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The Hollywood Boardwalk in south Florida is a great place to spend a day at the beach. At it's north end is a Park, so there are plenty of places to put your car. And that puts you just a few feet from the great wide beach they have.

Compared to Fort Lauderdale's beach (which has been converted into a no parking yuppy area that most native Floridians avoid), Hollywood embraces locals and visitors alike. You can walk along the paved boardwalk, with the beach to the east and restaurants, bars, small motels, and small shops on the west side.

No need to walk back to your car for a drink or food, it's all within walking distance. They also allow bicycling, rollorblades, skateboards, etc. About halfway between ends is a playground for kids.

Overall, if you want to walk around and enjoy a day, it's easy to do with no stress. Best of all, it's FREE. (the park charges a dollar or two to park, but that's nothing).

If you enjoy the outdoors, walking in the sand or just enjoying the sun, and you come to south Florida, this is one of the best low hassle beaches to visit.



boardwalk hollywood florida

This is taken at the northern end looking south.. The native plants to the left and right are protected,

which keeps the area from being over developed and let's non-Floridians see our natural vegetation.

The white line designates the left lane for bicyles to safely use and avoid walkers and joggers.


hollywood boardwalk south florida beach


Just one of the lifeguard towers. Here you can see the wide clean beach Hollywood provides.

Plenty of room for everyone. (This particular fall-season day was unusually windy, and a bit overcast).




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