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We also carry Super Hero Model Figure models, Horror Model Figures, and some Scifi Figure kits.

We also carry books and publications on figure / statue modeling.


  • 3-Demons - Resin Kits. Berserker, Executioner, Red Sonja, Witch King, Death Dealer, and more.
  • 3-Legends - Bust model kits. Frankenstein Monster, Jack Nicholson, Bela Legosi, etc.
  • 8th-Collectible - The 8th Collectible shows you the work of sculpture Jim Verbeeck. His passion for fantasy and movie subjects is the base for his sculptures, but with a personal touch.
  • ACME Design - ACME is unique in the industry. They realize they are here to provide a service. Meaning, the job doesn't’t begin and end with the creation of an accurate sculpt of a human heart. The job begins by listening to you, the client, assessing your needs, and devising the best possible (and sometimes most unusual) solution. It ends with following up to ensure that the delivered product exceeded your expectations.
  • Ainsty - If you are looking for SF or Fantasy scenes then there is a good chance that we make it. Everything from Caves of Gloom to Dungeon Debris.
  • Alan Dickinson - Figure kits. The Models we manufacture are cast in a quality Polyester resin ideal for painting. A small amount of assembly is required as these sculptures are supplied in kit form, with an average of eight to ten pieces. Great lengths are taken to cast the sculpture in the minimum of parts
  • Albert's Figures - A fair size gallery of figure kits, primarily women, some anime. They are well done and very detailed.
  • Alchemy Works - Dinosaurs, Prehistoric, ID Monster.
  • Amok Time - Specializes in Star Wars, Super Heroes, Monsters, Planet of the Apes, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, G.I. JOE, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sideshow Collectibles.
  • Amazing Figure Modeler - Model Magazine. This magazine has some of the best covers ever. They really down and dirty with great kit builds.
  • Andria Miniatures - We have a qualified art department with specialists on human figures, animals, machines, cars and much more. We are prepared to produce accurate miniatures of practically any object, including life-like portraits of historical and modern personalities.
  • Anime Figures - Anime figures and characters.
  • Apemania - Everything you want to know about the franchise. But also kits, props, home made props from the movies, clothing, models, it's a very interesting site.
  • Ares Mythologic - Greek, Amazon and Mythological Figures.
  • Aurora Prehistoric Scenes - Site devoted to the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes model kits.
  • Aurora Model Kits - Aurora model kits.
  • Bad Fairie Productions Model Kits - Various figures kits, Vampirella, I Dream of Jeannie, Mermaid series.
  • Battleman Pages - Galleries of many resin kits, from Super Heroes to Lord of the Rings.
  • Blix Studios - John Guenther's web site is dedicated to sculpture work. A place to put pictures of sculptures for others to see. He's a fan of the horror, Scifi and fantasy stuff. Though he's open to sculpt all subjects.
  • Bones Clones - When we started "cloning from real to resin" many wondered whether replicas would be accepted because they would not look "real". They commented that the few zoological replicas available were not convincing and broke easily. That became our first challenge: to make a reproduction so faithful to the original that it was, in fact, difficult to distinguish between them, and at the same make it durable.
  • Bowen Designs - An assortment of sculptures from Randy Bowen.
  • Bowman Art - Dinosaur Resin Sculptures.
  • Booty Babes - Exotic sculptures.
  • Brimstone Display Bases - For figures.
  • BTTG Model Kit Company - the Garage Kit Company of sculptor and producer Mark Krabbenhoft. Werewolf, Moon Dancer, Hunter from the Void, Zakuro.
  • BuzzWorks - Skeletons, Death Heads, Zombies, Gargoyles, Plaques, Egyptian Artifacts, Fantasy Relics, and Gothic subjects.
  • Castilene - Models like clay. Works like wax. Sulfur free. Is compatible with silicone and rubber molds. Lightweight. 40% lighter than Plastiline. Self supporting without armature
  • Clay Guy - Various Scifi and Horror figures.
  • Clubhouse - Model Museum, hundreds of various built kits.
  • CM Studios - Life size dinosaur replicas and skeletons. Damn I want one of these for my backyard. They also offer smaller 1/8 and 1/12 scale dinos. CM Studio produces realistic dinosaur models and sculptures in both life-size and scale models.  All dinosaur models are offered in both resin and bronze castings, and are popular with both museums and private collectors alike.
  • Cody's Coop - Site devoted to the less common genre in the modeling world: figures and mecha.
  • Creaturescape - Monster, figures and horror garage kit magazine. They publish articles on monster and dinosaur modeling and the horror, Scifi and fantasy movies that inspire the hobby.  CreatureScape's web articles are on line for a limited time, but special editions and annual collections are published in CD and DVD formats. 
  • Cretaceous Creations - Very detailed Dinosaur Models.
  • Dan Perez Studios - Various resin kits and sculptures. Joker, Gollum, Batman, Harley Quinn, Wolverine, Cat Woman. Dan Perez Studios provides sculpture, prototypes and model kits in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, prehistory, horror & comics, as well as modeling and sculpting tutorials.
  • Dark Carnival Models - Various original Horror and Goth design resin kits. One of the largest collections of products. To many to list here. Great web design too.
  • Dark Designs - Various figure models.
  • Dark Star Models - Various multi-media figure kits. Darkstar is a family run business based in Farnham, Surrey. We have been in operation since 1994. We pride ourselves in good customer relations and a quick response to enquires and orders. Our large selection of merchandise includes: Action Figures, Model Kits.
  • Design Quest Models - Design Quest produces the highest quality finished resin figures available. Each piece is manufactured to exacting standards, then painted by hand. Each figure is then packaged in a custom printed 4 color collectors gift box with a custom molded poly foam packaging to assure a clean finish and safety during shipment. Delivery times are outstanding and our manufacturing fees are very reasonable.
  • Diceman Creations - All kinds of model kits, from Horror to Scifi. Michael Berryman, Wolfhead Cane Handle, The Wolfman, The Baron, Leatherface, Jason, Captain Spaulding, etc.
  • Dinosaur Studio - Dan LoRusso is the creative force behind The Dinosaur Studio. The studio's goal is to meet the demand by institutions and collectors for museum quality restorations of dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Model Kits - From Raptors to Trex.
  • Dragonfire Studios - Dragon and Fantasy kits. Very detailed work.
  • Dream Master Creations - Quality Resin Model Kits. Vampirella, Gargoyle, Egyptian Goddess, Cleopatra, Robot.
  • Dunken - In addition to molds we also offer a pleasing variety of casting equipment, including clamps, ladles, files, and metals. For the beginner to this rewarding hobby we provide a Starter Kit, which contains the basic equipment required to cast. Just choose a mold and some metal to compliment it and start casting today.
  • Eldridge Design - Skull figures and kits. Eldritch Design produces and sells original fantasy, horror and science fiction sculptures as well as model kits for the collectors' market. Our museum quality pieces feature the highest level of design and detailing and are available exclusively through the web site.
  • E Studios - Various kits and sculptures service. They produce prototypes for just about anything you can think of, from toys, model kits, and game pieces to movie props and Bronze sculptures.  We have also created Beer Taphandles and Cane top Handles. Ironman, The Phantom, King Kong, Chuck, Scooby Doo, Batman, Yoda, Coneheads, Herman Munster, The Grinch, Godzilla, Hellraiser, Hellboy, Werewolf, Superman.
  • Figure Reference and Books - How too and tips.
  • Figuralia - Resin figures and sculptures. Catwoman, Caesar, Bunny Girl, Batman, Power Girl, and others.
  • Fontegris - Fantasy, Fairies and figure sculptured kits.
  • Forbidden Zone - Various Horror and Scifi resin kits. Blade Mutant Vampire, Planet of the Apes, Wolfman, Blade, Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Phantom of the Paradise.
  • Formation Designs - Figure sculptures, from Xmen to original unique concepts.
  • Frank's Figure Kits - Great gallery of various kits.
  • Frontier Models - Welcome to the world of Frontier Models, established in 1994 as Worldwide Suppliers of Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Model Construction Kits in Resin, Injection Plastic & Vinyl. Ready made collectable's are also available such from Collectable Figures to Cars as Die Cast Models.
  • GDC Dreams - Super Heroes, Dragons, Horror, and other subjects.
  • Geometric Design - Horror and Scifi figures model kits. A long standing company that's been around for some time. Frankenstein Bride, Night of the Living Dead, Hunchback, Wolfman, Mummy, Pumpkinhead, Jeepers Creepers, Chatterer, King Kong, Alien, Predator. And several bases for figures.
  • G Force Models - Various kits and products, large selection. G-Force is a competitive model kit company offering a variety of services at affordable prices. Owned and Operated by Gary White, model master and hobby enthusiast, G-Force is continuing to grow, constantly adding new product lines and innovative ideas for all hobby collectors. It is a Canadian based company employing the talents of exceptional Canadian Sculptors and Painters since 1992.
  • Haunted Gallery - Built figure kits. Nice gallery.
  • Here Be Monsters - Many very well built figure kits.
  • Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture - Build your own castle or scifi layout. Hirst Arts is a small business owned and operated by Bruce and Joanne Hirst. We make all of the molds by hand and ensure that each is of the highest quality.
  • HobbyFan - Loads of Anime figures and a lot more.
  • Hollywood Hardware - Real studio props, from Blade to Terminator and more.
  • Homemedia4u - Asian market figure kits and more.
  • Horror Figures - Horror figures and statues.
  • Howard Studios - Scifi, Horror, Super Hero and Adventure Figures and sculptures. Chewbacca, Harrison Ford, Terminator, etc. A great gallery of builds.
  • James Art - Women Pinup figures. Solid, white resin, hand-cast sculptures that come in parts, to be assembled. A "small" degree of skill is required.
  • Jerry Buchanan - Large gallery of figure kits and information.
  • Kaijukits - Japanese subjects figure and model kits.
  • Kefford Model making - Custom models and figures.
  • Knight Models - Marvel, TV and Movie figure models.
  • Kotobukiya - Figure Kits and Figures.
  • Larry's Garage Kit Asylum - Built figure kit gallery.
  • Life-Size Models - 1:1 Scale 3D figure sculptures.
  • Mad Dog Resins - Captain America, Princess, Cylon, Starbuck, Batman, Cat Woman, and more.
  • Magicsculp - The two-part epoxy putty specifically designed to meet the needs of modelers, crafter's and sculptors alike. One of the only  epoxies that will smooth out with water. Its grain structure is finer than any other product available and will not shrink or crack even when formed in large structures.  It can be shaped by hand or with modeling tools, sanded, carved, painted; you can attack it with a grinding tool and the cured material will not break apart or lose its shape. Magic Sculpt will cure at room temperature.
  • Makeup and Monsters- Jeepers Creepers resin model kit.
  • Menagerie Productions - Dinosaurs, movie figures, Ymir, Werewolf, Godzilla, and more.
  • Michael Burnette Productions -Horror related model resin kits.
  • Miles Steves - Sculptures.
  • Miniatures Gallery - Miniature Gallery.
  • Mithtril Miniatures - Mithril was founded in 1987 and has been dedicated since then to the creation of miniature figures, inspired by J. R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth as portrayed in his famous works "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings". It has been our intention to faithfully recreate the characters from these works and imbue the miniatures as much as possible with the atmosphere and feel of Middle-earth.
  • Moebius Models - Plastic model company. Figures and Scifi subjects.
  • Modelmania - Instructional DVD's on figure kit building and painting.
  • Model Mansion - Variety of figure kits plus more.
  • Modelzone - Gallery of various figure kits.
  • MOJO Resin - Bart Devil, Phantom, Girls, Batman, Robin, Phantom, Vampi, Thor, Bruce Lee, Wolverine, Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger, Tonto, Hercules, Captain America, and much more.
  • Molehill - Built models of Batman, Superman, and other super heroes.
  • Monarch Model Company- Plastic model company, horror and scifi figures.
  • Monkey.com- Collection of sculptures and supplies.
  • Monster Gallery - Various Monster kits of all types.
  • Monster Jones - Mr. Jones has quite a collection of built kits. Good reference.
  • Monstermakers- The Monster Makers is a complete one-stop shop for Do-It-Yourself Monster Makers ranging from hobbyists to professional SPFX artists. We carry a full line of supplies for use in Film, TV, and Haunted House productions. Our customers include theatrical make-up artists, film-makers, mask-makers, F/X enthusiasts and more. If you're a creative professional, a monster-crazed fiend, or if you're just curious about the art of making rubber monsters, you've come to the right place!
  • Mooncrest Models- Scifi to Horror to Figure kits. Large selection.
  • Movie props - You’ll find a large variety of Original screen-used movie props as well as rare replica props, Garage Kits, rare Models, Toys, autographs and movie memorabilia on this web site. I will have weekly updates on this web site with new stuff for sale.
  • Nagleworks - Sculptures, from Scifi to Horror. Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, Martian. Sculpting has become Shawn Nagle's passion and life's work. Using life experience and nature as inspiration, Shawn Nagle has carved out an immensely successful career. He has produced pieces for major companies like Marvel, Toybiz, Diamond and Neca, as well as private collectors all over the world. He is one of the most respected sculptors in his field.
  • Neal Adams -Resin figure model kits. Catrina, Ribald, Frankenstein, and more.
  • Nocturna Productions - Figure and Horror kits.
  • OldModelKits - Some really old and rare kits.
  • Paleocraft- Resin model kits of dinosaurs and early prehistoric mammals. Paleocraft is dedicated to creating quality hard to find reproductions of extinct animals in the form of resin models for the hobbyist, model kit builder and general Paleontology enthusiast. All models are produced from original sculptures and are hand cast in association with professional mold makers.
  • Pegaso Models- All kinds of various kits and figures.
  • Peltz Productions- Great cartoon figures. Disney brought Jason to Orlando, giving him the opportunity to draw Mickey Mouse professionally. Jason's credits include The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mushu from Mulan, Tarzan, Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove, Jumba from Lilo and Stitch, and Koda from Brother Bear. Jason also added sculpting to his resume, doing the John Henry Marquette for the Disney produced short. Jason has since been freelancing as a sculptor, and illustrator, and recently gained full time employment at Cecropia South, a video game company, producing traditionally animated titles.
  • Psycho Monterz- All kinds of collectibles and figures.
  • Puppet Terrors - Not really figures, but some wild freaky hand puppets. After months of researching manufacturing firms, a company was found who could mass produce the puppets with the same attention to detail and quality which brought the collectibles their initial praise.  In October 2003 Puppet Terrors launched their line of collectable puppets onto the world. With plenty of character ideas, designs and product ideas to follow, Puppet Terrors hopes to bring nightmares to an unwitting public for years to come.
  • Resin Creations- Anime and Horror model kits.
  • Resin Crypt- Resin kits, Frankenstein monster, Vincent Price, Hunchback, Killer Klowns, Tall Man, The Tingler, and a lot more.
  • Resin Realities- Super Heroes, Horror figures. Bubba Werewolf and Boris the Zombie. Resin Realities offers PROFESSIONAL build up and painting service. If you would like to own and display that special figure as a work of art, please, don't hesitate to inquire.
  • Resin Rhino- Batman, Psy Rage, Proud Prince, Cajun Cool, Power Girl, John Stewart Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, and more.
  • Revenge Monst- Horror and monster figure kits.
  • Roswell Japan- Various figure kits and toys.
  • Scifi & Fantasy Modeler - The premier magazine for scifi and figure builders. Reviews, scratch building, and behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Scifi Model Maniac - Fantasy and Comic figure galleries.
  • Sculpt.com - Supplies for modeling and sculpting. The Complete Sculptor is your Com pleat Source for Materials, Tools, Supplies & Services.
  • Shiflett Brothers- Fantasy and reality sculptures. Black Panther, Avengers Vision, Thanos.
  • Sideshow Collectibles- Tons of information on figures.
  • Solarwind Productions- Fantasy and Women Sculptures / Kits. We design, develop and manufacture high quality, limited edition resin kits. All kits are cast of the finest materials and feature ease of assembly with minimal clean up, perfect for beginners as well as experienced modelers. Our kits are designed with the figure painter in mind, simple to build yet highly detailed. New kits are introduced on a quarterly basis, featuring a variety of themes in different scales.
  • Space Art - Scifi models and more. Way more.
  • Spatcave Studios- Alien Pulse Rifle and more resin kits and props.
  • Spyda Creations - Kits. Demon Tower, Dino Girl, and more.
  • Squidtz Kitz - Kits. Dr, Who (Tom Baker), Black Beard, Morlock, Daleks, Gillman Skull, Bruce the Shark, Norman, Exorcist, Dracula.
  • Stormcastle - A lot of information on making models and props. From hand held rockets to swords.
  • Studio SL - Female figure sculptures.
  • Super Hero Movies - A large collection of DVD's and movies, new and old.
  • Swede Creations- Model sculpting and figures.
  • Timeslip Productions- Kong, Jaws Bruce Shark, Wak from the Explorers (What's Up Doc?), Dragons, Diva from the 5th Element, River, Fire Dragon, and a lot more.
  • ToiletFace - Several different original sculptures. Devilman, Wolverine, Thanos, Lobo, The Hulk, Commander Courage, Nightcrawler, Kain, etc.
  • Toy-In.com - Resin figures, scifi models, horror and much much more.
  • Transylvania-Models - Resin Horror and other figure kits.
  • Trcic Studio- Dinosaurs. Museum quality sculptures. For scientific accuracy I use the most up to date research findings possible and consult with numerous paleontologists. In addition to the artwork I created during my film career, I have also completed numerous public and private commissions. I am a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, the National Sculpture Society. All of my work is detailed in the pages to come along with my MESO-ZOO™ line of model kits.
  • Twin Flame - Mark Brokaw of Earth Bound Studios, known for his flawless casting and molding, has a line of kits of his own called "Big Heads". The second in the series is called The She Creature. Check it out and order yours today.
  • Villafane Studios - Sculpture and Figures.
  • Vinyl Figures - Vinyl figures and chracters.
  • Vinyl Pulse - Site about vinyl figures and products of all kinds. Some very unique items.
  • Voodoo FX - Custom Model Build-Ups. Prop and Model Design and Build. Fiber Optic Lighting Effects. Master & Pattern Work. Life Casting, Mask Making, Custom Appliances
  • Watson's Sculptures - Dinosaur products. As a private contractor Doug has also produced two life-size flying Pteranodon longiceps for the Canadian Museum of Nature. Using the valuable experience gained working with paleontologists, Doug produces dinosaur and extinct animal sculptures for sale to the public.  All of his new pieces are based on the best scientific information available to him and exhibit the same attention to detail, that he has become know for.
  • Wave - Plastic model company. Figures. Gundum, and more.
  • Wayne "The Dane" Hansen - Figure sculptor.
  • Xenomorph - Various kinds of figure kits.
  • Your Props - Online museum for YOUR movie props and wardrobe.
  • Yumi Models - Life size metal statues, Alien, Terminator, big small, amazing work and sculptures.
  • Zots - Women, Vampires, and more. From the Mayan word for Vampire, comes this new company. Founded by Eli Raphael, gathered from the four corners of Mexico the talents of the best sculptors in order to create with extraordinary skill, imagination and realism fine pieces of art for the figure model kit industry. So when you hear the name Zotz, you will know that the best is yet to come.
  • Zvezda Plastic Models - Plastic model manufacturer from Russia.


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masterworks miniatures dvd jennifer haley anne foerster

Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster - 3 DVD Set



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Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures




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