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military truck model kits

Military Truck Models

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Squadron/Signal Books

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Large Scale Aircraft

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Special Aircraft Models

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Military Model Books

Verlinden Model Books

Wargaming Books

Scale Military Books

Airfix Models

Finescale Modelers

Osprey Model Books

Armor Model Books

Armor Modeling

War Paint

Verlinden Way Books

AFV Model Books





These are great books, publications, and magazines
to help you build highly detailed model kits of your
favorite military subjects.

building jeep scale models

Building Scale
Jeep Models

Scale Model Military International magazines

Model Military

mig productions faq scale models

Mig Productions
Faq Dvd Vol.1

tamiya armor models

Tamiya Armor

making scale m4 sherman tank military model kits

Modelling the US Army M4 Sherman Tank

Scale Model tamiya magazines

Tamiya Model

how to paint your afv scale models

Frequently Asked Questions on AFV Painting Techniques

model building with brass books

Model Building
with Brass

tamiya model works books

Tamiya Model Works

andreas miniature scale models

American Armored Divisions of World War II

basic military vehicle models

Large Scale Armor Modeling
Building a 1/6 Scale
Stuart Tank

sturm magazine books

Sturm Modelling

painting wargaming figures books

Painting Wargaming

modulation and light techniques book

Modulation & Light Techniques

weathering magazine 1 snow and ice

Weathering Magazine #1

weathering magazine 2 dust

Weathering Magazine #2

weathering magazine 6 kursk

Weathering Magazine #3

ak oil fuel scale models

Weathering Magazine #4

ak interactive weathering mud scale models

Weathering Magazine #5

weathering magazine 6 kursk

Weathering Magazine #6

weathering snow and ice on models books

Weathering Magazine #7

weathering vietnam models books

Weathering Magazine#8

weathering magazine 10 tank wrecks models books

Weathering Magazine #9

weathering tank wrecks models books

Weathering Magazine #10

weathering magazine 11 1945

Weathering Magazine #11

weathering magazine 10 tank wrecks models books

Weathering Magazine #12

building the tamiya tiger 2

Modelling the Tamiya Tiger 2 Tank

Finescale Modeler magazine

Finescale Modeler

scale military vehicle model kits

Military Model
Vehicles Vol I

verlinden military vehicles model building

Military Vehicles
Volume II

verlinden building and painting military models

Military Vehicles
Volume III

verlinden scale military models

The Verlinden Way
Volume I

verlinden military models way 2 books

The Verlinden Way
Volume 2

verlinden aircraft models way 3 books

The Verlinden Way
Volume 3

verlinden military models way 4 books

The Verlinden Way
Volume 4

verlinden way 5 military models and details

The Verlinden Way
Volume 5

verlinden military models and details

The Verlinden Way
Volume 6

verlinden war paint book 1 for models

War Paint Volume 1

verlinden war paint book 2 for models

War Paint Volume 2

verlinden war paint for models

War Paint Volume 3

verlinden german tiger models

On Target No. 1 Modelling Special: The German Tiger Tanks

verlinden military models and details

Greg Cihlar's Fabulous
Military Dioramas

scale wwii military german tanks

How to Model World
War II German Armor

building scale german panther tanks

Modelling the
German Panther Tank

armor military model books

Armour Modelling

detailing german military model armor

Modeling & Detailing
German Armor DVD

event guide books

Painting & Converting
World War Two Figures

event guide books

Event Quick Guide
For Model Shows

event guide books

The Paint Guide for Figures of World War Two

tamiya armor models

Dream Makers of Tamiya

painting afv models

Modeling the Tiger

tiger I & II  armor models

Modeling the Tiger
I and Tiger II

military verlinden 1 diorama books

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 1

military verlinden diorama books

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 2

verlinden military dioramas book 3

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 3

verlinden military dioramas book 4

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 4

verlinden military dioramas book 5

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 5

verlinden military dioramas book 6

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 6

verlinden military dioramas book 7

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 7

verlinden military dioramas book 8

Building Military
Dioramas Vol. 8

airfix kits - scale modelling books

Airfix Kits

modelling u.s. army tank models

Modelling US Army Tank Destroyers of
World War II

soft skinned military model kits

Modelling Soft-Skinned
Military Vehicles

basic military vehicle models

Basic Military
Vehicle Modelling

model guide to sherman tanks

Modelers Guide to the Sherman Tank

model guide to tiger tanks

Modelers Guide to the Tiger Tank

scale modeler handbook

Scale Modeler's Handbook

model making techniques encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Model Making Techniques

scale model soldier books

Scale Model Soldiers

scale model engineering books

Scale Models
in Engineering

scale modeling tips and techniques books

Scale Modeling Tips and Techniques

how to build models books

How to Build Scale Models

how to build dioramas books

How to Build Dioramas

building realistic scale tanks and artillery military models

Modeling Realistic
Tanks and Artillery

building the challenger tank scale models

Modelling the
Challenger Tanks

building the scale marder gun models

Modelling the Marder
Self-Propelled Gun

builoding the IS heavy tank models

Modelling the IS
Heavy Tank

building the english churchill tank

Modelling the
Churchill Tank

scale military model conversions

Scale Military Vehicle Conversions

building scale halftrack models

Modelling the SdKfz
251 Halftrack

building german panzer tank models

Modelling the
Jagdpanzer 'Hetzer'

building sturmgeschutz iii military models

Modelling the
Sturmgeschütz III

scale armor converstions to plastic kits and detailing

Armor Conversion and
Detailing Projects

german armor model kit

Step-by-Step Finishing
German Armor

verlinden military models showcase

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 1

verlinden military models showcase

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 2

verlinden military model tank kits

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 3

verlinden military showcase model books

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 4

verlinden military models

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 5

verlinden military model books

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 6

verlinden showcase of military models

Verlinden's Showcase
No. 7

sculpting miniature military figures

Sculpting Miniature
Military Figures

military model tips and tools

Modeling Military Miniatures

modeling military weapons in miniature

Modeling Weapons and Accessories for Military Miniatures

airfix military vehicle models

Build and Convert Airfix
Military Models

building intermediate military vehicle models

Intermediate Military
Vehicle Modelling

building russian t34 tank models

Modelling the T-34/76 Russian Tanks

hot to build scale m4 sherman tank models

Modelling M4 Sherman

building scale german tiger 1 models

Modelling the
Tiger 1 Tank

building german late panzer kits

Modelling the Late Panzerkampfwagen IV

scale german ss military figures model kits

Modelling Waffen-
SS Figures

building german panzers tank kits

Panzerkampfwagen III

airfix model kits

Airfix: Celebrating 50 Years of the Greatest Modelling Kits Ever Made

building scale tiger tank model kits

Modelling the Tiger Tank
in 1/72 Scale

how to build scale military t55 main battle tank model kits

Modelling the T-55
Main Battle Tank

plastic german tiger tank model kits

Panzerkampfwagen VI
Tiger Modelling Manual

military modeling books

The Encyclopedia
of Military Modelling

Monogram models book

Monogram Models

remembering revell model kits

Remembering Revell
Model Kits

classic plastic model kits

Classic Plastic Model Kits

aurora model kits

Aurora Model Kits

aurora scale model kit book

Aurora Model Kits

building scale matilda tank model kits

Modelling the Matilda
Infantry Tank

converting and detailing scale figures

Converting and Detailing Plastic Figures

building scale military m113 tank model kits

Modelling the
M113 Series

modeling the scale german panzer tank

Modelling the Panzer IV
Tank in 1/72 Scale

military weathering scale model kits

Applied Modeling
Encyclopedia: Armor

building and painting military figures

Painting Realistic
Military Figures

military model engineering

Modeler's Guide to Engineering and Recovery Vehicles

building and painting scale german panzer crew figures

Modelling Panzer Crewmen of the Heer

modeling armored scale model vehicles

Modelling Armoured
Military Vehicles

scale m4 tank model building

M4 Tank Modelling

airfix model box art books

The Vintage Years of
Airfix Box Art

how to display your model kit

Displaying your Models

building scale models out of styrene plastic

Styrene modeling

scale german panzer masterclass model building

Tony Greenland's Panzer Modelling Masterclass

andrea miniatures

Games Workshop How to Make Wargames Terrain

building scale sherman tank models

Building and Detailing
Realistic Sherman Tanks

german army model figure books


applied military modeling

Applied Modeling

scale figure panting techniques

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions About Figure Painting Techniques

scale modeling armor german panzers models

Panzer Tank Modelling

building models of postwar tanks

Modelling Postwar Tanks

painting and detailing model german panzer figures

Modelling Panzer
Crewmen Of The Heer

painting and detailing scale model kits

Painting and Finishing Techniques

postwar scale model tanks and aircraft

Modelling Postwar Tanks
and Aircraft

building masterclass scale model kits

Roy Porter's Model
Buildings Masterclass

world war ii scale model kits

Modeling US Armor of World War 2

world war ii military dioramas

WWII Dioramas
Modelling Manuals

building us army aircraft model kits

WWII US Army Fighter Modeling Masterclass

postwar scale model tanks

Modelling Postwar

tamiya military model kitsjs iii stalin tank book

Military Model Preview - Tamiya JS III Stalin

tamiya military art illustrations book

Military Illustration:
Tamiya Box Art Collection

on display post war armor tank book

On Display: Vol. 1:
Post War Armour

on display tank art sturm tank book

On Display: Vol. 2: Sturmgeschutz III

building scale military german bison tank model kits

Modelling the German15cm sIG33 Bison and Grille

scale allied stuart tank model kits

Modelling the M3 / M5 Stuart Light Tank

painting scale military figures models

Modelling Fallschirmjäger Figures Vehicles Vol I

tank art book 1

WWII Allied Armor

tank art book 2

WWII Allied Armor

tank art book 3

Modern Armor

scale figure conversions military book

Scale Military Figure Conversions

the model building book

Model Building Book

second would war figures 1/72 scale

The Second World
War in 1-72nd Scale

scale model fighting vehicles

Scale Model
Fighting Vehicles

small scale military armor models

Small-Scale Armour

modelling scale figure models

Modelling Scale Figures

advanced military scale model weathering techniques

Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles

verinden military figures painting

Figure Painting:
The System

Modeling WW II Figure models and statues

Modelling WWII Figures

scale german panzer military model kits

Modelling the Early Panzerkampfwagen IV

in detail 4 belgiam royal army

In Detail Special 1/35 and 1/72 Scale Models - Photo Manual

afv military detailing models dvd

Accurate Model AFV
Detailing DVD

1/72 scale second world war models

The Second World War in 1-72nd Scale: Volume I, Blitzkrieg Battles

painting and finishing military figures

Painting and Finishing
Military Figures DVD

modeling armored scale model vehicles

The Illustrated Modelaholic:
A Guide to Modeling

german tiger tanks dvd

Battle Honours: Us Military Model Show Medal-Winners

airfix russian tank models

Airfix Russian tanks of World War 2

imperial armour army

Imperial Armour Model
Masterclass Volume One

painting realistic military figures

How to Paint Realistic
Military Figures

german army scale armor tank kits


scale armor kits

SCALE ARMOR - Modeling the M4 Sherman and the PzKpfw VI Tiger Tanks

standard catalog of u.s. army military models

Military Vehicle

Converting and scratchbuilding Figure Models

Conversion and
Scratch building
Model Figures

painting space marines citadel tanks

How to Paint
Citadel Tanks

military wargaming books

Military Modelling

allied military blueprints plans for scale models

Allied Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1:72 Scale

m1 abrams tanks desert storm

Afrika Corps; Airfix
Magazine 12 Guide

panzers tank models in miniature

Exotic Panzers in Miniature - Modelling Unusual War Machines of the Third Reich

scale modele firearms books

Scale Model Firearms

armor model conversion

Armor Conversion and Detailing Projects

scale terrain historical models

Making Terrain and
Buildings for Historical

model military projects

Model Military

armor model finishing techniques

Realistic Armor Finishing Techniques DVD

painting world war II figures

Painting World War II Miniatures

airfix toy figures

The Airfix Plastic Toy Soldier: HO/OO scale Miniature Figures

military model books

The Military Modeller's Compendium

modeling panzer plastic model kits

PANZERKAMPFWAGEN IV Compendium Modeling Manual

modeling panzer scale model kits

PANZERKAMPFWAGEN V: Panther and Jagdpanther Modeling Manual

soviet scale armor books


scale military soldiers

Military Miniatures - The
art of making model

military recovery vehicle model kits

Modeler's Guide to Engineering and
Recovery Vehicles

military model kits

Encyclopaedia of
Military Modelling

military modelling annual

Military Modelling

military model kits

Making and Collecting Military Miniatures

military model kits

Beginner's guide to
military modelling

avt armor model kits

Project: LVT's Amtanks Vol 2: LVT2 and LVTA2

avt armor model kits

Project: LVT's Amtanks Vol 1: LVTA1, LVTA4 and LVTA5

military model conversion dvd

Military Vehicle Modelling
and Conversions DVD

italian armor tanks

Italian Armored Vehicles of
WWII - Armor

panzer aces tank models

Panzer Aces #35: Sd.Kfz.66, T-55, RR Armored Car

russian t34 tank military models

Modelling T-34/76 &
T-34/85 Military Vehicles








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