Ford Seattle-ite Concept Car Reference 1963 World's Fair

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Ford Seattle ite Concept Car 1962

I have a fascination with older car designs of the future. From the '40's to '60's, people thought that by now, here past the year 2000, we would have flying cars, nuclear cars, cars that could hover. Unfortunately, none of this has come about. We still drive cars that are not much different than the ones we had from the 1950's. A real bummer.

This is a brochure I have for a Ford Seattleite. It was show cased at the 1962 Worlds Fair, where this brochure was given out. It was a non-life size static replica, never meant to be driven.

Printed on the actual brochure -

"Advanced stylists are not restricted in their "dreaming" to designs based on existing facilities or scientific achievements. Unlimited freedom to speculate is the key to progressive automobile styling. A styling experiment like Seattle-ite XXI, with its many forward-looking features, could lead to exciting new concepts of automobile styling, comfort and safety."


ford seattle-ite show car


"This unique styling dream car envisions four steerable front wheels in Ford Motor Company's Advanced Styling Studio, would feature such advanced concepts as a travel programming computer, variable density glass, jalousie windows, and finger tip steering.

Seattle-ite XXI is an example of the kind of exploration that could lead to important break throughs in automotive styling and engineering. Such a vehicle might be powered by fuel cells or a compact nuclear device.

The entire front of the car would "break away" from the passenger compartment in order to permit conversions from an economical power capsule of perhaps 60 HP , to a high speed, transcontinental unit in excess of 400HP. This concept would allow many styling treatments for the trailing vehicle that would house passengers in air-conditioned, noiseless comfort."


ford seattle-ite concept car




"The entire front end of Seattle-ite XXI would uncouple from the passenger compartment and an optional power unit could be quickly installed. All controls would be conducted through a flexible coupling that would simply plug into the passenger compartment.
Four front wheels would turn in tandem. Ford stylists believe this would greatly enhance tracking, traction, and braking efficiency.

Fingertip steering and a travel programming computer are among the interior features of the Seattle-ite. Virtually effortless fingertip steering would allow accurate "zeroing in" at all speeds. A viewing screen would show engine performance characteristics, road and weather conditions, position of the vehicle in relation to an automatically rolling road map, and estimated time of arrival at any selected designation.

Jalousie windows could improve ventilation and reduce noise. At left is a close-up view of the windows in a closed position; at right they are open.

Variable density glass around the passenger compartment would give cool, diffused light on the interior, eliminate glare and permit more efficient air-conditioning."



This is actually a "forced perspective" (?) photo I believe. The woman is standing a
few feet behind the model to make the car look full scale.
It is only a model, around 3/8 scale.

Four wheels in front is not that novel, consider the LXG car from the recent movie.

ford seattlite


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