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Rocketfin Hobbies Scale Model Kit Blog and News : Model Shows

Scale Model Shows and Events

Scale Model Shows and Events.

There have been quite a few model shows and events lately. Including some big NNL Shows. That means there's probably 1000+ images to browse. Quite a few!

Might need two cups of coffee to look through them. :-)

So kickback and enjoy. Hopefully there will be some inspirations for your next model project.

Scale Model Shows and Events Catch-up 2017

Recent Scale Model Shows

Time to add some model shows and events. From NNLs to IPMS, there's some ideas for everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend with these great pictures and models.


Scale Model News and Model Show Updates

All New Scale Model Contest Pictures for 2016

Scale Model News, Updates, and Information 2016

Scale Model News and Updates

A few things going on. I'll start by mentioning the next issue of Scale Model Life should be done soon. Summer is over and I have more time in my schedule to build and put it all together for publishing. As I mentioned previously, this next issue will have cars in it. I think readers will enjoy the subjects (it has a kind of retro vibe to it).

With the first of September just past, it's the fourth quarter of the year for model companies to make their last dash of new kits coming out. Some of them we've waited for almost a year since they were announced. You can see all of Revell's new kits by following this link to their PDF flyer. Round2 mentions most of their upcoming kits on the site here.

Of course there are many more kits coming out, from cars to spaceships, but the online information isn't quite as evident and easy to find. I try to keep up to date with most of them, and I keep the Rocketfin site current as possible on new models coming out. So if you visit your favorite categories / pages here, you will see the new kits mentioned as usual near the top of the pages.

I recently, after more than a year, finished my Italeri PT Boat model. Follow this link to see pictures of that kit. It's a very good kit. I don't build boats often, they're not my expertise, so I took my time building it.

My next long term project is a Moebius Seaview kit, from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. You can see my beginning progress by following the link here. This kit is the very first version released a few years back.

I also want to mention here two models shows loaded with images to spark your imagination. Grab some more coffee and enjoy!

PS. Ever looked at graphics for polished fingernails in that section of the store? You know, the woman's section? I'm pretty sure that's where the flower design below on the model came from. I only say that because I have a set of them, but never figured out how to fit them into a model car subject's design. But I'd say the builder did a great job of putting them to good use here. Check those decals out the next time you're in the store!


custom station wagon models


fingernail rose decals


IPMS, NNL, Scale Model Shows & Events

Ready to kick back today and enjoy some model shows?

I've got several here to give you some ideas about your next project. We've all built many models, and sometimes you can get in a slump about the next kit to add to your bench. Maybe some of these kits will spark something in your mind. Either way, they're fun to look at and see what others are building. Enjoy!


gremlin gasser model car


Scale Model Events 2016 Are Off To a Good Start

Nothing gets some new ideas in your head more than seeing what other modelers are working on. And the best way to do that is to check out some pictures from local model shows.

With the worst of winter weather behind us (hopefully), and Spring in the air, with Summer soon to be on the horizon, there should be more model shows and events to catch in the next few months. But for now, we have a few great shows here to see:



model diorama from model shows


2015 Scale Model Contests & Shows

Model Events - and Wonderfest 2015

Time to pop open a can of modesl show images. Especially the ones from Wonderfest. Amazing models! Wish I could have been there. But for those us who missed it, check them out !


scale model shows and events 2015, including Wonderfest


Model Truck Show and other Scale Model Events Mid 2015

Here are a few model shows. If you like big rig truck models, you will definately like the Jabbeke show from Europe. Enjoy!


scale model shows and events 215


2015 NNL Model Shows and Model Contests - May

Time to share some Model Shows. Summer is coming up, and I expect there will be a lot more of them. But so far this year, the events have been pretty strong with entries and visitors. Of course there's nothing like being at one live, especially when you consider the vendors, where you can score hundreds of products that are not sold online. And get some great bargains and deals.

But for those who can't attend, kick back and enjoy some models for inspiration, and a possible project in your future.


model car contest kit


New NNL, IPMS 2015 Scale Model Shows & Events

Who's looking for new model ideas? There's more than a few in these glorious images from some recent model shows.

So kick back and check them out !


more ipms and NNL scale model shows and events


More 2015 Scale Model Shows & Events NNL

Here are some more shows and event links to see some fantastic modelling.

I'm sure you will see many ideas and maybe even something that will spark your next model project ! Enjoy !


NNL scale model shows and events


2015 Scale Model Shows & Events

It's been a while since I've posted some model shows.

But this seems like a good time this morning, to sit down with some coffee and check out some great models and builds from around the world. Enjoy!


scale model shows and events


Hook up with some more Scale Model Event pictures - right here !

Models Shows and Pictures 2012

Some new, and old, model shows pictures. Check them out for new project ideas. Enjoy !


revell monogram ed roth big daddy rat fink ford pickup truck model kit


Model Shows from IPMS to NNL Events 2011

Let's throw up some links to some rcent model shows and events. See an idea or two? You bet !


pt boat model at ipms show


Model Hobby Shows and Events 2011 IMPS - NNLs

International iHobby Expo for 2011, Rosemont-Chicago, Illinois, New Models

The iHobby event has come and gone. As with every annual show, there are many new products to watch out for in the end of 2011 and well into 2012.

While I did not attend the event this year, there are many who did. With modelers like us, we tend to take pictures of our favorite subjects. If you are a car modeler, you may only take pictures of new car models, or if you are into Scifi, you may only take pictures of space ships. That's human nature. It takes a week or so for everyone to get all their new finds online, I hope I have captured the excitement of the show with these web links.

We have more model kits than ever before to build! Enjoy !


iHobby 2011 Model and Toys Show pictures Images from event


Tabletop Cruisers of South Florida Model Show Nationals Event 2011

Today was a great day as I was able to attend the Tabletop Cruisers Model Nationals this weekend, at Pines Ford Mercury Lincoln.

This was their 3rd event at this car dealership. You might think it is a bit unusual, having an event in such a place, but it does work. There is great lighting to view the models, including natural sunlight from large windows. The area is very clean and spacious, better than many luxury hotels. All the staff at this family oriented dealership are very pleasant people and work together with the Club and guests. (they also had some Mustang Cobras / Shelbys and a Ford Raptor handy, perfect for reference photographs!).

Another thing you would see at this event is a car club, the Tabletop Cruisers, working close with another local model club, Flight 19, an IPMS group, one of the oldest in south Florida. These two clubs have done several joint ventures at shows, and it seems to be working. In these times when model shows are a large undertaking in money, time and resources, these two groups work together to make their individual events even better for modelers. I won't say it's perfect, there will always be different philosophies towards building models, but model builders, guests, and the clubs all benefit from the collaboration. Both clubs should be commended.

If you do shows in your area on your own, reach out to other clubs nearby. You might find common ground to make your model future shows even better.

There were some great models at the show, many with some stunning paint jobs. There were several rat rod type cars that just grab me. They are so creative. Overall there were many models I had never seen before (and I have been attending shows in south Florida since around the mid 1980s). It was also great to hook up with some model friends, some I have not seen in years. We all know that is one of the best things about these shows, sharing news and talking models.

I want to mention that there were many supporters of the show: Such as Revell, with raffle models and tools, and who helped with the Make-N-Take. To see 25 excited kids all building models, and having fun doing it, it was a great time for all. Moebius Models jumped in with some great kits for raffle and prizes. Round 2 donated several items for raffle, and provided the club with a John Force slot car set. I want to tell you the kids used that slot car race track ALL DAY LONG. It was such a hit, and it kept them busy away from the show models. Round 2 must make some tough toys, because the slot car track worked flawlessly all day long, with no issues. These kids put that set to the test ! I think some adults will geting some of those for their own kids. What a great toy! RCHobbies, one of our biggest hobby shops locally, and a great supporter of modelers over the many years, also donated many models for the raffle and prizes.

Modelcar Garage was vending and they had several tables full of all the great photoetch parts and more that their company produces. Of course, there were also some local vendors selling models, and there were quite a few deals to be made. I scooped up a Mat & Debbie Hayes TBird, a model I have wanted for a while. Through the raffles tickets, I won a Round 2 / AMT 1968 Shelby Mustang and a Revell hobby knife. All in all, a great day !


tabletop cruisers car club south florida


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