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Ford F-Series trucks, especially 1967-1979 models.

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1979 ford f150 california style package

This is a 1979 Ford F150 model. (note the squrae headlights). The colorful graphics
were an option package, which would have included the wheels and rool bar.

(this could also be a 1978, since Ford changed from round headlights to square ones midway through the 1978 year).


1979 ford f00 yellow striped package

Another colorful package, on a 1979 Ford F150. Note the blacked out bumpers.


1978 ford f350 camper special

In the 1970's, Ford offered their own version of the slide in camper. (and
parts for the campers were available directly from Ford, from the sink to
the toilet). Here a 1979 Ford F350 Camper Special that carries a camper easily.


1978 ford f150 striped patterns freestylin package 4x4

1979 Ford F150. I believe this is one of the the "Fresstylin" packages.


ford two tone white and yellow  f150


1979 ford f350 stake bed truck

Ford F350 Stake Bed option.


ford f350 hd 1978 dump truck

Another option for the F350. Though the truck would have been sold as a
Chassis Cab, and the dump bed would be aftermarket.


moebius ford f100 ranger pickup truck models

moebius sport custom ford pickup truck


amt ford firestone 1979 pickup truck model kit


chevron pickup truck model

moebius 1970 ford f100 pickup truck models



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