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When it comes to the Camaro, the car has been at the front of the pony car era since the beginning, in 1967. It was Chevy's answer to the drivers who may not want the Ford Mustang, which came out two years before in 1965-1966.

It's survived many design changes through the years, but horsepower and handling has been in it's genes since the first car was bred at GM, and continues to be a force in the muscle car stable today.

With special editions, from the Baldwin Motion dealership cars, to the COPO 427 models, the Camaro has been used as a test base car for just how much power and engine can be stuffed into a midsize car.

From the Camaro SS to the Camaro Z28 options, the sky was the limit when it came to engines. Big block or smal block, with a wide range of horsepower ratings, you could get a variety of performance packages to suit your driving needs.

These model kits reflect the range of possibilities, and just about every example of Camaro's heritage can be built. The early 1967-1969 series, the 1970-1981 bodies, and the ever popular 1982-1992 kits. The 1993-2002 styles are well represented, many which sport the all new LT1 engine.

Of course, there was a lull between generations, as the Camaro brand tried to find a way to balance power with fuel mileage, and loose it's bloated body shape. By the time 2010 rolled around, GM had figured out how to make the Camaro perform, as well as be stylish again with an all new body.

There are many kits of this new hot style, and they have become quite the popular kits recently. (Chevy skipped making Camaros from 2003 to 2009 - and when they brought it back in 2010, they made the cars in Canada. Maybe this is Canada's pony car?)

The 2010 and 2015 years are well represented in model form, and Round2 / AMT is coming out with the new 2016 car models soon.

The sister car to the Camaro is the Pontiac Firebird, which is often available in a Trans Am package, with extra upgrades in handling and performance. Like the Camaro, the Firebird followed the trends of the times, and resembled the Camaro in many ways, often sharing parts as well as engines. Firebirds from time to time could have a Chevy 350 V8, a Pontiac V8, even an Oldsmobile V8.

But the Firebird Transam's were popular sellers, with Ram Air options, and sometimes more horsepower than it's Camaro cousin. TV and movies, like Smokey and the Bandit, and Knight Rider, made the cars even more popular, and drove sales of the cars off the dealership floors.

Pontiac Firebird model kits are available in most of the body styles. Though there is no Transam to follow the lead of th 2010+ Camaro styles.

But with these kits, you can still remember the days when horsepower ruled, and the Trans Ams were the muscle cars of their time.

Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firbird Trans Am model cars. The GM pony cars!


Sixth Generation - 2016 - Now


amt 1le camaro

Camaro 1LE

amt 2016 camaro model

Camaro SS

amt pace car camaro fifty ann

Camaro Pace Car

amt 2017 camaro

Camaro 1LE

amt 2017 camaro

Camaro 50th Editon

amt 2016 camaro model

Camaro SS

camaro widebody model

Camaro Wide Body GT

amt police camaro model

Ironman Camaro


amt 2016 camaro model

Camaro SS

model car wheel sets


Fifth Generation - 2010 - 2015


amt police camaro model

Chevy Camaro Police Car

revell snap camaro concept car model

Camaro Concept

amt round 2 chevy camaro ss rs convertible

Chevy Camaro Convertible

amt camaro speedkit

Camaro Speedkit

revell 2010 chevy camaro model kit

Chevy Camaro SS

revell outlaw camaro model

Chevy "Outlaw" Camaro

amt camaro zl1 model car

Camaro ZL-1 Coupe


Camaro ZL1

amt camaro concept slot car model

Chevy Camaro

amt round2 2006 camaro models

Chevy Camaro

amt camaro ss / rs model

Camaro SS/RS Indy Pace Car

maisto all star camaro orange model

Chevrolet Camaro SS

amt usa1 camaro model

Camaro USA-1

revell camaro concept car models

Chevy Camaro Concept Car


Fourth Generation - 1993 - 2002



Camaro SS

amt lindberg 2016 camaro convertible model

Camaro Convertible Z28

amt pontiac firebird car models

Pontiac Firebird



amt camaro convertible z28 car model

Camaro Z28 Convertible

revell baldwin motion chevy camaro car models

Camaro Highway Patrol

amt 30th anniversary camaro model

30th Anniversary Camaro

amt firebird formula car models

Pontiac Firebird Formula

amt indy pace car camaro

Camaro Indy Pace Car

monogram camaro indy pace car model

Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car


monogram transam pontiac firebird car models

Pontiac Trans Am


Third Generation - 1982 - 1992


amt 1983 z28 camaro

Camaro Z28

revell formula firebird model cars

Pontiac Formula Firebird

trans-am gta

Firebird Trans Am GTA

mpc chevy camaro indy pace car

Chevy Camaro Convertible

monogram firebird formula model car

Firebird Formula

amt firebird gta model car

Firebird GTA

revell formula firebird model cars

Pontiac Formula Firebird

revell rs  camaro model

Camaro Z28


Second Generation - 1970 - 1981


mpc firebird 1977 convertible car model

Pontiac Firebird T/A

revell firebird ta model

Pontiac Firebird

revell bandit pontiac firebird transam model cars

Bandit Firebird Transam

mpc turbo firebird model

Firebird T/A

amt cheverra camaro

Cheverra Camaro

fujimi 70 camaro z28 car model car

Chevy Camaro Z28

amt camaro z28 slot car model

Camaro Z28

mpc knight rider kitt transam car model

Knight Rider KITT

mpc custom firebird car model

Pontiac Firebird TA

amt 70 camaro z28 car by round 2

Chevy Camaro Z28

amt turbo firebird car model

Blackbird Firebird

amt baldwin motion camaro car model

Baldwin Motion Camaro

testors camaro transam set

Camaro / Firebird Set

pontiac transam  model car

Pontiac TransAm

diecast chevy camaro model

Camaro SS Custom

bumblebee chevy camaro model

Bumblebee Camaro

mpc transam firebird car  models

Firebird TransAm

revell firebird transam model car

Firebird Street Machine

mpc transam 10th anniversary car  models

Pontiac Trans Am

monogram warbird firebird model car

Firebird Trans Am


First Generation - 1967 - 1969


revell yenko camaro model

Yenko Camaro

revell 1967 nickey camaro model

Nickey Chevrolet Camaro

revell baldwin motion 427 camaro model

Baldwin Motion Camaro

1968 z28 camaro

Camaro Z28

revell chip foose firebird model cars

Chip Foose Pontiac Firebird

revell zl1 camaro model cars

Chevy ZL1 Camaro

revell 1969 chevy camaro car models

Camaro Z28 RS

revell 1969 chevy camaro car models

Chevy Camaro Convertible

diecast indy pace car camaro model

Camaro Pace Car

revell 2013 camaro zl1 model

Pontiac Firebird TA

amt firebird gta turbo model

Camaro Pace Car

mpc chevy camaro ss convertible car models

Chevy Camaro SS Convertible

monogram street camaro model

White Lightning Firebird

monogram chevy camaro model

Baldwin Motion Camaro

revell rs  camaro model

Camaro Z28 RS

monogram street camaro model

Street Camaro


revell yenko camaro model

Yenko Camaro

camaro sign

Camaro Sign

camaro sign

Camaro Sign

mat irvine car modelling

Scale Car Modelling

scale model life magazine volume 10

Scale Model Life
Volume 10

bill coulter the sizzlin 60's decade of cars by scale book

The Sizzlin' '60s Models

















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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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