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1/72 scale aircraft models are one of the most popular choices as far as scale.

It's just in the middle of the slightly larger 1/48 scale kits (another long time favorite scale) and the more modern 1/32 and 1/35 scale that a lot of aircraft are available in today. (from Airfix and Trumpeter, just to mention a few).

Probably worldwide the 1/72 scale is just the right size to display in a small apartment or flat, where room is at a premium. Of course those with much larger areas build them as well, they appeal to almost every aircraft modeller.

The 1/72 scale has been around for so long that there are thousands of choices when it comes to an aircraft subject to build. The kits are very diverse from almost every country on the planet.

This covers civilian as well as military aircraft projects and kits. From small planes to helicopters, to cargo planes to airliners. You can almost build any type of plane you can think of. Whether it's a jet or a prop plane. Sometimes even an unmanned drone.

These many kinds of aircraft are available as kits from model companies such as Italeri, Revell, Tamiya, AModel, Zvezda, and many others. Each company has their own speciality and often make models of planes that other traditional companies won't do or have never done.

So grab your favorite kit from the biggest selection of model aircraft models and subjects!





These are 1/72 scale aircraft and airplane models. A very popuar scale worldwide.


encyclopedia aircraft modelling volume 1 ak interactive

Modeling Cockpits

revell c54 skymaster model aircraft

C54D Cargo Skymaster

italeri b52 model

B52 Stratofortress

amodel leopard aircraft

CMC Leopard

japan air rescue model

Japan Air Rescue

tamiya p47 razorback model aircraft

P47 Thunderbolt Razorback

tamiya p47 model aircraft

P47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop

tamiya corsair model aircraft

Vought F4U1A Corsair

tamiya f16 fighting falcon model aircraft

F16 Fighting Falcon

tamiya jubkers 88 model aircraft

Junkers JU 88 C6

revell lancaster model aircraft

Avro Lancaster Mk

tamiya bell x1 model aircraft

USAF Bell X1

tamiya kawasaki model aircraft

Kawasaki Tony

revell f4j phantom model aircraft

F4J Phantom II

tamiya f35a lightning model aircraft

F35A Lightning II

platz t33 model aircraft

T33 Hamamatsu

soviet bomber model aircraft

Sukhoi S32MK Soviet Bomber

academy p40e model aircraft

Curtiss P40E Warhawk

academy p47 model aircraft

P47 Thunderbolt Razorback

academy apache longbowe model aircraft


italeri super puma model aircraft

AS332 Super Puma

zvezda yak 3 model aircraft

Soviet YAK3

special hobby barracuda II model aircraft

Barracuda Mk.II

zvezda alligator model aircraft

Soviet Alligator Helicopter

zvezda swifts mig29 model aircraft

Russian Aerobatic Team

hasegawa raven model aircraft

EF111A Raven

italeri sky fall model aircraft

007 Skyfall Merlin

zvezda rescue helicopter model aircraft

Rescue Helicopter Helix D

hasegawa raptor model aircraft

F22 Raptor

hasegawa raptor model aircraft

Russian SU47 BERKUT

zvezda black ghost model aircraft

Russian Black Ghost

wolfpack buckeye model aircraft

Navy T2C Buckeye

zvezda black ghost model aircraft

Russian YAK12A

valom tornado model aircraft

RB45C Tornado Nuclear Bomb

valom saunders roe model aircraft

Saunders Roe Cloud

valom he119 model aircraft

Heinkel He 119 V4

valom navion coast guard model aircraft

NA145 Navion Coast Guard

amodel tupolev tu134a model aircraft

Tupolev Tu134A CSA

valom fisher eagle model aircraft

Fisher P75A Eagle

trumpeter beagle model aircraft

Ilyushin IL28 Beagle

amodel tupolev bear bomber model aircraft

Tupolev Bear H Bomber

trumpeter beagle model aircraft

Chinese JL8 Jet

trumpeter beagle model aircraft

Antonov AN2 Colt Biplane

trumpeter chinese j10s model aircraft

Chinese J10S Fighter

trumpeter tupolov bear j model aircraft

Tupolev Tu142MR Bear J

fine molds jing shisei model aircraft

Shisei Jing Cloud

azure sea otter model aircraft

Super Marine Sea Otter

trumpeter mghty dragon model aircraft

Chinese Mighty Dragon

trumpeter tu128m interceptor model aircraft

Soviet Tu128M Interceptor

special hobby fouga model aircraft

Fouga cm.170 Magister

sword lightning 2 model aircraft

Lightning T Mk4

special hobby paul bulton model aircraft

Boulton Paul Balliol

special hobby x1b model aircraft


special hobby v173 flying pancake model aircraft

V173 Flying Pancake USN

special hobby bermuda bomber model aircraft

Bermuda Bomber

special hobby phantom  model aircraft

FH1 Phantom

special hobby messerschmitt me209  model aircraft

Messerschmitt Me 209V4

special hobby guardian  model aircraft

AF3S Guardian

special hobby saab  model aircraft

Saab J21R Fighter

special hobby corsair f2g model aircraft

F2G Super Corsair Racing

special hobby heinkel he178  model aircraft

Heinkel HE178 V2 Jet

special hobby boomerang  model aircraft

CAC CA13 Boomerang

special hobby skyrocket d558  model aircraft

HD5582 Skyrocket Jet

special hobby bolo bomber  model aircraft

B18 Bolo Bomber

special hobby fairey  model aircraft

Fairey Fulmar N1854

hasegawa blue impulse model aircraft

Kawasaki T4 Blue Impulse

special hobby caproni  model aircraft

Caproni Ca.311

valom raf twin pioneer  model aircraft

RAF Aviation Twin Pioneer

valom twin pioneer  model aircraft

Twin Pioneer Air Atlantic

valom ryan navion model aircraft

Ryan L17B Navion

sbs comet model aircraft

Havilland DH88 Comet

platz x47b model aircraft

Navy Unmanned Bomber X47B

sbs comet model aircraft

F/A-18A Hornet NATC

hasegawa blue impulse model aircraft

Dutch Troops Fokker D.23

hasegawa blue impulse model aircraft

JASDF T1A Trainer

roden antonov cub model aircraft

Antonov An12BK

roden c47 skytrain model aircraft

Douglas C47 Skytrain

revel ec145 police model aircraft

Horten GO229

revell ec145 police model aircraft

Police Helicopter

revell rega 109 k2 model aircraft

A-109 K2 Rega Rescue

revell bell kiowa model aircraft

Bell OH-58D Recon

amodel hansa jet model aircraft

HFB-320 Hansa Jet

miles hawk raf model aircraft

Miles M.2H Hawk RAF

amodel leopard 2 jet model aircraft

CMC Leopard II

amodel mbb uh05 model aircraft

MBB UH05 Helicopter

amodel ilyshin il14m model aircraft


amodel tb1 kp1 model aircraft

TB1 / KP1

amodel ilyushin il14t model aircraft


amodel yak36  freehand model aircraft

YAK36 Freehand VTOL

amodel bombardier learjet 55 model aircraft

Bombardier Learjet 55

art model ye8 model aircraft

Yamikoyan YE8 Exp Fighter

amodel falcon model aircraft

Dassault Falcon 10MER

art model ye8 model aircraft


valom vickers model aircraft

Vickers Wellesley MkI

valom fokker model aircraft

Fokker F.VIIb/3m

roden monoplane model aircraft

LaGG-3 Russian Monoplane

micro mir bomber model aircraft

Tupolev TB1 Bomber

roden fairchild model aircraft

Fairchild HC-123B Provider

micro mir miles aerovan model aircraft

Miles M.57 Aerovan

roden fairchild model aircraft

Moskalyev SAM13 Soviet

micro mir fanera model aircraft

NIAI-1 Fanera-2

amodel piper pa47 model aircraft

Piper PA47

amodel beechcraft model aircraft

Beechcraft DHL

amodel adam 500 model aircraft

Adam A500

ace guardian model aircraft

Af-2s/3s Guardian Killer

amodel navion army model aircraft

Navion US Army

smer piper cub model aircraft

Piper L4 Cub USAF

amodel soviet autogyro model aircraft

Soviet Autogyro

academy rokaf trainer model aircraft

ROKAF T50 Advanced Trainer

dora wings percival model

Percival Proctor Mk1

modelsvit flying boat model aircraft

BE-14 SAR Flying Boat

hasegawa b24j model aircraft

Beriev Be12 Soviet Amphibious

airfix red arrows model aircraft

RAF Red Arrows

airfix fouga model aircraft

Fouga Cm.170 Magister

aaa vtol j101 model aircraft


academy predator model aircraft

AC-2 MQ-1A Predator

special hobby me209 v1 model aircraft

Messerschmitt Me 209 V1

academy predator model aircraft

G91R Light Fighter Bomber

special hobby me209 v1 model aircraft

Messerschmitt Bf-109Z

academy predator model aircraft

LEO 451

fujimi spitfire air race model aircraft

Spitfire FMK14C Air Race

ka50 black shark model aircraft

KA50 Black Shark

amodel an30 antonov model aircraft

AN30 Antonov

airfix armstrong model aircraft

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

airfix vampire model aircraft

De Havilland Vampire

amodel crop duster model aircraft

Crop Duster Helicopter

airfix douglas dakota model aircraft

Douglas Dakota

amodel jetstream 32r model aircraft

Jetstream 32

amodel ka15 anti submarine  model aircraft

Ka15M Soviet Anti Submarine

italeri tigercat model aircraft

F7F Tigercat

italeri airone  model aircraft

Cant.Z 506 Airone

italeri uscg sparta model aircraft

C-27J Spartan USCG

italeri caproni  model aircraft

Caproni CA311

italeri sr71 model aircraft

SR71 Blackbird

italeri douglas destroyer  model aircraft

Douglas Destroyer

italeri sr71 model aircraft

Starfighters F104

italeri commanche  model aircraft

RAH66 Commanche

italeri sr71 model aircraft


italeri commanche  model aircraft


icm he 70f spanish model aircraft

He 70F2 Spanish Air Force

icm german he70g  model aircraft

He 70G1 Passenger Plane

hasegawa ginga model aircraft

Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga Type11

hasegawa ki46  model aircraft

Mitsubishi Ki46 Type 100

hasegawa air cobra model aircraft

AH1F Cobra Israel Air Force

hasegawa x29 shin  model aircraft

X29 Shin Kazama

hasegawa navy orion model aircraft

Navy P3C Orion

valom hadley page  model aircraft

Handley Page Sparrow MkII

valom duck model aircraft

Grumman J2F6 Duck

amodel hai1 soviet  model aircraft

HAI1 Soviet Passenger Plane

valom duck model aircraft

Grumman J2F1 Duck

amodel beechcraft starship  model aircraft

Beechcraft Starship

valom b45c model aircraft

B45C Tornado

great wall hobby f151 raam  model aircraft

F151AF Ra'am

fujimi judy suisei model aircraft

Yokosuka D4Y1C Suisei JUDY

fujimi e2c model aircraft

E2C Hawkeye Screw Top

fujimi shooting star model aircraft

Aichi Ryusei B7A1 Shooting Star

fujimi hh46a helo usmc model aircraft


valom fj1 fury model aircraft

FJ1 Fury US Navy

fine molds tony model aircraft

Fast Back Tony

minicraft nazsa fa18 hornet model

NASA X-3 F/A-18A Hornet

fine molds tony model aircraft

Fairchild C123B

doyusha texan t6g model

T6G Texan

hasegawa flying boat model aircraft

Kawanishi Flying Boat

bpk challenger aircaft model

Canadair Challenger

atlantis hughes aircaft model

DC9 Jetliner Hughes Airwest

cyber hobby antarctic sea king aircaft model

SH3D Sea King Antarctic

cyber hobby sea king aircaft model

SH3D Sea King

cyber hobby venom aircaft model

De Havilland DH112 Venom

cyber hobby sea king aircaft model

SH3D Sea King Anti Sub

bpk crj 200 aircaft model

CRJ200 American Eagle

bronco model voss aircaft model

Blohm & Voss Bomber Jet

amodel learjet adac aircaft model

Learjet ADAC Ambulance

valom bombay bristol aircaft model

Bristol Type 130 Bombay

amodel learjet adac aircaft model

Bell YFM1B Airacuda Bomber

bpk uscg challenger aircaft model

Canadair Challenger USCG

amodel beechcraft c12j aircaft model

Beachcraft C12J

amodel bell xp airacomet aircaft model

Bell XP / YP-59 Airacomet

amodel an8 camp aircaft model

Antonov An8

arma hobby ts11 aircaft model

TS11 Iskra Bis DF

amodel interceptor rocket model aircraft

Soviet Rocket Interceptor

icm tupolev tu2  model aircraft

Tupolev Tu-2

hobby boss z10 chinese model aircraft

Chinese Z10 Attack

amodel i16  model aircraft

I16 Type 5 6

hobby boss helix  model aircraft

Russian KA27 Helix

hobby boss komov model aircraft

Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B

hobby boss jayhawk  model aircraft

HH-60J Jayhawk USCG

heller alouete  model aircraft

Alouette III Helicopter

aoshima ninja helicopter model aircraft

OH1 Ninja Defense

aoshima kawasaki ki100 model aircraft

Kawasaki KI100

heller pompier ciel model aircraft

Pompier du Ciel Fire Fighter

amodel an30 model aircraft

Antonov An-30 'Clank'

aoshima ninja helicopter model aircraft

Heinkel He 280 Jet

roden he111  model aircraft

Heinkel He IIIE

hasegawa f15 eagle model aircraft

F15J Eagle 204SQ

valom he119 float  model aircraft

Heinkel He119 Floatplane

hasegawa f15 eagle model aircraft

Chinese "Fake"_J15

hasegawa kawasaki bomber model aircraft

Kawasaki Ki48 II Type 99

hasegawa us1 rescue model aircraft

Shinmeiwa US1 Rescue

hasegawa mitsubishi f2a model aircraft

Mitsubishi F2A 'ADTW'

hasegawa us1 rescue model aircraft

MIG29 Fulcrum Hungarian

hasegawa mitsubishi f2a model aircraft

Kawanishi H8K2 Flying Boat

hasegawa seahawk model aircraft

SH60B Seahawk

hasegawa he111 cable cutter baloon model aircraft

He111H-8 & Balloon Cutter

airfix raf bomber resupply set

RAF Bomber ReSupply Set

airfix usaaf bomber resupply set

USAAF Bomber ReSupply Set


testors sr75 model aircraft

SR75 Penetrator



ipms flight 19 model show fort lauderdale 2020









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