pieces total.
Detail Set is available.

Trumpeter liberty ship model

Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien
Liberty ships were used during WWII to primarily carry supplies. They were made fast and simple. During the height of the war, a new Liberty Ship left the shipyards EVERY FOUR DAYS! Trumpeter makes a couple of Liberty Ship models, one of them being the SS Jeremiah O'Brien. It just so happens that the REAL O'Brien is being restored, and is a last survivor of these workhorse ships. Talk about some great reference! This model would be a great addition and interesting build for history buffs.
Length: 384 mm (around 15 inches long)
Detail Set is available.

hasegawa uss gambier bay escort carrier ship model

U.S. Escort Carrier USS Gambier Bay CVE-7
Includes 458 pieces and Markings for U.S Navy Task Unit 77.7.43 (Taffy 3),
Battle of Leyte, gulf oct 25, 1944 and carrier planes. The USS Gambier Bay was a Casablanca class escort carrier. It won 4 battle stars for actions in Leyte Gulf, where it was lost during its brave stand against overwhelming Japanese pressure. The model kit comes with six aircraft and, as a special bonus, a poster of the Gambier Bay. Detail Set is available.

trumpeter uss indianapolis ship model

USS Indianapolis CA35 Cruiser
Kit consists of over 630 parts
Two SOC aircraft are included.

trumpeter uss texas ship model

USS Texas BB-35 Battleship
Kit consists of over 840 parts

lindberg blue devil fletcher destroyer ship model

Blue Devil Fletcher Class Destroyer - 36 Inches Long
Fletcher Class Destroyer. Gun turrets, radar screens, torpedo tubes.

Trumpeter north carolina ship model

USS North Carolina BB-55
This kit comes molded in red and light grey. Measures 25" long when complete. 634 pieces. Full Hull Kit. Can be built as full hull or waterline. Decal Markings for 1944. Detailed instructions and painting guide.
Detail Set is available.

Trumpeter uss hornet cv8 aircraft carrier ship model

USS Hornet CV8 Aircraft Carrier
In August 1942, the Hornet returned to the South Pacific to join the fight for Guadalcanal. During much of September and October, she was the only operational U.S.aircraft carrier available to oppose the Japanese in that area. This kit features 433 parts on 17 sprues plus lower hull and waterline plate. Fully detailed Hangar decks, Flight deck and display stand. Finished kit is 28" long, 4" wide. Includes various deck aircraft including (two each) B25 Mitchell bombers, F4F Wildcats, SBD Dauntless dive-bombers, and TBD Devastator torpedo planes. This is enough to equip the Hornet for either the Tokyo or Midway actions.
Perforated Catwalks are available. Fine Detail Set is available.

Trumpeter uss lexington aircraft carrier ship model

USS Lexington CV-2 Aircraft Carrier

trumpeter cvn68 uss nimitz aircraft carrier model ship kits

U.S. Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz CVN68 1975
This full single-piece-hull model measures 38 inches in length. 962 parts
Metal hull frame and screws, CVN-68 variant markings
Includes 22 aircraft of 8 different types.
Detail Set is available.

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

U.S.S. The Sullivans Ddg-68, Arleight Burke Class
Box 12 x 1.8 x 4 inches

1/350 scale assembly plastic model kit of the USS The Sullivans (DDG-68), an Arleigh Burke-class "Aegis" guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy. This ship kit is replete with fine detail, and incorporates a one-piece hull. This aids accuracy and makes assembly that much more convenient. Details like the various weapon systems are nicely represented, and there is a generous assortment of photo-etched parts. These metal parts include deck railings and various items for the antennas and mast. 487 Parts.
Detail Set is available.

trumpeter uss hancock aircraft carrier ship models

USS Hancock CV19 Aircraft Carrier
Box : 82 x 25 x7.8 cms

Measures 29 inches long when complete. Detailed painting guide, decal sheet for the deck, can be built as full hull or waterline version, molded in red, gray, black and clear, 13 aircraft included for deck. Detailed instructions, 645 pieces.

trumpeter uss lassen ddg82 destroyer ship models

USS Lassen DDG82 Flight IIa Guided Missile Destroyer
Length: 443.7mm Width: 65mm Height: 155mm

Box: 19 x 7.7 x 2.7 inches
Kit consists of 487 parts on 13 sprues, photo etched handrails and
markings for the US Navy.

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

USS Saratoga CV-3 Aircraft Carrier
This model consists of 566 pieces on 37 sprues, markings for 1936 and 24 total aircraft for the deck. Measures over 30 inches long when complete.

tamiya battleship uss missouri

U.S. Battleship BB-63 Missouri - "Big Mo"
Measures 30 1/2 inches long when complete.
Full hull model with decals and instructions. The most
famous American Battleship there is!
Detail Set is available.

dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

U.S.S. Destroyer BUCHANAN DD-484, 1942
Box 12 x 1.8 x 4 inches
Highly detailed scale model kit of the USS Buchanan (DD-484), a Gleaves-class destroyer of the United States Navy. This kit features loads of photo-etched parts, 6 scale figures, and Cartograf decals.
Detail Set is available.

hobby boss uss arizona ship model from pearl harbor

USS Arizona BB-39
The US Navy Pennsylvania class battleship is famed for her loss at Pearl Harbor, 1941. The kit features optional full or waterline hull, detailed superstructure and decks, ship's boats, OS2U Kingfisher floatplanes (x2) and display stand. Decals and color painting reference (port, starboard and overhead plan) for ship's appearance during December, 1941 includes aircraft insignia, draft marks, stern lettering, jack, ensign and admiral's pennant. The completed length is approximately 20.8" inches
Detail Set is available. Detail Set - 2 is available.

tamiya new jersey model

US Battleship New Jersey BB-62
The modern equipment including Tomahawk and Harpoon missile launchers as well as Phalanx CIWS are highly detailed. Other accessories include two 16-inch shells and two Tomahawk missiles. Updated kit has new tool features (12.7cm DP guns, Mk.37 gun directors, Mk.38 direction finder, Mk.48 rangefinder, Mk.13 radar, Mk.25 radar), single-piece full hull, detailed deck surfaces (with engraved plank texture as applicable), fully rendered superstructure, fine deck fittings, updated weapons suite (including harpoon and Tomahawk missile launchers, Phalanx CIWS, SRBOC rocket launchers), filigree mast lattice, SH-60B helicopters (choice of extended or stowed rotors), ship's boats, 16" projectiles (x2), Tomahawk missiles (x2), display stand with nameplates, metal propeller shafts, stainless steel wire (to rig Dicone-Cage antennae), photo-etch detail parts (including helicopter deck fences, water tight doors and new form SPS67 radar, SPS49 radar, SRA57 antenna, SRA58 antenna) and reference booklet (ship's historical background). Completed model is approximately 30.5" long. Includes printed paper flag sheet, starboard color profile and decals for hull markings, helipad and upper works.

academy models uss oliver hazard perry ffg7 ship

USS Oliver H Perry FFG-7
This beautifully detailed model kit of the FFG 7 Perry class frigate of the United States Navy. Perry-class frigates were primarily used for Anti-submarine warfare against the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, and a number of Perry Class frigates remained in service for the United States and her allies around the world. Highly detailed and accurate superstructure. Two SH-60 anti-submarine helicopters. Full hull or waterline option. Finely engraved mast and radars. box is 18.1 x 8.4 x 2.5 inches
Detail Set is available.

revell flower class corvette model ship kits

Flower Class Corvette-Platinum Edition
This kit features photo-etched parts, detailed, realistic pieces,
a display stand and decals for two HMCS warships. 1214 Parts! Versatile and seaworthy Allied convoy escort and anti-submarine vessel.
Approximately 33.5" long

italeri u-boat biber submarine Model Kits

1:350 Riich DSRV-1 Mystic US Navy
DSRV-1 Mystic is a Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle that is rated to dive up to 1500 metres. DSRV1 was built by Lockheed for the U.S. Navy and launched 24 January 1970. The box includes 2 submarines.

tamiya prince of wales ship model

British Prince of Wales
This kit comes molded in gray and black. Features highly detailed exterior, several different guns included for armament, attaching life rafts and motor boats included, large boat deck and highly detailed bridge. Walrus float planes and Japanese bombers included. Waterslide decals. Detailed pictorial instructions, which include an in-depth history of the battleship. Ship when complete measures 25-3/4" inches in length. Detail Set is available.
Lifeboat Detail Set is available.

airfix-hms-illustrious ship models

Scale Royal Navy HMS Illustrious with Paints
Box - 26 x 14 x 5 inches

Number of parts: 276. This collection comes with extra unique
information supplied exclusively by the Royal Navy.
Box is 26 x 14 x 5 inches

trumpeter hms hood battleship ship models

HMS Hood Battleship Model Kit
Box is 30.8 x 9.9 x 3.2 inches
Once the world’s largest warships and a legendary military vessels.
1941 markings included with over 500 parts
Detail Set is available. Detail 2 Set is available.
Brass & Metal Parts Set is available.

trumpeter german bismarck model ships

German Bismarck Battleship
This long awaited HUGE kit is finally here! The Bismarck was one of the most feared battleships in WWII prior to its sinking in the North Sea in May 1941. Kit consists of over 1700 parts including a one-piece hull, single-piece deck, 4 Ar196 aircraft, detailed gun, photo-etched handrails, ladders, radar parts, etc., display stand, metal gun barrel, metal anchor chain and propeller shaft and very detailed instructions. Completed kit measures nearly 50” long.

Detail Set is available. Lifeboat Set is available.
Railings Set is available. Catapult Set is available.
Front Area Set is available. Deck Decals Set is available.

trumpeter german zerstorer destroyer model ships

German Zerstorer Z-25 Destroyer 1944
This kit comes with 379 parts mounted on 9 sprues, one lower hull piece, a display stand, and photo-etched parts. Waterslide decal sheet and illustrated assembly guide included.The Z-25, a Type 1936A destroyer, was commissioned on November 30, 1940. During the war, her forward gun was replaced by a twin turret and the anti-aircraft armament was increased.
Box is 14.6 x 1.4 x 4 inches

Trumpeter russian navy udaloy severomorsk destroyer ship model

Russian Navy Udaloy Class Destroyer Severomorsk
Highly detailed ship model full hull model complete with decals and instructions. Can also be built as a waterline version.
Box is 18.6 x 2.2 x 5 inches. Detail Set is available.
Railings Set is available.

dragon battleship scharnhorst

Russian 1904 Battleship Knyaz Suvorov
This kit features 356 pieces and measures 14 inches long when complete.

tamiya german battleship bismark

German Battleship Bismarck
Measures 29 inches long when complete. Full hull model with decals and instructions and display stand.

icm german battleship markgraf model

SMS Markgraf, WWI German Battleship
20-inches long when assembled.
518 parts molded with many surface details. Decals for
SMS Markgraf markings included.

fujimi imperial japanese battleship ise models

Imperial Japanese Battleship "ISE", New Tooling
Plastic model kit with highly detailed pieces embossed with realistic surface details. Includes illustrated assembly and marking guide. Includes figures.
About 1153 parts. Box is 27.6 x 10.8 x 5.1 inches
Detail Set is available. Detail 2 Set is available.

trumpeter moskva ussr russian missile cruiser ship models

USSR Moskva Russian Navy Missile Cruiser
Box : 21.9 x 9.7 x 2.8 inches
The Project 1164 of missile cruisers was first laid in 1976. The first ship of this class was launched in 1979 at ship yard no. 445, and was commissioned in 1983 under the name Slava. The Slava was finally renamed with Moskva, and re-commissioned with hull number 121 after its overhaul in 2000 as the flag ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

trumpeter russian admiral lazarev ship model

Russian Admiral Lazarev Battle Cruiser
Kit consists of 484 parts on 15 sprues, photo etched radar parts and markings for Russias pacific Fleet. Additional features include separate sonar, hangar deck can be constructed open or closed, 100 mm gun turrets, 3D search radar, one Karl-27 aircraft and display stand. One piece hull. Box is 28.7 x 3.3 x 5 inches.

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits

Admiral Ushakov Russian Battle Cruiser
Box - 29.1 x 9.8 x 3.3 inches
491 parts. The Kirov class cruisers are the largest and most powerful surface combatant warships in the Russian Navy and the world. Weapons are the automatic 130 mm AK-130 gun system (except on Kirov which had two single 100 mm guns instead), 10 torpedo/missile tubes (capable of firing SS-N-15 missiles on later ships, Udav-1 with 40 anti-submarine rockets and the 2 RBU-1000 six-tube launchers.

fujimi aircraft carrier shokaku ship model

IJN Aircraft Carrier Shokaku
Includes 9 planes, 3 of each A6m Zero, D3a val, and B5n kate aircraft. Includes metal chains, metal arresting whiles, and arresting nets.
Wood Deck Detail Set is available.

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits

Merit Russian Navy OSA Class Missile Boat OSA-1
Multi-directional Slide-molded Bridge - Positional Missile Hatch
Rotating Gun Turrets - Removable Missiles
Decals for Multiple Boats - 21 inches long when assembled
Detailed Radar Mast Metal Chains, Brass Wire and Metal Shaft Photo Etched Detailing Sheet - 750 parts

alliance resin model ship kits

1:350 Hebaschiff SMS Vulkan
This kit features resin and photoetch parts.

clear display case model ships

42 inches L x 17 inches H x 10 inches Ship Display Case for Ship Models
Dust can kill a paint job on a model very quickly. Protect your investment
and model with this beautiful case.













gold medal ship decals navy

Gold Medal Models



us navy flags and pennants

and Pennants



us navy markings decals

US NAVY Markings













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