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Model Glue is another basic tool. Many of us still use the old standby, Testors tube glue. But there are many other choices today. The Testors glue melts the styrene plastic, and when doing this, bonds them together as one. Almost like welding.

If you build kits made from resin, or vinyl, or you're using metals, such as brass and white metal, then you need a glue like Zap-A-Gap or Super Glue, which is a CA ( Cyanoacrylate) glue, and makes a bonding connection between two objects (without melting them).

Some glues are thin, like water, which will run into thin seams by capillary action. This fills them and bonds the gaps.

Other glues are thicker, like a gel, and are easier to keep where you want them, rather than run down your model or overflow onto painted sufaces.

Many modelers have their favorites when it comes to hobby glues. Most of them are here. If you get a new glue to try, always experiment with it on some old model parts first to see how it works, and how it flows.

Be safe. Always keep a paper towel or cloth handy whenever using glues to wipe away excess, and to keep it off your hands and clothes.


Modeling glues of many types, hopefully your favorites are here. Along with various kinds of putty. Every modeleing seems to have their own brand they like, try several to see which one works for your model and hobby projects..

scale model life magazine volume 4

Scale Model Life
Volume 4

testors tube of glue for plastic models

Testors Glue -- Value Pack!

testors tube of non toxic glue for plastic models

Testors Non Toxic Glue

testors glue for plastic models

Testors Liquid Cement

testors clear cement plastic models

Testors Clear Parts Cement

Oops ! Glued your fingers together with CA Glue?
be safe -
Use Z-& Debonder or Super Solvent !



zap-a-gap glues for models

Zap-A-Gap Glues

tamiya thin cement for models

Tamiya Plastic Cement

tamiya thin cement for models

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

plastruct plastic bondene glue

Plastruct Bondene Cement

plastruct plastic weld

Plastruct Plastic Weld

faller super plastic cement

Faller All Scale Plastic Cement

faller plastic cement

Faller Plastic Cement

devcon duco model glue

Plastic Model Glue


clear canopy model glue

Clear Model Parts Glue




bob smith maxi cure ca glue

Maxi-Cure Extra Thick Glue

loctitie super ca glue

Gel Control Super Glue

mg ca glue

Clear Transparent Super Adhesive

loctitie super ca glue

Hot Stuff Glue

mg ca glue

MIG Jimenez Slow Dry Glue

testors wood cement

Wood Cement

acrylic solvent glue

Acrylic Solvent Cement

aleenes gel glue

Clear Gel Tacky Glue

aleenes tacky glue

Quick Dry Tacky Glue

great planes ca glues

Pro CA Glue

super phatic glue

Supe Phatic Glue

poly zap glue

Poly Zap

zap glue

Zap Goo

gs hypo cement jewelers

Jewelers Clear Cement

sig canopy glue

Canopy Glue

model master decal set

Decal Set

flex-i-file 7000 touch n flow

Touch and Flow Glue System

bob smith insta flex rubber

Insta-flex Clear Rubber

testors liquid cement with brush

Testors Liquid Cement with Brush

starbond black ca glues

Starbond Black Premium CA Glue

starbond ca glues

Starbond Premium CA Glue

rhino glue

Rhino Glue

ez ca glues

Premium EZ CA Glue

model tire glue

Model Tire Glue

bob dively masking film for painting

Liquid Masking Film

zap a gap flexy tips glue

Flexy Tips

vallejo plastic putty

Acrylic Resin Plastic Putty

blue yellow green putty

Blue / Yellow Putty

ak interactive model putty

White Acrylic Modeling Hard Putty

mr hobby putty

Mr Hobby White Putty

revell plasto putty

Plasto Putty


Tamiya White Putty

deluxe perfect plastic putty

Perfect Plastic Putty

squadron white putty

Squadron White Putty

squadron green putty

Squadron Green Putty

tamiya white putty

Mr. Dissolved Putty

testors contour putty

Testors Contour Putty

milliput fine white putty

Milliput Superfine Putty

milliput fine white putty

Milliput Black Putty

tamiya mark fit

Mark Fit

milliput fine white putty

Rub N Buff Wax Metallic Finishes

vallejo decal fix

Decal Fix


Decal Medium

jumbo hands tool

InstaMorph Moldable Plastic

pledge future wax

Apoxie Sculpt

micro mask for model decals

Micro Mask Solution

microset for model decals

Micro Set Setting Solution

micro metal foil adhesive

Micro Metal Foil Adhesive

microset for model decals

Micro Sol Decal Setting Solution

micro weld

Micro Weld

micro kristal Klear crystal clear

Micro Kristal Klear










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