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Autocar Heavy Truck. Since 1897, Autocar has focused on building the toughest severe-service vocational trucks in the business. Concrete Pump Trucks, Mobile Crane
Trucks, Aircraft Services Trucks, CNG and LNG and Drayage Trucks.

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  • Autocar Trucks of the 1960s At Work - As we start the 1960s, the current Autocar truck models were well on their way in popularity. White had purchased Autocar in 1953 yet Autocar trucks continued thru to the 1970s as part of the "Big Four" White brands. The Interstate Highway System was being expanded through the country in the '60s, but many roads were still rugged. The cure for many truckers was to buy an Autocar, highly regarded as a rough, tough and sturdy truck. Ron Adams picks out the best in his vast collection of Autocar truck photos, all the hardest working trucks hauling goods across America in the 1960s, one of the most interesting decades in trucking. Not only does Adams provide detailed information about the trucks, he doesn’t forget the trailers, trucking companies, and hauling configurations seen in the photographs.
  • Autocar Trucks 1899-1950 Photo Archive - Early advertisements declared "The design of the Autocar chassis lends itself to almost every style of body." Large, detailed archival photographs with informative captions tell the story from the first Autocar Driver Cab was introduced.






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