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Horror models bring back the days of Dark Shadows and saturday night movies. The genre wouldn't be complete without the famous Universal Monsters, Frankenstein (monster), Dracula, Wolfman, and the Mummy.

These plastic model kits continue to be produced by companies such as Polar Lights, Revell, AMT, Monarch, and MPC. But there are some older kits, many times in resin and vinyl, still floating around from companies like Biliken, Screamin', and Horizon.

Monster figure models and Horror figure models continue to be good sellers for model companies.

With subjects such as the Munsters, Nosferatu, Barnabas Collins, Elvira, Jason, Vampirella, and many more. The model companies keep on making these models as fast as we can buy them.

Even the old Aurora Monster Scenes kits have made a comeback.

If you like to build figure models, these Horror kits, whether it's a classic or something from a new movie, are here to stay and fun to assemble!

Horror and Monster model kits. Plus a few other interesting Gothic figures.

monster and horror modeler

Horror & Monster Modeller

icm knight king figure model

Knight King - Due 2018

icm viking figure model

Viking - Due 2018

moebius the fly model

The Fly - Due 2018

lindberg jolly roger dismay pirate model kit

Jolly Roger Dismay - Due 2018

lindberg jolly roger hex marks the spot pirate model kit

Hex Marks the Spot - Due 2018

moebius grim reaper model

Grim Reaper

moebius creature from the black lagon figure model

Creature Black Lagoon

moebius frank frezetta death dealer figure model

Death Dealer

damt two much figure model

Two Much Monster

amt pinball punk figure model

Pinball Punk Monster

dencomm monster scene animal pit

Monster Scene Pit

dencomm monster scene dungeon

Monster Scene Dungeon

round 2 wicked witch oz  prepainted parts model

Wicked Witch with Prepainted Parts

round 2 king kong prepainted parts model

King Kong Prepainted Parts

polar lights wizard of oz wicked witch figure model

Wicked Witch Figure

masterbox zombieland figures models

Zombie Hunter

polar lights headless horseman figure model

Headless Horseman

mpc bigfoot figure model


moebius mars attacks figure model

Mars Attacks

round 2 dark shadows figure model kits

Dark Shadows - With Two kits and Optional Resin Heads.

monarch jeykl hyde dracula


moebius haloween michael myers

Michael Myers Halloween

moebius forgotten prisoner figure

The Forgotten Prisoner

Atlantis blackberd figure model kits

Blackbeard Pirate

moebius grandpa munster model kit

Grandpa Munster

moebius herman munster figure model kit

Herman Munster - Due 2018

moebius kogar ape bob burns tracey figure model kit

Kogar / Bob Burns

polar lights addams family haunted house model kit

Addams Family House

zombiecide toxic prison paint set

Toxic Prison Acrylic Paint Set

zombiecide army paint set

Zombie Acrylic Paint Set

moebius the munsters house model

The Munsters House

demonic toys jack attack

The Ghost of Castle Mare

dark horse comics bride frankenstein figure model kit

The Bride of Frankenstein

monster scenes victim figure

Monster Scenes The Victim

round2 mpc strange change mummy model

Strange Change Mummy

round2 mpc strange change vampire model

Strange Change Vampire

round2 mpc strange change mummy model

The Bride of Frankenstein Model Kit

pegasus dragonslayer dragon model

Dragonslayer Vermithrax Dragon

Horror jack pierce makeup

Movie Monsters in Scale

girls in resin model book

Girls in Resin

aurora monster scenes book

Aurora Monster Scenes

revell frankenstein monster model of the movies

Frankenstein Monster

revell frankenstein monster model of the movies

Dr. Jekyl / My Hyde

moebius dr deadly model of the movies

Dr. Deadly

moebius bela lugosi broadway model of the movies

Bela Lugosi Dracula

moebius giant insect model

Giant Insect Monster Scene

moebius the pendulum model

The Pendulum

moebius pain parlor model

Monster Scenes Pain Parlor

moebius gruesome goodies model

Monster Scenes Gruesome Goodies

mpc dark shadows werewolf figure model

Dark Shadows Werewolf

mpc dark shadows barnabas collins figure model

Dark Shadows Barnabus Collins

revell monogram creature from the black lagoon figure model

Creature From the Black Lagoon

moebius creature from the black lagoon figure model

Creature From the Black Lagoon

revell monogram creature from the black lagoon figure model

Phantom of the Opera

polar lights mummy figure model

The Mummy

revell monogram creature from the black lagoon figure model

Chamber of Horrors La Guillotine

moebius vampirella figure model


squishy zombie figures

Squishy Zombie

polar lights godzilla figure model


moebius big frankie figure model

19-inch High BIG Frankie

polar lights psycho house bates motel model

Psycho Bates Mansion

haloween michael myers figure model


polar lights the munsters family figure model

The Munsters

dencomm monster scenes sabertooth rabbit figure model kits

Monster Scenes
Saber Tooth Rabbit

dencomm monster scenes feral cat figure model kits

Monster Scenes
Feral Cat

dencomm monster scenes glow in the dark skeleton figure model kits

Monster Scenes
Skeleton Glow in the Dark

amt gigantics mantis monster model kits

Gigantics: Colossal
Mantis Diorama

amt gigantics scorpion diorama monster model kits

Gigantics: Colossal
Scorpion Diorama

amt gigantics turantula spider monster model kits

Gigantics: Colossal
Tarantula Diorama

polar lights hunchback of notre dame figure model

Hunchback of Notre Dame

polar lights bride of frankenstein figure model

Bride of Frankenstein

horizon dracula figure model

Wolf - Transformed

underworld-selene model


aurora mummy figure model

The Mummy

polar lights wolfman figure model

The Wolfman

aurora dracula figure model


wolfman figure model

The Wolfman

classic wolfman figure model


polar lights godzilla figure model

16-inch Godzilla

classic mummy figure model

The Mummy

classic mummy figure model

Chaos Jester

moebius frankenstein figure model

The Frankenstein Monster

moebius the invisible man figure model

The Invisible Man
Decal Upgrade Set is available

mistress of the crypt statue

Mistress of the Crypt

polar lights monser customizing kit

Vulture, Rat, & Mad Dog

polar lights bell ringer hunchback notre dame

Humpback of
Notre Dame

polar lights king kong model

King Kong

moebius monster scenes hanging cage

Monster Scene -
Hanging Cage

pegasus kothoga relic model kits

The Relic "Kothoga Creature" Model Kit

round 2 mummy glo head model kits

Glo Head Mummy
Model Figure

round 2 werewolf figure model kits

Glo Head Werewolf
Model Figure

round 2 vampire plastic model kits toys

Glo Head Vampire
Model Figure

dark horse wolfman figure model

The Wolfman

polar lights universal monster set models

Universal Monsters Frightening
4 Pack Limited Edition

revell frankenstein monster model kits

Frankenstein Monster

revell universal mummy model kits

The Mummy

revell dracula model kits

Count Dracula

polar lights kiss gene simmons figure models

KISS Gene Simmons

revell wolfman model kits

The Wolfman

the black knight revell models

The Black Knight

These resin Figures below can be primed and repainted.


resin werewolf figure


zombie pirate figure

Hell Zombie

resin grim reaper

Grim Reaper

resin werewolf figure

Howl of The Werewolf

resin hades figure

Hades & Cerberus

resin medusa figure


resin cerberus hell hound underworld

Cerberus Hound of the Underworld

resin hell hound figure

Hell Hound

resin reaper of the underworld


resin zombie girl figure

Zombie Girl

resin steampunk grim reaper of the underworld

Steampunk Grim Reaper

resin sorceress figure


resin gargoyle figure


resin hecate witch figure

Hecate Witch

resin zombie figure


resin creeper figure

The Creeper

resin reaper figure

Summon the Reaper

resin creeper figure


resin gargoyle figure


hecate witch figure

Hecate Witch

resin gothic warrier female figure

Gothic Warrior

resin blood moon vampire figure

Blood Moon Vampire

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