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Rocketfin Hobbies Scale Model Kit Blog and News

MPC Model Kits - Coming Back Big

When I think of MPC models, I think of all those car kits that used to have all the weird and unusual features. The artwork on boxes showed the cars loaded with IMSA type panels, engine blowers, funky hood scoops and rear wings, side pipes, racing parts, dual engine options, and of course, who can forget the wild paint schemes and stripes for the decals.

I used to get most of those kits from a KMart close by in the 1980s and 1990s. The shelf was always chocked full of those kits, and they were hard to pass up.

Lately, Round2 has been bringing back some of those past kits. The outlandish and wild looking ones. The ones that most likely won't be built stock (if they can be built stock at all). I think it's about time for these models. The Monzas, Mustang IIs, the Pintos and Novas. It's time to put away the factory stock builds and step up with some imagination!

I hope Round2 keeps digging out these old molds and releasing them soon. I'm looking forward to them. The Pinto one for sure. That kit (or at least, the original one I have, from 1978) features a V8 engine option, and some custom parts. The old decals are not so good in the box, they are quite yellowish, but with a reissue, I can use the new 1970s stripes and really go retro! Should be fun!

What MPC kit would you like to see?


mpc model kits


Moebius Models Krypto Dog Kit - Superman

This is a neat little kit by Moebius Models. Featuring Krypto - Superman's pal from the comic books. As you may already know, Krypto guards the Fortress of Solitude while Superman's off doing his super hero thing.

The kit only has two parts, one for the body and one for the head. And a red cape of course. The box says he's 5 inches tall, and that's with the head popped on. But it's still a very good likeness, with great surface detail. Yes', it's a vinyl kit. But don't let that stop you. If you never built a vinyl model before, this would be a good kit to use as your first build of one. It's molded in white. The red cape is REAL CLOTH, with the family crest (silk screened?) on it in gold. If you don't paint the kit you can have it together in a minute. Otherwise, you can primer the figure, paint it white, and use some red and gold for the collar (and black for the eyes).

If you're a dog lover, you'll enjoy this kit. Of course, he could be any dog of any color, depending on how you paint him. If he looks like your Black Lab - paint him black!


moebius models krypto the dog model kit superman


Lindberg Plastic Model Kits - Made in America


There was a time when almost all the larger model companies made their models here in the U.S.A. Those days are gone for the most part, but there are still some that are made right here locally. One of the largest is Lindberg models. Founded around 1933, and now owned by Round2, Lindberg kits are made in Michigan.

I know what you might be thinking. You're thinking hey, Lindberg has those old kits that are really old, and difficult to build. While that may be true compared to modern technology today, Lindberg does make newer kits that are exceptional, and are just as good as any other company. The Dodge 330 Super Stocks are a good example. Their 1953 Ford, available in a hardtop or convertible is a modern kit, and their 1966 Chevelle builds into a very nice example of the popular Chevy. The Lindberg 1964 Belvedere is a nice kit as well as their Dodge Charger Super Bees. Besides, ALL the model companies have old toolings. Revell, AMT, MPC, even companies like Tamiya and Hasegawa (remember all those Japanese motorized kits from the past?).

When it comes to big scale Hot Rod models, few can compare with the stable of kits under the Lindberg name. The Bull Horn, Bobtail T, Big Red Hot Rod. They OWN the big scale Hot Rod model market for good reason. Sure there are a lot of classic kits in their portfolio, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Sometimes you just want a simple kit to build without getting bogged down with 800 parts or $ 200.00 worth of photoetch and aftermarket accessories.

When you choose a kit, especially a car kit, explore the Lindberg line of models. You know it was made right here in America, and there's some really popular examples I'm sure you will enjoy building. If it's an American car subject, what better place for the kit to come from than the Motor City, Detroit?

P.S. By the way, HAWK models are also made in the U.S.A.


Scale Model Beach Surf Boards 1/25 - 1/24

If you're looking for some surf boards for your latest car or truck build, check these out. They are just right, and very inexpensive. They come already prdecorated, but they're plastic, and you can primer and repaint them easily. I bought the 12 pack, but they are available in larger quantities - probably enough for a lifetime of building beach buggies. Hit the waves and add some cool surf boards to your ride!


1/24 - 1/25 scale surf boards for models


Aurora Plastic Model Kits

Depending on your age, you may or may not know Aurora model kits. They were around in the 1960's and 1970's, and then, unfortunately, went out of business. But they made a valliant effort. They made many different kinds of models, of almost any subject, that will never be seen again.

Throughout my model life, I've heard many stories about the molds they used to make the models with, and what might have been their fate. Ultimately that they disappeared. Some say it happened in a train wreck. Some say they sank on a cargo ship. And some say they probably ended up as scrap, and were melted down. It seemed no one truly knows for sure. But the truth is, many Aurora kits are still among us. They get reissued all the time. But under different model brands. Model business' that bought the Aurora molds, and now reissue those kits under their own logo and name.

What brought this to my attention is a model I haven't seen in many years. Indeed, I don't think I've seen one since I built th kit in the 1970s (as a teenager). Back then, I used to belong to a model club (Aurora) and I used to get models in the mail. One of the models was the Russian Aircraft Missile Ship the "Moscow". It scales at 1/600, but I don't remember it being that small. It seemed a good size to me when I was young. I do remember the landing deck, and the doors could open to house the various helicopters. This was one of many kits. I also remember a Viking ship (Molded in orange!), which has recenlty been reissued by Atlantis models (though, it could be a Revell mold, since Revell ended up with most of the old Aurora molds). I remember a Braniff 747 (molded in bright orange!). Another great kit was the Boeing Tucumcari Hydrofoil. If that was reissued, I'd buy that kit in a heartbeat. Recently Atlantis models tried a campaign to reissue the Aurora Sealab II, but the public just couldn't come up with enough funds to cover the cost of restoring the nearly 50 year mold to reissue the kit. There were other kits I received over time. I remember some ship models (maybe a USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier?). After a while the kits stopped, and that's because either my mother canceled them, or Aurora went out of business (timeline wise, it was probably the latter).

I still built many Aurora kits that I bought (or my mother bought) at the stores, like K-Mart and S.S. Kresge. Some of the models were the Seaview, the Flying Sub (now owned by Revell), the Moonbus, and some others. It's been a lot of years since then, I really don't remember them all. The thing is, many Aurora kits still get out, but there are some that have never been reissued since the demise of the company. Maybe the molds don't exist, or the model companies don't think there's enough demand. It's hard to say.

Just as a note, some later model companies made fresh molds of Aurora subjects. The Moebius Moonbus is a good example. They issued the model (with a few improvements), but it was not made from an original Aurora mold. That's ok, I can live with that. I'm just glad they made the kit so modelers could build one, especially since an original Aurora model would be worth hundreds of dollars. I'm all for doing this if it brings back an old kit I can do again.

If you were lucky enough to build some Aurora kits, and the right age, you should feel lucky. Those were some great kits for their time, and they did subjects no model company will touch today. It was a great time for modeling!


aurora russian moscow ship model


Rocketfin on Pinterest - Model Picture Galleries

If you've got some free time this weekend, you may want to browse some model galleries on the Rocketfin Pinterest boards. I like to look at model images to get some ideas, or maybe some insight into an unusual project that might be good to try. I build models of anything, so it could be a car one day, a scifi one the next, and maybe something from Warhammer.

The boards have thousands of model pictures, or related modeling subjects. I have a few boards I like to use for reference, such as cars and planes, or for dioramas. (pictures of old 1950s and 1960s places, like gas stations). Well actually, just about every board is reference in some way for me. I got on board with Pinterest at the beginning, so it's grown into a monster with over 82,000 followers. But it's been fun to just look at other modeing boards, and pin a few pictures I like into my boards. You can never have enough modeling projects, right? If only we could live long enough to build them all. LOL Or at least, build all the ideas in my head.

Anyways, take a look, follow some of the boards if you like some of them, and enjoy. See ya there!


rocketfin pinterest models


Scale Model News and What's Going On

I've been working on a few projects. Some of them for the next issue of Scale Model Life. But some I'm building just for me, so they won't be in a book, and I can fiddle around with them as time permits. Before we get started though, here's some links to a few Model Show Events -


I've recently added a few new images for the garage a built a few months ago. These images were taken outside, and the colors show up much better. See what you think - click here.


custom scale model garage


I've been building on the Round 2 / Polar Lights USS Enterprise for a while, but I want to get more done hopefully soon. I started primering some of the parts, in prep for paint. The kit is molded in a light blue, but I'm going to paint it white (to look more like it does on TV). I've already painted the bridge, which is about the size of a US quarter. Nothing is really glued together yet. The windows are installed from inside, so I'm not sure how the seams will be. I may have to paint the entire kit, install the windows, and then just live with the seams if there are any. I can't imagine masking off all those tiny windows. My eyesight isn't that good. LOL

This is the 3-foot version kit. It includes a lot of extra parts, and it seems daunting in the box, but some of the parts won't be used (they are in the box to build different versions of the ship over the series lifetime), and when you break it down to what WILL be used, there's not that many parts. So far it's working out well, I've no doubt that it will be a fun build. (if not a huge one!). I'm not adding lights to this one, simply because of the expense. If all goes well though, I may buy another kit and light that one later, I haven't decided yet.


enterprise bridge star trek


Airfix Visible Engine Model Kit

Airfix has made a short video of their Internal Combustion Engine kit. It's a four cylinder model, and looks much like a Ford 2.0L / 2.3L. It has clear molded parts like Revells ever popular V8 model. It also uses a battery operated electric motor to turn the engine over once it's assembled.

With over 100 parts, I find that it would be educational, or might just be fun to modify in some way to make it even more realistic. Either way, the video is a quick overview of what it looks like when built.


airfix visible engine four cyclinder


Scale Model Life Magazine Volume 6 Is Out

Scale Model Life Magazine, issue six, is now out. This one focuses on Sci-Fi & Space related model projects.

Some of the models covered are the Moebius Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper, AMT's classic Star Trek D7 Battle Cruiser, a scratch built Mars Rover, MPC's Space 1999 Eagle One with Lab Pod, and Game Workshops' Imperial Guard Valkyrie. There's even an Aurora Orbital Interceptor and Dragon Model's Star Lord figure too. Of course there's plenty of tips and ideas for building models of the SciFi genre.

I had fun with this book, and built a few kits I've been itching to do for quite some time. Especially the Aurora kit, which is one I built as a kid, but is very rare today. The same thing can be said for the AMT D7, which I probably built 4 or 5 as a kid. The ship has such classic lines, but it's very unique, and has become an iconic ship of Scifi history. It did take a lot of sanding and putty to get it smooth, but I'm happy with the way it came out. It's definately the best one ever as far as the ones I've built in my lifetime.

So grab this all new issue and catch up on some modeling for the outer reaches of space!


scale model life magazine volume six


Scale Model Events 2016 Are Off To a Good Start

Nothing gets some new ideas in your head more than seeing what other modelers are working on. And the best way to do that is to check out some pictures from local model shows.

With the worst of winter weather behind us (hopefully), and Spring in the air, with Summer soon to be on the horizon, there should be more model shows and events to catch in the next few months. But for now, we have a few great shows here to see:



model diorama from model shows


Mythbuster's Adam Savage - Modeler at Heart

I thought some of you might like to watch this video I came across. We all know what the Mythbusters are on TV. But this is a vid by Adam Savage, who is at heart, a modeler like us.

It's not surprising, since he cut his teeth working at ILM, and building models and props. Or that he teamed up with Jamie and used their own company to do Special FX for TV, movies and commercials.

But at the end of the day, Adam likes to make stuff for himself. Not only fabricating what he has in his head, such as a model or prop idea, but to also build an actual model kit that might have come in a box. Just like we would.

He's no stranger to resin, casting, making molds. That is of course, part of his profession on a daily basis. But it's fun to watch him get as excited as we do about a new model, and the assembly of the kit, as well as painting it.

He has quite the shop too, and I see us all wishing we had a shop like that to literally make anything. What I like about Adam speaking is when he talks about resin, or mold making, he seriously knows what he's talking about. If you're not familiar (I suspect most SCIFI model fans already know) they mention Industria Mechanika. That company make some great resin products that are unique, and you can check out their site here.

So take a peek at the video, it's a lot of fun.


adam savage builds models


Scale Model Life Magazine - Pickup Trucks Issue

The new issue of Scale Model Life has hit the stands. This issue covers pickup trucks kits.

Although I knew this issue would be car modeling as far as the subjects, it just sort of morphed into being an all truck issue on it's own. But don't worry, I have plenty of car models left to build, and some new ones coming out I hope to have time to review in future issues.

In this Volume 5 issue I cover the Moebius 1970's Ford Ranger pickup truck. This is a great kit, and one that can be built so many ways. It's hard not to just buy a case of them and start building. There are two in this issue. The other truck models are an AMT 2003 Ford F150 Extra Cab, the Testors Chevy (Van Halen) Boyd Hauler, the Revell '55 Ford F100 street machine, and the AMT Dodge Deora, as well as AMT's Ford Lightning. Of course, there are some tips and ideas along the way.

With this all new issue #5, and it was for the most part, a fun magazine to write, I was finally able to assemble some kits I've had for years, some that you don't see built to often. I planned on having some cars too, but the truck kits were just screamin' to be built. So if you like trucks - this is definitely the issue for you! I hope you enjoy it.


scalem odel life pickup trucks


Original TOS Star Trek USS Enterprise Model

If you have a model of Star Trek's orginal USS Enterprise, you might find these images online interesting.

Round2 through AMT and Polar Lights have made several kits of the Enterprise over the years. AMT has since the 1960s. Chances are you have at least one in your model stash. From the smaller 1/2500 scale to the huge kit released in 2014, the 1/350 Polar Lights Enterprise.

The model itself, which was donated to the Smithsonian Museum, has been restored several times since it first arrived there. It's been on display most of the time in between restorations. The restoring process has made changes to the model, some that are popular, some not. Essentually this is a large scale model made by a TV studio, and it was never meant to last very long, or look that great over time. It's really just a bunch of wood glued together and a few bolts holding it all attached. In the end, the idea is to keep as much of the original model as possible. But only time will tell how much of that is possible. I don't know if I would use it as a reference since it's been painted over the original paint a long time ago. Production stills from the studio are probably your best bet there.

Nonetheless, you might enjoy some images of the model, and you can CLICK HERE for those. Also check out the Smithsonian's website for even more images and information. The ship should be back on display soon if you're going to visit the musem.


star trek enterprise model


Model 1/25 Scale Garage Shop Diorama

I've been poking around with this garage diorama idea. It's almost done, but if you want to check it out, CLICK HERE. I've got some images up that I took along they way, and some text talking about it. It might interest you if you build cars and trucks.

Once I am done I'll post some better shots of it. Not everythng inside is glued down yet, and I have a few more ideas in my head, but eventually it should be done (are dioramas ever really done?). I had a blast building it, and it was one of those things that just happened on it's own. 80% of it was built in 2 days on a weekend. The rest I just tinkered on as I added more details.

It's part garage, shop, and old gas station.


scale model garage shop diorama


Airfix Models Kickstarter Program a Success

Since sometime last year, Airfix has been using Kickstarter to give modelers a chance to see reissued kits. It's been hit or miss, many of the kits are older molds, but haven't been reissued in many decades. But that doesn't always make them a winner, or a kit people desire again.

The kits range from figures, animals, aircraft, cars and others. A wide range of model subjects. The plus side is it let's the modelers. like you or me, indicate the choices of kits we'd like to see, and some we don't.

This means Airfix gets a chance of releasing a model kit that modelers really want, rather than guessing, and throwing a dart at a dart board and hoping the model kit sells and modelers really buy it. It's a win for Airfix and for modelers.

A couple of other model companies have tried doing this with Kickstarter, and some others have been thinking about using it. But now Airfix had truly had a successful campaign, and that's a very good thing for the modeling hobby. I commend Airfix for sticking with it and for keeping on trying till they hit upon a kit that meets the criteria for sales. I hope this encourages other model companies to stick with it and keep trying. This will become part of the future for model kits.

The model kit that hit the mark is the Airfix 1968 1:72 Beagle Basset kit. While I don't build many airplanes myself, it looks like an interesting model. So if you want one, there still might be time to order, GO TO THIS LINK. Bookmark their pages because they will offer other models in the coming year for possible production and to be reissued. But you have to keep up with them, they're on a roll.

Once again, congratulations Airfix on a successful Kicktarter program!


airfix beagle basset model plane

Thinking of Model Kit Re-issues and Maybe Some New Ones

Going in to the next year, I'm thinking this might be the time to kick out some re-issues, and maybe make some new kits.

What would I like to see?

The AMT 1/16 1955 Chevy Hardtop - While I'm not so much a Chevy fan, I've always wanted to build this kit. I like the 1955-1956 cars, and I always thought building a big scale version would allow me to do more details. Sorry no, I don't want the Nomad, or a convertible. or the '57 Chevy.

Revell Lotus Esprit - Since Fujimi is releasing the James Bond submarine version, Revell (Monogram) should reissue their stock Lotus. I missed getting one when they came out years ago, and I've never built one.

AMT Black Force Slammer - I would like to see AMT alter this kit with an open hood and an engine. Any engine, from a Flathead to a V12. And add a complete interior. The body and the wheels are already perfect. There must be some way to reuse them.

Testors Chezoom - This is a good kit, the full detail one. The kits were known to be made from a brittle plastic, and the bodies usually had broken A-pillars because the boxes were to small that Testors packed them in. But if they change those two things, this kit should be reissued.

Revell (Monogram) 1966 Malibu SS - with the flip nose. I built many of those in my youth, and they're a great kit.

MPC Six Million Dollar Man - reissue the one kit where he's kicking down the wall. The Bionic Woman repair kit would also be a good companion model to make a pair. Maybe throw some new box art on both kits.

Revell - reissue the Tom Daniel Badman, with the clear red windows. I need more of them LOL

AMT needs to reissue their W100 Dodge Trucks. Unless it was modified to make the monster truck version, and then I can see why they won't do it. Its probably to expensive to change back to stock. But, it could be a good time to retool an all new W and D100 truck model. I vote for the Power Wagon version (similar to the one on Simon & Simon, only stock). And if AMT /MPC can't do it, maybe Moebius Models can do one as a companion kit to their 1970's Ford Ranger.

If there was any way, and the tooling still exists, I'd like to see the model of the Boeing Tucumcari Hydrofoil. I had one as a kid, and it's a very unique boat model. The foils can be positioned up or down. Very cool.

Revell / Monogram - I'd like to see the Poison Pinto come out again. Also, does the Tom Daniel Mean Maverick tooling still exist? I'd like to build one of those. Maybe mold it in bright orange for kids.

Revell - reissue those great 1970s big scale Trikes. Revell - reissue your big scale 1965-1966 Shelby Ford Mustang kit.

Reissues are great, but there's still a few new kits we need (or I want!).

  • 1. 1/25 scale Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie car. I'm sure with modern molding we can do much better than the impossible to find Aurora kit.
  • 2. Nemo Nautilus from the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues. It would have to have a detailed wheelhouse. I would leave space inside for Nemo's room, though not mold parts to fill it up (that would be too expensive, besides, it would be to dark to see anything in there). I would allow for an opening for modelers to detail out on their own if they wish, and an option for an open or closed iris for the window. Some replicas show two view windows, but I think in the movie, Nemo's room only has one? The kit would have to run around $ 100.00 to $ 200.00 per kit in order to make it big enough to be a kit modelers want to build. On that note, I have built the Pegasus Nautilus which is a great kit, but I wish it was much larger, and in the end, it's not the Disney version.
  • 3. I would like to see Fujimi alter their Ford Pantera kits to have an engine. Or a model company can make an all new kit of the car.

There are probably dozens of kits I forgot, these are just off the top of my head. But the future will tell.


disney nautilus


Scale Model Hobby News - Revell, Moebius, Round2 and More

With the new 2016 year approaching, it seems we have an interesting outlook on new kits in the future. You probably loaded up on model kits for the Holidays, and you may need a breather in your budget, but plan on saving some more coins, because the model companies are coming out of the gates strong.

If you're a science fiction Scifi fan, this is the best time to build those model subjects. The Star Wars model kit market has exploded. Dozens of new Star Wars kits have come out in the last few months, from Bandai, Revell, and soon to be, Dragon Models. Dragon will be releasing several new kits in the months (year) to come. But their biggest news is that the AT-AT kit will be 1/35 scale. This is important because there are THOUSANDS of military accessories, figures, and models in that scale, and these can be combined with the kit to make a hundred different scenarios as far as a diorama. If you thought you might want to collect every Star Wars model there is, you've got your work cut out for you. I've built many of the older AMT Star Wars kits, and I have a couple of X-Wings from Fine Molds and Revell, but I haven't built them yet, so I can't attest to their buildability (is that a word?). The Fine Molds kits are very detailed by looking at the sprues. My only bother with the Revell kits is that they are all snap models, and in my view, lack a bit of detail. But if they get kids into modeling, I'm all for it.

I might as well give a shout out to Moebius Models, as they'll be producing a 1:32 scale kit of the Proteus from Fantastic Voyage. It's a model kit folks have wanted for decades. Lunar Models made a resin one back in the 1990s, and I think a few larger resin kits of the submarine came around as well, but this kit should be more affordable, so we can all enjoy the model and get our hands on one. The Moebius Models example has an interior, and that's a serious plus for this kit. Sadly, it doesn't include any figures. But being 1/32 scale, there are some options. Even if you modify some 1:35 scale figures to get by. The original film starred Raquel Welch. Now that's a figure I need to add to this model!

The Round2 Space 1999 Eagle should be out any day now. I suspect Round2 will run out of kits in the U.S. on their first run. There's going to be a long line for them. It's another kit that's been on Scifi fans hot list for a long time. It's not 44" (rather, it's half that, 22"), but that's ok. It's more affordable, and will be easier to find a place for in the hobby room / office. Hopefully. Either way, I'm looking forward to building one myself (at least one ... maybe more).

Atlantis models has two kits coming out in 2016. One a small UFO model in keeping with their other kits. This one depicting a Monument Valley saucer, so to speak. Since you don't have to pay royalties to Alien Overlords and their UFOs, Atlantis can prtty much make as many of the small cool kits as they want to. Another fun kit coming out is their Flash Gordon figure kit, with a smaller Martian. This is an old Aurora model that hasn't seen the light of day since the 1960's. I'm looking forward to building one of them, it looks like it would be fun to do.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of Star Trek models. Round2 still hints at a 1:32 Shuttle, but there's no real updates on if they wil or won't release one. I want one myself, so all we can do is hope it will happen. With the 1:350 TOS Enterprise released a few years ago (awesome kit, I have one). And now the Space 1999 Eagle, Round2 has already brought some kits to the market that are popular, and I believe, big sellers. Let's hope they can continue that with a large scale Shuttle (with an interior of course, maybe an engine if they can swing it).

On the car side of things, there are a few kits of interest. Aside from the usual models that are released over and over, there are some gems in an otherwise busy crowd of common kits. Fujimi will be releasing a James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me" Lotus Esprit, the submarine version. While it doesn't look like you could build it stock (if Revell was smart, this would be a good time to reissue their Monogram kit of the stock Lotus for a kit bash), it should be fun to build the sub example.

Round2 always has some reissues, many that have not been out but maybe once, or not in decades. They will be reissuing the 1989 Batman movie kits. The Batmobile is already out, but the Batmissile and Batwing (which is 1:25 scale by the way) will be out later in the year. These are good kits. The Batwings are hard to find, and the prices are a bit high, so it's good to see this one out again. Also coming out will be MPC's Ford Pinto Station Wagon. Personally, I would rather have the fastback / runabout two door models, rather than the wagon, but let's hope they reissue those as well (eventually). I will probably still get the wagon, but it's not my preference.

Mopar builders can rejoice, because Round2 will be releasing the MPC Plymouth Volare'. The version coming out is the "Fuzz Duster" kit, which includes custom parts and the T-Tops. So there will be a lot in the box to build multiple versions, including a Plymouth Road Runner. (special thanks to John Greczula at Round2 for confirming this for me!). It's not so much that Volare's are popular, it's just that the kit hasn't been out in decades, and now many of us can build the kits we did as kids, but much better. I'm looking foward to this one. (I owned a real Dodge SE myself, which is the same body / car). I'm also looking forward to Round2's / AMT Flying Wedge Dragster. I built a couple of those kits when I was a kid in my basement, and that wedge shape is just cool. For years I hoped the kit would come out again, and here it is for 2016. Awesome!

If you're a heavy truck fan, the AMT Aero Chief Fire Truck and Tyrone Malone Papa Truck will make their debuts after many years. The kits have risen in price on the collectors market, hopefully the reissues will be much more affordable. There are dozens of other kits coming out from AMT, MPC, Polar Lights and Lindberg, most kits that have been out recently not to long ago, but the forementioned ones are some highlights.

Revell will be coming out with a few new models, primarily the Foose kits, the Eldorod and the Foose Ford Pickup truck. Revell is usually very secretive about what new products are coming out, so we won't know much until they actually release a flyer or some other information. Personally, I think this is detrimental, as you can't really create a buzz about an upcoming product if no one knows aboaut it. But that's their way. (they make good kits, so there's no problem there).

That's the roundup of the models I know about, and I'm only mentioning some of the more interesting kits. It's too much to list them all (especially from Round2 .. do those guys ever sleep? LOL ). Let's hope there's a few surprise along the way for 2016!


mpc space 1999 eagle round2


Model Hobby News - Kits, Photoetch and Model Shows

I hope everyone had a chance to spend some time with their family this long weekend and for the Holidays. I'm guessing we all put on a few pounds for sure. Of course, doing some hobby shopping is always fun with the down time, but the model companies have a lot to get out the door before 2016 rolls around.

Let's start today with some news. Miniart and TrackLink are having an online model contest. The contest runs from 1st December 2015 through to 31st March 2016. The entererd mdel must be a Miniart kit, but that shouldn't be an issue. They make kits of figures, diorama subjects, trucks, tanks, motorcycles, electric Trams, Jeeps, and more. You get 4 months till the deadline, plenty of time to come up with something interesting.

If you want to voice your opinion about some of the next models from Round2, now's your chance. Jump over to their online Survey and let them know. I'm not sure how long it will stay active, so the sooner the better. This will support them and help them decide what to do in the future, so give them a hand and do the Survey.

The Model Car Garage has just released some new photo-etch detail sheets. Including sheets for the MENG F350 SD, the Moebius Chrysler 300, and the Revell Oldsmobile 442 (with the Linda Vaghn figure, but works on previous issues as well). They also now make a sheet for the Moebius F100. Note that the MENG F350 set includes markings to make a Harley Davidson Edition version of the truck. The side emblems also include F250 and F350 badges. The Moebius pickup truck badges allow you to make an F100, F250, or F350 (though, an F250 / F350 would have a Dana 60 rear end, if you want to replace the Moebius 9-inch rear). It also includes the badges for the Ranger, Custom, Sport Custom, Camper Special, and XLT versions. These should work as well on the AMT 1970's Ford trucks.

To round out this morning, how about some model contests images? Maybe you'll see some inspiration for your 2016 model building projects!


revell 2016 models 1st quater


Revell 2016 Model Kits 1st Quarter

Revell releases 2016 model kit lineup for 1st quarter

Revell has released some news about the coming model kits for 2016, in the first quarter. So far the printed / PDF flyer only mentions car kits, but I expect there will be others as we get closer to January, 2016. Revell USA is traditionally heavy on car subjects, while Revell Germany releases a lot of military and other varied subjects as models.

  • 2017 Ford GT - This will be an all new mold. It's marked as a Snap-Tite kit, but that shouldn't be a problem. Many of Revell's newer car kits are made that way, but still include an opening hood and an engine. Many are prepainted, which save a little money right there for young builders. Adults can primer and paint them like any other kit if they wish to.
  • 2013 FOOSE Dodge Challenger SRT8 - This should be like Revell's previous issues of this car, but with FOOSE wheels and new decals. Possibly some minor cosmetic changes or parts. The flyer mentions that it will be pre-painted. (like some of their other more current kits).
  • 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray - Revell just issued a similar kit of this car last month, so I believe this may be similar. This version will have FOOSE wheels, and possibly new decals and minor cosmetic changes or parts. The flyer mentions that it will be pre-painted.
  • 1966 Chevy Fleetside Pickup - This should be a welcome model kit for truck and Chevy builders. The styleside kit has been out for a while, they're easy to get, but it's been a few years since the fleetside kit has been available. I imagine this kit will be unchanged, except for new decals.
  • 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1 - I think this will be similar to Revell's previous Camaro kits, possibly the police package version. It looks like it will include new wheels, new decals, and an "outlaw" style hood. (the wheels look hideous to me though).
  • 2014 Ford Mustang - I think this will be similar to Revells previous Mustang kits. Like the Camaro, it appears to get new wheels, new decals, and an "Outlaw" style hood as well. The hoods make sense, since there are a lot of resin cast cowl hoods out there, and now, with the hood included in the kit, it's one less part to buy aftermarket.
  • Porsche 918 Spyder - I'm sure this is based off the current Revell German 918 kit. Basically, a stock relica kit.
  • 1967 Chevy Camaro - This is a reissue, but with new decals maybe, new wheels, and possibly a new hood. It's to replicate the famous Nickey Chevrolet dealer built musclecars from the 1960's.
  • Lacrosse Missile and Truck - This is an old Renwal kit. Revell has reissued several Renwal military kits over the recent years, and I guess they're selling well, as they keep on re-issuing different ones each year. Some that haven't been available since the 1960's. This one is a 1/32 scale kit.

Revell Germany planned model kits for 2016

Revell Germany has also released news of their upcoming kits for early 2016 in the first quarter. As usual, the kits are heavy on military subjects (which are popular in Europe). But there are a few cars, and I'll list those first:

  • Porsche Boxter - I believe this is based off a previous issue. This one is a cabrio version.
  • Ferrari F40 - It's a 1/32 scale kit. It's hard to say how popular it will be.
  • Volkswagen Samba Bus / Van - This is a reissue, but it now includes decals for Lufthansa.
  • Citroen 2CV - I think this is a reissue, with new decals.
  • Ferrari 250 SWB - a reissue, in 1/24 scale. I think this was previously an Italeri kit, which means it should be a pretty good car model.
  • VW Bug - 1:35 scale, with military style parts.
  • LSM "Eidechse" - a model ship.
  • U-Boat Submarine Type XXII - this kit is in 1:144 scale.
  • Russian Typhoon Class Submarine - this is a reissue of the submarine from the movie "Red October". It's 1:400 scale.
  • EC 135 Swiss Air Glacier Rescue Helicopter - this kit is in 1:72 scale.
  • Bell UH-1D - helicopter model in 1:100 scale.
  • Boeing Triple-Seven 777-300ER - this aircraft comes to us in 1:144 scale with Boeing decals.
  • Glider Plane - I think this is a reissue. This one is in 1:32 scale.
  • Spitfire Mk II - a reissue of the 1:48 kit.
  • Stearman "Cadet" - this should be a reissue, with military training decals.
  • Corsair F4U4 - a reissued kit in 1:72 scale
  • De DeHavilland "Twin Otter" - aircraft kit, in 1:72 scale. I'm not sure if this is a reissue or not. The markings (decals) appear to be Swiss.
  • Soviet SS-25 "TOPOL" - military missile carrier / launcher. This is produced in 1:72 scale. I think it was previously a Zvezda kit
  • Rissian T34/85 Tank - another military kit, coming in at 1:72 scale.
  • Opel LKW 1.5 Ton Military Truck - a 1:35 scale model. Possibly a previous ICM kit?
  • Mi-28 "Havoc" Helicopter - this one is in 1:72 scale.
  • MV-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor - in 1:72 scale. Possibly includes decal markings for both the Navy and Marines.
  • Roland C.II "Walfisch" - a biplane kit. This is made with (or from) an Eduard mold.
  • Heinkel He 70 - This kit will be 1:72 scale. I think this is an all new mold, to depict one of Germany's "Secret Weapons" from WWII (that probably never saw production).
  • Polikarpov I-153 - another biplane, in 1"72 scale.
  • C-45 Twin Engine - Possibly a previous ICM kit. It will probably have new decals at least. The kit is 1:48 scale.
  • USS Dallas - submarine model, in 1:400 scale. It's the same scale as the Red October Typhoon kit.

Like many other model companies, some of the kits that come out are originally produced by other brands. Model companies of today like to share and use each others molds, and I think this is a smart thing to do. Why re-invent the wheel? Most of it has to do with distribution. Making and packaging a kit in a certain area of the world can bring the price down locally, and that's a good thing for modelers. Revell is extremely well known, but they halso have a vast distributor network world wide. I wish more model companies would share molds and products. Not that it's new, model companies did this back in the 1960's and '70's. But it seems more common today, and it sure helps with lower prices.

So that's the new model kits coming out for 2016 so far from Revell. Nothing really grabs me as far as what I would build (maybe tbe 250 SWB, or the Outlaw Mustang), but nothing spectacular. Of course, there are 100 other model companies that will have more kits in 2016, so we can all expect another great year of fresh kits and new model subjects from all of them. And this is only the first quarter for Revell. They have 3 other quarters of the year to surprise us with new kits!


revell 2016 models 1st quater


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