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Just like a real car, you can sometimes never have enough accessories. And like the real cars, wheels and tires are some of the most popular products to add.

On model cars, it's pretty much the same thing. Companies like Fujimi, Aoshima, AMT, and Hoppin Hydros all make wheels for the kind of car models you build.

From oversized DUB wheels, to the classic street machine look, to rally and racing wheels. Wheels can make a big statement to your ride.

The tires get special attention too, whith stock examples to make your factory build model car look perfect, to drag racing wheel sand tires for competitions.

There are so many types to choose from, there's a set to accent any car model project. Lowrider or 4x4 offroader, it's easier than it's ever been to build the car or truck of your dreams.

Other accessories include racing parts for the interiors, to spoilers and wings, to bike racks and surf boards.

Just a few model accessories can make your model pop and get the attention it deserves!


Detail Parts and Accessories for your scale car and truck models.

amt custom wheels set

Custom Wheels Set

amt custom fantastic flames decals

Flames Decals

hasegawa carbon kevlar satin decals

Carbon Kevlar Decals

hasegawa carbon fiber fine decals

Carbon F Decals

uschi wood grain decals

Woodgrain Decals

hasegawa carbon fiber silver decals

Carbon Silver Decals

amt fantasy 1957 parts pack model

Fantasy Parts Pack

amt wild wheels ovals model

Wild Wheels & Ovals

fujimi ski surfboard model

Ski & Surfboard Set

fujimi boranni ferrari wheels model

Boranni Wheels

amt nyc decals

NYC Auxiliary Service Logos

round2 truck gas station service decals

Service Decals

knight rider led scanner

Knight Rider LED Scanner

round2 truck gas station service decals

GT Wing Set

fire truck siren model kit

Fire Truck Siren

johnson gasolinedecals

Johnson Gasoline

evan police siren kit

Police Siren

flashing red light led

Flashing Red Light

poamt trucking decals

Trucking Decals

amt texaco decals

Texaco Decals

polar lights american decals

Hot Rod Decals

polar lights american decals

American Decals

1/24 tamiya gt wing set

GT 3-Wing Set

goodyear decals

Goodyear Decals

fujimi racing parts model kits

Tuning Parts + 2 Engines

fujimi gt model parts

GT Tuning Parts

1/24 fujimi accessories car

Car Accessories

1/24 fujimi trek bike models

Roof Box & Trek Bicycle

1/24 aoshima police  accessories car

Police Parts

amt round2 motorcycles

Two Motorcycles Pack

1/24 verlinden model boxes

Model Case Boxes

1/24 verlinden oil can boxes

Oil Can Case Boxes

amt gm and chrysler parts pack engines

Chrysler GM Corvette Motors

amt gm parts pack engines

GM Motors Parts Pack

resin tire shredders kit

Apocalypse Tire Shredders

zombie plow

Zombie Apocalypse Plough

fujimi racer fender flares  kits

Kaido Racer Fender Set #06

fujimi fender flares  kits

Fender Flared Set #02


bare metal foil for models

GOLD Bare Metal Foil


bare metal foil for models

CHROME Bare Metal Foil

bare metal foil for models

BLACK Bare Metal Foil

bare metal foil for models

COPPER Bare Metal Foil

dub custom wheels

Custom Rims & Tires

fujimi fabulous wheels

Fabulous Profound Rims

pegasus centerline wheels

Centerine Rims & Tires

amt round2 firestone deluxe whitewall champion tires for models

Firestone Champion Tires

amt round2 redline tires

Redline Tire Pack

amt round2 blue streaks slicks tires

"Blue Streak' Drag Slicks

amt round2 racemaster drag slicks car model

Racemaster Drag Slick Tires

amt round2 m & h drag slicks car model

M & H Drag Slick Tire Pack

amt polyglas tire set for model

Goodyear Polyglas Tire Set

amt custom & competition kat pack engine injector stacks car models

Custom Kat Pack Injectors

hoppin hydro white wall

WWW Low Profile Tires

amt firestone double pinstripe tries parts pack model

Firestone Double Pinstripes

eduard racing hot rod seat belts

Racing Seatbelts

eduard hot rod seat belts

Old School 40s/50s Seatbelts

eduard racing hot rod seat belts

Racing Seatbelts

amt curly 40 willys model


The 1mm is good for fine details, such as a dashboard or emblems. The 4mm is good for window and side trim.

molotow chrome marker 1mm

Molotow Chrome Marker 1mm

molotow chrome marker 1mm

Molotow Chrome Marker 4mm

amt curly 40 willys model


car gauges decals for model cars

Gauges Decals

sheriff decals for model cars

Sheriff Decals

heavy truck plates

License Plate Decals

gopher service heavy truck decals

Service Truck Decals

gopher heavy truck decals

Heavy Truck Decals

furniture truck decals

Furniture Truck Decals

electric city cowboy truck decals

Electric City Truck Decals

drag strip  decals

Drag Strip/Shop Decals #1

drag strip  decals

Drag Strip /Shop Decals #2

police decals

Police Decals

woodgrain decals

Woodgrain Decals

rust effects decals

Russian Plates Decals

amt parts packs model kits

Engine Parts Pack

kojack roof light

Kojack Roof Light

us marine corps license plates tags decals

US Marines License Decals

novus plastic polish kit

NOVUS Plastic Polish Kit

mothers plastic polish

Plastic Polish

fire truck siren model kit

Fire Truck Siren

sound effects truck model kit

Truck Engine Sound FX


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led lights for scale models





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