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More New Model Kits for 2016 - Hobby News

More New Model Kits for 2016 - Hobby News

In the last article, I talked about Round2's tidal wave of new kits coming out. But there are nuggets of other kits coming from all sorts of other model companies.

I don't think anyone could afford them all, but at least we have some kits to look forward to.

  • Revell 1/8 1965 Chevy Stingray Corvette - This is a reissue of course, but it's been years since it's been available. Don't confuse this with the smaller 1/12 kit. This 1/8 scale monster will take up all the room on your hobby bench. I believe the engine is a 427 big block. It's been years since I've seen one of these kits, so I'm not sure if there are any custom parts included. Meaning, stock may be the only way to go out of the box. (start sourcing this 1/8 aftermarket parts now!).
  • Revell 1/16 BMW Isetta - I don't remember seeing this kit before, so I think this is an all new tooling. While the Isetta isn't the most popular BMW car, or the most common, it is a unique automobile. The last Isetta was made in 1962, so this is geared towards older builders for sure.
  • Revell Chip Foose Ford Pickup - After last years contest / survey, to choose a model to be made for 2016, the Foose truck was one of the two winners chosen to be kitted. While Monogram / Revell already has a couple of 1950s Ford pickups in their stable, modelers are hoping that the new model will be all new, instead of something based on a previous kit. There's no word yet how Revell will make the truck, so we have a few months to go till we find out (unless they push it back to 2017).
  • Italeri Ford European Van - This van has been out before, but it's been quite a few years. The last time I saw (and built one) was maybe in the early 1990s. And that kit I believe was in an Esci box. On this van, the back door opens, but it flips up (Like a hatchback) instead of opening sideways. The doors also open. It's a short van body, so modelers might be able to come up with some creative things based on that. The van is a curbside model, as the hood does not open, and the engine is more of an insert, similar to many Japanese model car kits. The chassis itself is very basic.
  • IMC 1/24 Ford Firetruck - Continuing their line of early Ford cars and vehicles, IMC will be issuing an all new kit of a 1914 Ford Fire Truck. This looks like a very good offering for an early model Ford. It at least includes a ladder or two, and maybe some other equipment. This was 1914, so even the trucks were very basic. The box shows white tires, which would be accurate as tires didn't become black till later. Early tires used chemicals like zinc oxide to make them wear better, while later tires used carbon black and thus they were black from then on (basically).
  • Moebius 1/25 Mercury Comet - It's been a year or two for this model, but eventually, the Comet will see life. Maybe here in 2016. Moebius is very meticulous and they typically don't release a model until it's perfect. So if the test shots from the molds in China aren't up to their standards, they have the work redone until it's right. Moebius makes some great kits, so the wait is always worth it. They just want to make sure you get your moneys worth, and they always come through in the end.
  • Revell 1/25 Ford Gasser (station wagon) - Revell has added more custom parts to their existing Rio Wagon kit to allow modelers to make it into a drag racing Gasser type car. These types of cars are popular with drag fans, so the kits should sell well. To me personally, I wonder why they added Gasser parts to the wagon kit and not the 2-door '57 Ford kit they have? I think that would be more common than a wagon. But I guess they have their reasons (and it's always possible that the wagon Gasser parts will fit the 2-door model well).
  • Revell Dodge Ramcharger - This kit hasn't been issued since it came in the Bass Boat combo. This time it's coming out by itself. With so few Dodge truck model kits on the market, and being based on the D-series style, I think it will do well. I built one years back as a Park Ranger truck. I remember it being a good model to build with no issues.
  • Revell Fast & Furious Dodge Charger - Dom's Charger from the movies. I'm not sure if this is based on an existing Charger kit, or it's based off their diecast Charger. So we'll have to wait and see. I'm guessing it will at least have an optional hood and blower setup for the engine.
  • Moebius / Model King California Flash Belvedere - Moebius and the Model King continue to release special editions of the Moebius Belvedere kit. And why not? The drag racing versions are popular, and the Belvedere is a great kit. It makes perfect sense. In these editions, optional drag parts are included.
  • Revell1/25 Yenko Chevy Nova - If you're looking to build a big block Nova, this is the kit you want. The Nova kits are a newer release, so the molds are clean and sharp, and made with modern technology. They are great builders.
  • Revell 1958 Chevy Impala - This kit has been out many times over the decades. I think the last packaging sold the model as a low rider. It's still a popular release, and hopefully this time around, it looks like it might include some new wheels (?).
  • Moebius 1961 Pontiac Catalina Stock Car - Old stock cars still sell well as model kits. Moebius and the Model King will be bringing out their Pontiac with optional racing parts. Just in time to make the perfect stock car from the 1960s.
  • MENG 1/24 Hummer H1 - Meng follows up their Ford F350 with an all new kit of the civilian GM Hummer H1. For the most part, the civilian example is similar to the military version, though with a lot less tactical options, and no weapons. MENG designed the kit with a diesel engine, opening hood and opening doors. So there's plenty of room to detail the heck out of this kit. I suspect later on MENG will issue a military version, but that's just a guess. Along with the stock kit, MENG will issue an accessory pack that includes off-road parts, such as a gear basket / light bar for the roof, and an extra bull bar.
  • Revell Foose Eldorod - This was one of the winners for the contest / survey from Revell in 2015. This will be an all new kit (as far as I know). It should be available in late 2016, unless Revell pushes it into 2017. They haven't said much about it this year, so I guess we will see what happens.
  • Aoshima Brian James Trailer Model - Aoshima has been working on an A4 Brian James trailer kit. I suspect it will be released near the end of the year. It's the perfect accessory for any pickup truck and race car combo. It's a modern trailer, so it should be quite popular.
  • Revell Chevy C7 Corvette - Revell will reissue it's C7 racing Corvette kit. While new decals is a certainly, it's possble it might include new parts. There are no details yet to confirm one way or another.
  • Italeri 1/24 Trucks and Trailers - Italeri will be issuing several truck models, including their Renault Berliet 356, the Magirus Deutz Canvas truck, and the Iveco Hi-Way cab over. Their ever popular 3-axle canvas trailer will be in a new box with new decals.
  • Revell Tom Daniel Beer Wagon - Once again, Revell reissues one of it's most popular kits ever, the Tom Daniel Beer Wagon. Easy to build, with extra wooden barrels for the payload, this kit is still fun to build, decades after it's initial release.
  • Revell The Baron Fokker Plane - Just a fun kit that hasn't been relased in decades. No scale is given, but for a character model, it would just be fun to build.
  • Moebius Bane Tumbler - Moebius will reissue it's Batman Tumbler Batmobile model with the military type paint scheme, or at least, the style Bane used on the third movie of the set. I'm guessing it will include weapons, notably the gun / cannon on top, but it will include a Bane figure as well (from some reports I've seen).
  • Moebius 1/24 The Bat plane - From the latest Batman vs. Superman movie, Moebius will be releasing a model of the Bat plane. It's an unusual aircraft. Few details have emererged, and I'm not sure if the model is plastic or a type of hard vinyl. But at 1/24 scale, it should be quite large. And fit right in with the Moebius B vs S Batmobile car model they already make.
  • Revell Mercedes AMG GT - Revell will be releasing a kit of the new Mercedes. I'm not sure if it's an all new mold, or a modified kit from a recent issue.
  • Revell Mclaren 570S - Revell will be releasing a model of the Mclaren 570S super car. Aoshima makes several Mclaren kits already but this 570s should fill a gap and offer even more possibilities for modelers when it comes to Maclarens.
  • Aoshima 1/24 Lamborghini Huracan LP610 - Aoshima should be issuing this all new (basically) kit of the Lamborghini Huracan. This is a full detail kit with an engine and interior. A photoetch set will also be available for it by Aoshima.
  • Italeri Lamborghini Miura - Italeri is on a Lamborghini kick, releasing three kits for 2016. Two are already out, but the last one to hit the shelves will be their Mura model.
  • Zoukei-Mura Super Wings Donier Do335 - Zoukei-Mura will be releasing an all new model of the German Dornier Do335AO Pfeil. Their models are alwys heavily detailed and are museum quality. This new kit is in 1/32 scale.
  • HK Models B17E/F Bomber - HK will be reissing their B17 kit but with updated parts to make the E/F version. At 1/32 scale. this kit is a monster in size, and don't expect to cram this puppy into your model case. (it's 39 inches wide!)
  • Revell Star Trek Enterprise Ships Combo - Revell will be releasing a combo kit with two USS Enterprise ships. One is the 1/600 TOS Enterprise, and the other is the version from the new JJ Abrams "reboot" movies. Personally, I haven't built either kit myself, so I might get one of these just to get both kits at the same time. I'm not sure how or if these will be imported into the U.S. market, as the licensing might be for Europe distribution only. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Dragon Models USA Star Wars Model Kits - Dragon USA still plans on releasing several new Star Wars models. The 1/35 scale AT-AT is highly anticipated, since it's the pefect scale to mix with the (thousands) of available military accessories in the model market. I think the AT-AT is ugly myself, but I'm already stashing some 1/35 goodies to add to a diorama with one. Can't wait !
  • Revell Star Wars Models - Revell will be releasing even more Star Wars kits at the end of 2016. You would think the market has been over flooded, with Revell putting out their own line of kits, plus reboxing Fine Molds kits, plus the many Bandai kits that are everywhere. But don't think that train is stopping anytme soon! I wouldn't be surprised if there were 50 Star Wars models available at the end of the year. (too bad AMT can't get on that wagon - some of their glue kits would be great too). Not that their's anything wrong with this, the more the better. But I think you would need a lifetime to build them all.
  • Moebius Proteus Submarine - Needless to say, this is a model that kit builders have wanted for DECADES. Moebius steps up to the plate with a huge 1/32 scale model that will be out, probably in 2017. Full interior? You bet!! Unfortunately there are no figures (given all the window space to see inside, I think they would be a must), but I expect someone will make them aftermarket. I mean, who doesn't want a figure of Raquel Welch? Moebius kits are usually designed with lighting in mind, so if you plan on adding lighting, it shouldn't be to hard.
  • Atlantis Models Flying Saucer / Believe UFO models - Atlantis Models will be releasing a Flying Saucer model, representative of something from a Pulp magazine from the 1930s. The other UFO kit is based on the saucer seen in the "I Want to Believe" poster (seen in Mulder's office). These models are typically around 5 inches or so across. Good for quick builds on a weekend, or perfect for a diorama. For kids, they're great to hang from the ceiling.
  • Moebius Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman Figure Models - Moebius continues with their Batman themed kits with THREE new figures from the recent movie. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. These will be vinyl kits for much better detail and quality. I'm looking forward to these models myself.
  • Moebius Classic Batman Kits, Joker and Penguin - Moebius has taken a lot of flak for these kits not being out right away. But it's unfounded. If these kits were made in vinyl, they would be much easier to produce. But making them in plastic is much more difficult. On a plastic figure models, there are a lot more seams to typicaly fill too for the modeler. So it takes time. I honestly don't know why model companies make figure kits in plastic anymore in this day and age. If you never built a vinyl or resin figure model, grab an issue of Scale Model Life. It's much easier to build these kits than you think.
  • Moebius Frank Frezetta Death Dealer Figure model - Wow,this should be a great kit. Made from vinyl, I suspect it won't have many parts. But the detail so far is amazing. And this should really pull out all the stops as far as painting it. Who can paint it to match the master himself, Frank Frezetta? I guess we will see.
  • Dencomm Monster Scenes - Dencomm will be releasing two new kits in the Monster Scenes series. The Animial Pit, and the Dungeon. These harken back to the old Aurora days and model kits. I'm not sure of the scale. I want to say, maybe, 1/5?


As you can see, there are a lot of models still to be released in 2016. Some might not make it this year, and squeak by into 2017. But however you look at it, there are a lot of new model kits to grab the money right out of your wallet. Hey, it's a hobby, why not enjoy it? I know there's quite a few here I want and some that are must haves.

So buckle up for the ride campers - new model kits are coming your way!




New Kits From Round2 AMT, MPC, and Polar Lights


A lot of new models are being released soon. We're only about haflway through the year, and it's already looking like there will be plenty of model kits to choose from. Cars, trucks, aircraft, sci-fi models, we have a lot to look forward to. Just to keep you up to date, here are some of the kits I know about so far from Round2. But you can expect many more, since the model companies don't always release any news about a new kit right away. They slowly roll them out during the year.

Round2 is busting at the seams. They've got the gold mine of kits in their stash, and you never know what they will find or which kit will come out next. For the next few months, you can look forward to:

  • Batman Batmissile - a reissue of the car from the first couple of Batman movies. This AMT model makes a good companion model to the Batmobile they recently released from the same movie (the kit is the version with the removable engine, and includes a cardboard display), and the Batwing (which is 1/25 scale also!). The Batmissile has a cardboard display as well.
  • 1/16 scale Chevy Nomad - a reissue, this kit was out a few years ago, but sold out quick. I would rather have the 2-door '55 Chevy myself, but for station wagon fans, the Chevy Nomad by AMT should do the trick.
  • AMC Pacer Wagon - the AMC Pacer X kit was out a couple of years ago, so the wagon / panel version would be a good kit to build and display against the X version. This version has a few custom parts included I believe.
  • Ford / Sunbeam Tiger - the old Get Smart car model from the TV series. This was reissued by AMT under their Blueprinter series in the 1990's, but hasn't been out since then that I know of. The kit includes the parts to make a race car / SCCA type model, so it's really a two in one kit. It's a good kit, but it does make you realize just how small these cars really were.
  • Ford Pinto Panel Wagon - it's been decades since this kit was out in the public. It includes a few custom parts and a V8 engine. Not to mention the pure 1970s decal graphics.
  • Three Stooges Ford Model T - this AMT car kit has been reissued many times over the years in different boxes. But this version looks like it would be even more fun to buld with Stooge decals, and a cardboard display, complete with cardboard Three Stooges figures. I'll probably get one just for the display and Moe, Larry and Curly.
  • 1973 Ford Mustang - another kit that has been reissued many times. It has the Mach I type hood, and I believe a 351 engine. It's always been an issue as far as trying to build it 100% stock, so it's more of a hybrid, with some custm attributes. Though having built a couple, I believe it is better than the Lindberg or MPC kits.
  • Ford Mustang II Trojan Horse Funny Car - another great drag kit from the archives. The 1970s paint job alone (done with decals) should be spectacular. I can't wait to build one.
  • Plymouth Fuzz Duster Volare' / Road Runner - I had a real Volare V8 myself at one time, so I will be getting a couple of these MPC kits for sure. The car has some custom parts, but should build stock if you wanted to. It includes Road Runner decals as well.
  • Dodge A100 "Dodge Fever" - I'm sure this will be based off the Lindberg "Little Red Wagon" kit, but with new decals, and maybe some other surprises from Round2. A lot of people seem to be looking forward to this kit from what I've seen and heard.
  • Belvedere Super Stock Lawman - this kit has been mentioned for what? Five years maybe? But Round2 keeps taking one to display at shows, so I think this is the year it will really become available. It says AMT on the box, but if it's a Lindberg mold, the Belvevderes are plentiful kits to get. But of course, we all want the Lawman decals and drag parts, so the kits should be popular ... once it's really out.
  • Richard Petty Belvedere - an AMT boxed kit. Again, probably a stock / nascar version of a popular car model kit.
  • Squad Rod Nova - a blast from the past. It's been decades since this kit has been out. I love these older MPC kits with their colorful graphics and spoilers and fender flares and all kinds of odd parts. This kit should be packed with extra stuff. Sounds like fun!
  • 1961 Chevy Impala - Boxed as an AMT kit, I'm not sure if this is the Lindberg mold inside? Either way, it should be a popular kit with Chevy and Impala fans.
  • Chevy Camaro "Cheverra" Z28 - While this is a snap kit, and molded in color, I think it has some custom parts and a unique look to it. I imagine it will be an interesting build. I think the decal sheet will have a 1970s vibe to it.
  • 2016 Camaro - there will be two AMT kits of the all new Camaros. Well, actually, three. One glue version will be available molded in white, the other will be molded in "Garnet Red" (like a promo color). The third version is a snap kit. If you like the new Camaros, you'll probably like these. Unlike the previous Camaros that were built in Canada in real life, the 2016 versions are now made in the USA.
  • 1957 Corvette - AMT is reissing it's 1957 Corvette kit, in two versions. One molded in white, the other molded in color (Aqua).
  • Don Prudhomme The Snake Dragster - an MPC kit, this should be a winner with drag racing fans. Personally, models that have the Snake & Mongoose theme are popular with me.
  • Flying Wedge Dragster - there was still a lot of inovation in the early days of drag racing. I remember building a Flying Wedge model as a kid, so this is a must have for me. It hasn't been available since probably the 1970s.
  • Glen Larsin USA-1 Vega Pro Stock - who doesn't like a racing V8 Vega? This is another kit that will be popular with drag racing fans (especially the Chevy guys).
  • Blazing Bison - We all know this is the Meister Brau puller, but you can't use beer advertising on model kits anymore, so it has a different name on the box. No matter, it's the same great kit with FOUR engines and plenty of building power. The kit hasn't been out in decades, so it should be a hit with modelers.
  • Bobby Issac Ford Torino - Round2 has dug deep and pulled this rabbit out of it's hat. Not since the Johan Torino stock car has there been a Torino nascar model. This reissue from decades past should be popular with Ford fans. The old Johan kits go for gold, but this one should be much more affordable, and probably a lot easier to assemble (a lot less flash).
  • The AMT Mod Rod - Revell might be pumping up it's new '29 Ford, but AMT has one too. Two versions will be available, one molded in white, the other molded in color. Both kit versions can be built one of two ways out of the box. The engine is a Dodge V8. The kit also has Firestone “narrow pie crust” and Goodyear Blue Streak slicks, and there is a 4-cylinder engine if you want to build the car "stock".
  • Super Boss / Papa Trucks - AMT has finally reissued these trucks. Truck builders have wanted these kits back on the market for years. The original kits are extremely expensive. Now the truck builders can load up their stash with as many as they can afford.
  • White Freightliner - for the stock truck builders, the AMT White Freightlier cabover will be reissued. Round2 always takes care of the truck model builders, and they keep on coming up with them as fast as they can. (by the way, the Mack DM600 will also be reissued again - it's crazy popular!).
  • Lil Gasser - there's always a few show cars that come out every year. This time it's the AMT Lil Gasser.
  • Harley Quinn VW Beetle - this is the Polar Lights Beetle that was originally the Herbie car from the movies. It gets reissued wth different decals and boxes over the years. In some ways this is detrimental to the model - it's a very good kit, and one you should build if you're a VW fan, regardless of the box it comes in.
  • Datsun Monster Truck - this is an older MPC kit. I'm not sure how popular monster trucks are, at least, probably not like they used to be. But this is a Datsun, and it looks ike it includes a tow setup, so it could be interesting. Plus - 1970s graphics!
  • Thunder Chopper - I'm glad some of these older big scale bikes are coming out. I hope that the Round2 bikes will inspire Revell to reissue their old Trike kits as well. But this Harley Davidson chopper kit should be a blast to build from MPC.
  • Star Trek kits - Round2 continues to come up with kits for the fans. They will be reissing an F104 representing the aircraft in one of the Star Trek episodes. AMT has been reissuing several aircraft models lately, and this is a good idea on how to get another one to market. Also coming up is the Enterprise-D version, molded in clear to make it easier to light up, and all new Excelsior kit (or a remodified and corrected version actually I believe). On the Polar Lights front, they will be issuing an all new saucer section for the 1:350 USS Enterprise kits. The original kit has fine grid lines molded into the saucer, the new parts will be smooth (you can pencil in the lines like they did on the TV show if you want to, or leave it clean).


How's that for a list? Round2 has been very busy. When do those Kats sleep?


amt trojan horse ford mustang funny car model




Scale Model Hobby News

Scale Model Hobby News

Just some recent things to mention.

The next issue for Scale Model Life is about halfway done. This one will be about cars. I've been very busy lately and it's not progressing as fast as I would like, but it's getting there. On that note, I recently recieved a comment about the models in the books. The person thought the kits in the books were provided by the model companies. But just to be clear, that's not the case. I've never recieved a free model for any of my magazines or books. I bought them all with my own hard earned cold cash - just like you would. While free stuff is great to get, by using models from my personal collection, I can pretty much build any model subject I want. I'm not under any pressure to praise a model beyond what's really in the box. I've been building model kits since maybe 1969-1970, so I've built a lot of good models, great models, and some that were just plain garbage. (garbage models don't go in the magazines - why waste your time? There's only so much room in an issue). That's not to say I would turn down a free kit, it's just never come up.

There are some new models coming out soon, many of them cars. However, Moebius continues with the Batman figures, and the Riddler and the Pengiun should be out this year. Making a figure model in plastic is complicated. It's easier to do in resin or vinyl, but not everyone builds those kinds of kits, so it's a Catch 22 for model companies. I build models from any medium, so it doesn't matter to me, but making a hard plastic kit with hardly any seams is not easy. I'm glad Moebius Models has the patience - I don't think I would. I believe the Batgirl figure may be a vinyl kit though, and that's fine. I'm all for that.

Speaking of figure models, I used to have them on one page, but decided to break them up into Plastic Figure Models, and then a new page for Resin & Vinyl Figure Models. This way a guest to the site can choose the type kits they want to see.

I did finish my Polar Lights Star Trek Enterprise model. It was a great kit, and it's an amazing size. Well worth every penny and then some. It wasn't hard to build either. If you're on the fence about getting one, now is the time. You won't regret it. I'm looking forward to the AMT F104 Lightning for the Star Trek episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday". That was a fair episode. Light hearted. I think it's a creative way to get the old F104 AMT tool out and a clever way to tie it in with the show. It should be a fun kit to build just for nostalgic reasons. Works for me anyhow.

Keep on modeling. I'm working on an idea to post this weekend, so stay tuned!


polar lights enterprise


Scale Model News and What's Going On

I've been working on a few projects. Some of them for the next issue of Scale Model Life. But some I'm building just for me, so they won't be in a book, and I can fiddle around with them as time permits. Before we get started though, here's some links to a few Model Show Events -


I've recently added a few new images for the garage a built a few months ago. These images were taken outside, and the colors show up much better. See what you think - click here.


custom scale model garage


I've been building on the Round 2 / Polar Lights USS Enterprise for a while, but I want to get more done hopefully soon. I started primering some of the parts, in prep for paint. The kit is molded in a light blue, but I'm going to paint it white (to look more like it does on TV). I've already painted the bridge, which is about the size of a US quarter. Nothing is really glued together yet. The windows are installed from inside, so I'm not sure how the seams will be. I may have to paint the entire kit, install the windows, and then just live with the seams if there are any. I can't imagine masking off all those tiny windows. My eyesight isn't that good. LOL

This is the 3-foot version kit. It includes a lot of extra parts, and it seems daunting in the box, but some of the parts won't be used (they are in the box to build different versions of the ship over the series lifetime), and when you break it down to what WILL be used, there's not that many parts. So far it's working out well, I've no doubt that it will be a fun build. (if not a huge one!). I'm not adding lights to this one, simply because of the expense. If all goes well though, I may buy another kit and light that one later, I haven't decided yet.


enterprise bridge star trek


Scale Model Hobby News - Revell, Moebius, Round2 and More

With the new 2016 year approaching, it seems we have an interesting outlook on new kits in the future. You probably loaded up on model kits for the Holidays, and you may need a breather in your budget, but plan on saving some more coins, because the model companies are coming out of the gates strong.

If you're a science fiction Scifi fan, this is the best time to build those model subjects. The Star Wars model kit market has exploded. Dozens of new Star Wars kits have come out in the last few months, from Bandai, Revell, and soon to be, Dragon Models. Dragon will be releasing several new kits in the months (year) to come. But their biggest news is that the AT-AT kit will be 1/35 scale. This is important because there are THOUSANDS of military accessories, figures, and models in that scale, and these can be combined with the kit to make a hundred different scenarios as far as a diorama. If you thought you might want to collect every Star Wars model there is, you've got your work cut out for you. I've built many of the older AMT Star Wars kits, and I have a couple of X-Wings from Fine Molds and Revell, but I haven't built them yet, so I can't attest to their buildability (is that a word?). The Fine Molds kits are very detailed by looking at the sprues. My only bother with the Revell kits is that they are all snap models, and in my view, lack a bit of detail. But if they get kids into modeling, I'm all for it.

I might as well give a shout out to Moebius Models, as they'll be producing a 1:32 scale kit of the Proteus from Fantastic Voyage. It's a model kit folks have wanted for decades. Lunar Models made a resin one back in the 1990s, and I think a few larger resin kits of the submarine came around as well, but this kit should be more affordable, so we can all enjoy the model and get our hands on one. The Moebius Models example has an interior, and that's a serious plus for this kit. Sadly, it doesn't include any figures. But being 1/32 scale, there are some options. Even if you modify some 1:35 scale figures to get by. The original film starred Raquel Welch. Now that's a figure I need to add to this model!

The Round2 Space 1999 Eagle should be out any day now. I suspect Round2 will run out of kits in the U.S. on their first run. There's going to be a long line for them. It's another kit that's been on Scifi fans hot list for a long time. It's not 44" (rather, it's half that, 22"), but that's ok. It's more affordable, and will be easier to find a place for in the hobby room / office. Hopefully. Either way, I'm looking forward to building one myself (at least one ... maybe more).

Atlantis models has two kits coming out in 2016. One a small UFO model in keeping with their other kits. This one depicting a Monument Valley saucer, so to speak. Since you don't have to pay royalties to Alien Overlords and their UFOs, Atlantis can prtty much make as many of the small cool kits as they want to. Another fun kit coming out is their Flash Gordon figure kit, with a smaller Martian. This is an old Aurora model that hasn't seen the light of day since the 1960's. I'm looking forward to building one of them, it looks like it would be fun to do.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of Star Trek models. Round2 still hints at a 1:32 Shuttle, but there's no real updates on if they wil or won't release one. I want one myself, so all we can do is hope it will happen. With the 1:350 TOS Enterprise released a few years ago (awesome kit, I have one). And now the Space 1999 Eagle, Round2 has already brought some kits to the market that are popular, and I believe, big sellers. Let's hope they can continue that with a large scale Shuttle (with an interior of course, maybe an engine if they can swing it).

On the car side of things, there are a few kits of interest. Aside from the usual models that are released over and over, there are some gems in an otherwise busy crowd of common kits. Fujimi will be releasing a James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me" Lotus Esprit, the submarine version. While it doesn't look like you could build it stock (if Revell was smart, this would be a good time to reissue their Monogram kit of the stock Lotus for a kit bash), it should be fun to build the sub example.

Round2 always has some reissues, many that have not been out but maybe once, or not in decades. They will be reissuing the 1989 Batman movie kits. The Batmobile is already out, but the Batmissile and Batwing (which is 1:25 scale by the way) will be out later in the year. These are good kits. The Batwings are hard to find, and the prices are a bit high, so it's good to see this one out again. Also coming out will be MPC's Ford Pinto Station Wagon. Personally, I would rather have the fastback / runabout two door models, rather than the wagon, but let's hope they reissue those as well (eventually). I will probably still get the wagon, but it's not my preference.

Mopar builders can rejoice, because Round2 will be releasing the MPC Plymouth Volare'. The version coming out is the "Fuzz Duster" kit, which includes custom parts and the T-Tops. So there will be a lot in the box to build multiple versions, including a Plymouth Road Runner. (special thanks to John Greczula at Round2 for confirming this for me!). It's not so much that Volare's are popular, it's just that the kit hasn't been out in decades, and now many of us can build the kits we did as kids, but much better. I'm looking foward to this one. (I owned a real Dodge SE myself, which is the same body / car). I'm also looking forward to Round2's / AMT Flying Wedge Dragster. I built a couple of those kits when I was a kid in my basement, and that wedge shape is just cool. For years I hoped the kit would come out again, and here it is for 2016. Awesome!

If you're a heavy truck fan, the AMT Aero Chief Fire Truck and Tyrone Malone Papa Truck will make their debuts after many years. The kits have risen in price on the collectors market, hopefully the reissues will be much more affordable. There are dozens of other kits coming out from AMT, MPC, Polar Lights and Lindberg, most kits that have been out recently not to long ago, but the forementioned ones are some highlights.

Revell will be coming out with a few new models, primarily the Foose kits, the Eldorod and the Foose Ford Pickup truck. Revell is usually very secretive about what new products are coming out, so we won't know much until they actually release a flyer or some other information. Personally, I think this is detrimental, as you can't really create a buzz about an upcoming product if no one knows aboaut it. But that's their way. (they make good kits, so there's no problem there).

That's the roundup of the models I know about, and I'm only mentioning some of the more interesting kits. It's too much to list them all (especially from Round2 .. do those guys ever sleep? LOL ). Let's hope there's a few surprise along the way for 2016!


mpc space 1999 eagle round2


Model Hobby News - Kits, Photoetch and Model Shows

I hope everyone had a chance to spend some time with their family this long weekend and for the Holidays. I'm guessing we all put on a few pounds for sure. Of course, doing some hobby shopping is always fun with the down time, but the model companies have a lot to get out the door before 2016 rolls around.

Let's start today with some news. Miniart and TrackLink are having an online model contest. The contest runs from 1st December 2015 through to 31st March 2016. The entererd mdel must be a Miniart kit, but that shouldn't be an issue. They make kits of figures, diorama subjects, trucks, tanks, motorcycles, electric Trams, Jeeps, and more. You get 4 months till the deadline, plenty of time to come up with something interesting.

If you want to voice your opinion about some of the next models from Round2, now's your chance. Jump over to their online Survey and let them know. I'm not sure how long it will stay active, so the sooner the better. This will support them and help them decide what to do in the future, so give them a hand and do the Survey.

The Model Car Garage has just released some new photo-etch detail sheets. Including sheets for the MENG F350 SD, the Moebius Chrysler 300, and the Revell Oldsmobile 442 (with the Linda Vaghn figure, but works on previous issues as well). They also now make a sheet for the Moebius F100. Note that the MENG F350 set includes markings to make a Harley Davidson Edition version of the truck. The side emblems also include F250 and F350 badges. The Moebius pickup truck badges allow you to make an F100, F250, or F350 (though, an F250 / F350 would have a Dana 60 rear end, if you want to replace the Moebius 9-inch rear). It also includes the badges for the Ranger, Custom, Sport Custom, Camper Special, and XLT versions. These should work as well on the AMT 1970's Ford trucks.

To round out this morning, how about some model contests images? Maybe you'll see some inspiration for your 2016 model building projects!


revell 2016 models 1st quater


Revell 2016 Model Kits 1st Quarter

Revell releases 2016 model kit lineup for 1st quarter

Revell has released some news about the coming model kits for 2016, in the first quarter. So far the printed / PDF flyer only mentions car kits, but I expect there will be others as we get closer to January, 2016. Revell USA is traditionally heavy on car subjects, while Revell Germany releases a lot of military and other varied subjects as models.

  • 2017 Ford GT - This will be an all new mold. It's marked as a Snap-Tite kit, but that shouldn't be a problem. Many of Revell's newer car kits are made that way, but still include an opening hood and an engine. Many are prepainted, which save a little money right there for young builders. Adults can primer and paint them like any other kit if they wish to.
  • 2013 FOOSE Dodge Challenger SRT8 - This should be like Revell's previous issues of this car, but with FOOSE wheels and new decals. Possibly some minor cosmetic changes or parts. The flyer mentions that it will be pre-painted. (like some of their other more current kits).
  • 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray - Revell just issued a similar kit of this car last month, so I believe this may be similar. This version will have FOOSE wheels, and possibly new decals and minor cosmetic changes or parts. The flyer mentions that it will be pre-painted.
  • 1966 Chevy Fleetside Pickup - This should be a welcome model kit for truck and Chevy builders. The styleside kit has been out for a while, they're easy to get, but it's been a few years since the fleetside kit has been available. I imagine this kit will be unchanged, except for new decals.
  • 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1 - I think this will be similar to Revell's previous Camaro kits, possibly the police package version. It looks like it will include new wheels, new decals, and an "outlaw" style hood. (the wheels look hideous to me though).
  • 2014 Ford Mustang - I think this will be similar to Revells previous Mustang kits. Like the Camaro, it appears to get new wheels, new decals, and an "Outlaw" style hood as well. The hoods make sense, since there are a lot of resin cast cowl hoods out there, and now, with the hood included in the kit, it's one less part to buy aftermarket.
  • Porsche 918 Spyder - I'm sure this is based off the current Revell German 918 kit. Basically, a stock relica kit.
  • 1967 Chevy Camaro - This is a reissue, but with new decals maybe, new wheels, and possibly a new hood. It's to replicate the famous Nickey Chevrolet dealer built musclecars from the 1960's.
  • Lacrosse Missile and Truck - This is an old Renwal kit. Revell has reissued several Renwal military kits over the recent years, and I guess they're selling well, as they keep on re-issuing different ones each year. Some that haven't been available since the 1960's. This one is a 1/32 scale kit.

Revell Germany planned model kits for 2016

Revell Germany has also released news of their upcoming kits for early 2016 in the first quarter. As usual, the kits are heavy on military subjects (which are popular in Europe). But there are a few cars, and I'll list those first:

  • Porsche Boxter - I believe this is based off a previous issue. This one is a cabrio version.
  • Ferrari F40 - It's a 1/32 scale kit. It's hard to say how popular it will be.
  • Volkswagen Samba Bus / Van - This is a reissue, but it now includes decals for Lufthansa.
  • Citroen 2CV - I think this is a reissue, with new decals.
  • Ferrari 250 SWB - a reissue, in 1/24 scale. I think this was previously an Italeri kit, which means it should be a pretty good car model.
  • VW Bug - 1:35 scale, with military style parts.
  • LSM "Eidechse" - a model ship.
  • U-Boat Submarine Type XXII - this kit is in 1:144 scale.
  • Russian Typhoon Class Submarine - this is a reissue of the submarine from the movie "Red October". It's 1:400 scale.
  • EC 135 Swiss Air Glacier Rescue Helicopter - this kit is in 1:72 scale.
  • Bell UH-1D - helicopter model in 1:100 scale.
  • Boeing Triple-Seven 777-300ER - this aircraft comes to us in 1:144 scale with Boeing decals.
  • Glider Plane - I think this is a reissue. This one is in 1:32 scale.
  • Spitfire Mk II - a reissue of the 1:48 kit.
  • Stearman "Cadet" - this should be a reissue, with military training decals.
  • Corsair F4U4 - a reissued kit in 1:72 scale
  • De DeHavilland "Twin Otter" - aircraft kit, in 1:72 scale. I'm not sure if this is a reissue or not. The markings (decals) appear to be Swiss.
  • Soviet SS-25 "TOPOL" - military missile carrier / launcher. This is produced in 1:72 scale. I think it was previously a Zvezda kit
  • Rissian T34/85 Tank - another military kit, coming in at 1:72 scale.
  • Opel LKW 1.5 Ton Military Truck - a 1:35 scale model. Possibly a previous ICM kit?
  • Mi-28 "Havoc" Helicopter - this one is in 1:72 scale.
  • MV-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor - in 1:72 scale. Possibly includes decal markings for both the Navy and Marines.
  • Roland C.II "Walfisch" - a biplane kit. This is made with (or from) an Eduard mold.
  • Heinkel He 70 - This kit will be 1:72 scale. I think this is an all new mold, to depict one of Germany's "Secret Weapons" from WWII (that probably never saw production).
  • Polikarpov I-153 - another biplane, in 1"72 scale.
  • C-45 Twin Engine - Possibly a previous ICM kit. It will probably have new decals at least. The kit is 1:48 scale.
  • USS Dallas - submarine model, in 1:400 scale. It's the same scale as the Red October Typhoon kit.

Like many other model companies, some of the kits that come out are originally produced by other brands. Model companies of today like to share and use each others molds, and I think this is a smart thing to do. Why re-invent the wheel? Most of it has to do with distribution. Making and packaging a kit in a certain area of the world can bring the price down locally, and that's a good thing for modelers. Revell is extremely well known, but they halso have a vast distributor network world wide. I wish more model companies would share molds and products. Not that it's new, model companies did this back in the 1960's and '70's. But it seems more common today, and it sure helps with lower prices.

So that's the new model kits coming out for 2016 so far from Revell. Nothing really grabs me as far as what I would build (maybe tbe 250 SWB, or the Outlaw Mustang), but nothing spectacular. Of course, there are 100 other model companies that will have more kits in 2016, so we can all expect another great year of fresh kits and new model subjects from all of them. And this is only the first quarter for Revell. They have 3 other quarters of the year to surprise us with new kits!


revell 2016 models 1st quater


Models, Kits, and Hobby News

First off, if you like Scifi models, then you probably already know about Round2's upcoming Space 1999 Eagle model. It's a bit of a surprise, but their workinging hard at getting it out soon. If we're lucky, we might even see it before the end of the year. This is a kit modellers have wanted for decades. I can't wait till they come out. You can find out more about the new kit, and the progress on how it's coming along at the links below:

I want to mention that I've added many more Japanese car kits to the selection online. There are so many, I separated them, and also put the Aoshima cars on a page of their own. Aoshima make so many car kits, it's amazing. They also have very popular lines, such as their VIP series, KenMary Works, K-Break, Grand Champions, Top Secret, Rocket Bunny, C-West, and so many others. All these cars have great sets of Aoshima wheels. Many of the kits have engines. I have quite a few of their kits myself, and I look forward to building them. They certainly make something for everyone! Whatever your style.

Last, but not least, check out the pictures from the CKM's Summer Classic model show. It looks like it was quite a show!

Catch ya later !


aoshima model car kits


Scale Model Kits and Plastic News Update

Finescale Modeler has their latest video up of reviews and close looks at some kits. Models covered are several Aircraft, Armor, and my favorite, the MiniArts's GAZ Truck. See what you think. A GAZ is pretty much a Ford truck, in that they were made with Ford tooling, so just think of them as a Ford truck cousin.

Scale Auto DC has a nice, but short, online digital magazine for diecast car enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to check it out. Obviously most of us like plastic models more, but if you like cars in general, it's still fun to look at. And it's FREE !

Check out some model images from a recent HAMS Model show in 2015. These are always good for inspiration, and ideas to build your own model projects.

You might also find this interesting. Some pictures of some upcoming Revell releases. These were on display at the GTR NNL, and are brought to you by Gerry Paquette. The Revell 29 Ford, Starsky & Hutch Torino, Porsche 918, BMW, Hurst Oldsmobile, and more.

Catch ya later !


HAMS model hobby show


Revell-Monogarm Models Ford F150 Time Machine

Good morning all. I've had a bit of coffee in me to start this day. Even a couple of Donuts from DD ... with sugar on top. So if I ramble a bit, you'll know why. LOL

I work pretty much 7 days a week. because just like you, I have bills to pay, and things to get done. I try and get as such model / hobby stuff crammed in there as I can. Sometimes this works out, sometimes not. But it's always on my mind. I really do love the model hobby. Those of you who know me personally (locally and across the various countries) know I can talk models for hours, all day, and usually long into the night (a cold beer and pizza helps :-)

I don't usually go into personal stuff online, but I recently came across this picture from my past, and I thought it would be fun to post. I'm guessing it takes place around 1975-1980, somewhere in there. But I was building models long before this, since about 1970.

I believe this is a Monogram 1980-1985 Ford F150. In fact, the one that has just been reissued (finally!). Monogram usually molds their kits in colored plastic, so I'm guessing that's why it's red like on the box. Though I was using spray paint by this time, as a family, we didn't have much money, so I probably didn't have the funds to buy red paint anyway.

Luckily my mother allowed me to build models on the kitchen table when needed. My other choice was to build them on my bedroom floor (shag carpet! the devourer of small model parts!). It looks like I'm at the decal stage here, so the truck must be almost done.

I'm going to disown the Shaun Cassidy shirt, because we wore hand me downs a lot or bargain clothes. I never owned any of his records, so that's my best guess. (and I'm sticking to it! LOL).

It's fun to reflect back to the days when we had endless time to build models for hours. I'm hoping when I retire, I can once again enjoy model building with no watchful eyes on the hours of the day. And at that point, the hobby in my life will have come full circle.

So here's to hoping that your model hobby keeps chugging along, and being a large part of your life. So many models, so little time :-)


monogram ford f150 models

Roger H. comments: Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I'm a bit older than you, so most of my memories of modeling are circa 1965 - 1970, but oh what great memories! Raised 3 boys and a girl, none of who ever really got into models (video games....grrrr!). Now at empty nest phase (60) and finally getting back to the hobby. Just finished 1:24 Monogram NOS 1970 Dodge Challenger, and am in progress on a 1:16 AMT 1955 Chevy Coupe and a 1:24 ERTL 1953 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Hand's maybe not as steady as I remember when painting trim, but I sure can afford more paint and better brushes! Cheers!


The Votes are in : Revell's New Chip Foose Models are Selected!

Revell and model fans have voted and the counts are in: Two new kits will be produced to replicate Chip Foose's "Eldorod" Cadillac Custom and his 1956 Ford F100.

Over 10,000+ modelers voted to pick these two subjects out of seven choices. Most were a hot rod of some kind, but the Ford F100 and full size ride Eldorado won out. (I personally voted for the F100 and Eldorod myself, so that's a plus for me!).

The kits won't be issued until 2016, so we have a bit of a wait, but I suspect it will be worth it. The 1956 Ford F100 is a classic pickup truck and well known with enthusiests all over the world. This truck is actually been in the Foose family for years, and that makes it more of a personal ride for Chip. It was "restored" and rebuilt in 2005. The Eldorod incorporates everything a sleek custom car should be: stylish, smooth, big, long and low.

The real 1956 Ford F100 features a Ford 4-link and 9-inch rear suspension, Roush Aluminum 451 cid Ford V8 with a C6, and rack and pinion steering. If you plan on buying and building the Eldorod, there are some great images of the car inside and out located here. Note the original color from Boyd's was a maroone color, but the owner of the car had Chip Foose restore the car and paint it his preferred color of a deep metallic blue.

I hope Revell, and other model companies, do surveys to find out what customers want in the future. It seems a lot easier and better than guessing. And a lot more fun!


revell chip foose model kits

3D Printed Parts for Detailing Your Scale Model Kits

Shapeways has been around for a short time, but it's growing more and more every day.

It's been a while since I visited the site, but it looks like their inventory is growing quickly for parts that will appeal for modelers like you and me. 3D printing is in the news lately big time, and modelers are looking for the days when a machine will be cheap enough for doing models at home. I don't really see that happening myself. Anyone can buy a machine, but it's the software that's not very friendly, that has a very high learning curve. Most people won't have any interest in learning any of that. They just want the machine to print models.

Fortunately there are some software 3D wizards out there that are modelers too, so we may get what we need without ever having to actually buy a machine. If the demand is high enough. Want to see what they have? How about dozens of parts for upgrading the MPC Eagle. Or maybe you want to add something to your Alpha diorama with a moon buggy or Delta Probe. Maybe you're a Star Wars fan? How about some parts to upgrade a Millenium Falcon? It looks like there's a whole batch of those in the line. The 1/6 scale Drone Louie from Silent Running looks pretty awesome.

Are you a model car builder? Maybe your thing is Hot Rods? Check out these bomber seats. Maybe you like to build trucks? How about a Dodge Cummins 5.7 Diesel engine? Maybe you'd like to get a whole body for a model projects, such as a Chevy Corvair Rampide body, or a Ferrari Barchetta? Maybe even a Jeep CJ8 Scrambler? Of course, you can't go wrong with some scale figures to display with your model.

You may want to visit Shapeways and poke around. Just use the search feature and see what you can find for model goodies!


shapeways 3d scale model parts


Voice you opinion for new model kits at Round2 !

Round2 is running a survey over at their blog. Do a quick sign up to post, and let them know what you like. There are some sweet model projects in there ! Some that modelers have wanted for years.

Here's the link :

They can't make any promises, but they're asking for your input, so go ahead and tell them what you think. Oh, and give their crazy monster figure a name too!


sround2 model survey


Aurora Sealab III Model Kit may be Reissued by Atlantis Models

If you ever wanted one of the Sealab III model kits originally produced by Aurora, then you know they cost a small fortune, if you can even find one.

But if you ever wanted one, but just couldn't mortgage the house to get the kit, now's your chance to get one for much less!

Atlantis models is taking preorders to reissue this classic and rare kit. It all depends on the pre-orders. From me, from you, and others.

The kit will be just like the original. To keep costs down, the kit looks like it will be available as a bagged kit at a lower cost as an option. I'm fine with that, I don't need the box. And it's another way to save costs and allow more of us to be able to afford to get one of these classic kits.

Jump over to Atlantis' website and see what it's all about.


atlantis aurora models sealab III kit


Choose a Revell scale model kit for 2015 - let your voice be heard!

It's not often you really get to have any input on what models might be produced. Sure, we all have a long list of kits we'd like to see, but the odds of that really coming to fruition is not likely.

But now's your chance to chime in!

First up, Airfix is using Kickstarter to let Customers decide what kits they want to see come to market. The kits are classic Airfix, and reissues, but you still get a say and a vote. We can all talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? Can we put our money where our mouth is? Time will only tell how it works out. CLICK HERE to choose an Airfix model you'd like to see in your collection.

I like the concept Airfix (and Revell) is doing. I think the future of modeling needs this. The leader of a similar concept was when Round2 / Polar Lights offered to produce their 1:350 Star Trek TOS Enterprise kit. Customers had to preorder, and if the demand was high enough (which it was, thank goodness), they would produce the kit. Of course, I preordered one, and the whole model procedure was a lot of fun. They sent a Tshirt if you preordered, you recieved special email updates of how the kit was progressing, from CAD files to the final test shots, it was a fantastic idea. I have no problem pre-ordering a kit if it's one I want. Why should the model company take all the risk? What's the demand for the subject? Why guess? Why not give Customers a choice? Model companies need to look at new ideas to help connect modelers with models, and trying out new ways to do that is what needs to be done.

But Airfix is not the only company testing the waters. Revell has set up a way for you to pick their next model subject, together with Chip Foose. Your choice could be a modified reissue, or an all new kit ! They actually give you 7 choices! My number 1 choice was the Ford F100. I think there are more things you can do with that kit than the others (as far as modifying, street / race / commercial apps), plus, I'm a pickup truck guy. Of course your choice might be different, but you have to get over there and vote! If this is successful, the model companies will do it more often, and we have a better chance of getting the models we all want. Lend your support!

So there you have it. The fate of the next models to be released is in YOUR hands. It's up to you to get involved and keep the hobby rolling!


revell chip foose survey online model kits


Race Car Model Kits

A quick mention of what's shaping up here at Rocketfin Hobbies.

I had an email from a Customer with a good idea, so I thought I would give it a try. I've lumped all the race car models in to their own section. There are a lot of model cars of race subjects that don't exactly fit into a Ford, Chevy or Dodge category, or say, the F1 section. An Indy Car model is a god example. Or an IMSA car model. So now these kits, and a lot of other types of race cars, have their own section. Race car models are usually a pretty good challenge, they are all somewhat different. From a DTM car to a WRC Rally model, with the exotic engines, roll cages, and racing quipement, they're not always the easiest models to build, they will test your skills But for those who like race car kits, now you can see them all at one time. I hope it makes it easy on the model race car fans who visit Rocketfin. Also, by pulling some of those from the other categories, that will allow those to be more focused, and the pages to load faster with what you want to see.

Some of you may have noticed an expansion of the Military Truck Models section. I like these model kits, I have a few of my own to build. ( Watch for some of them in some future books ). I know there are a lot of 1/25 and 1/24 scale truck model fans, but those are quite large when assembled. I kind of like the smaller 1/35 kits a bit. There're also a lot of accessories for truck / military kits, so you can really pack on the supplies and cargo, and even make some cool dioramas. Military trucks don't always have to be built military, many of them have civilian uses as well, so that's an option. One I want to explore. While you're on the equipment page, check out all the new bulldozer kits! very cool models.

I've also expanded the model display cases, and the model bases. Building a model is great, but showing it off is fun too, so it's best to use a case or make a base display to bring the model to life. I think you'll see some interesting choices there. Check them out.

I hope you're enjoying what ever model kit you're building. This is summer, so normally a little less modeling gets done, since everyone is ouside taking in the sun and fresh air, and that's good. They don't call it summer break for nothing. So get outside, maybe visit some car shows and air shows, take some pictures for some winter model projects, and do some things with your family. Have a great day!


race car model kits


New 2015 Model Kits Update News

Some new kits have been coming out, thought there are some still lurking in the shadows, and be issued later in the year. Let's mention some that have just hit the market.

The new Revell Ford Crown Victoria is a snap kit, but being a Police car, should be fun for kids looking to build a quick car project. Even the wheels roll. For glue modelers, it's one of the few 4-door models out, so with some updates, it could be a taxi, FBI, or MIB car. ICM continues their 1/24 car streak with an Admiral Saloon car model. This kit is a full detail model, including a detailed chassis, interior, and even an engine. Because it's modern tooling, it should be way ahead of the older 1960's kits you may be used to. Don't get boxed in by the art on the carton. With some mods, this could be just as much fun as any hot rod model. It's a 1930's era car, just like a 1932 Ford. Paint it hot rod red and add some custom chrome parts. It's a 4-door, but the rears, if you opened them, would be suicide style. Just to round out another snap kit, Revell issued their Ferrari Enzo. It has a screw on chassis, rolling wheels, engine insert, and chrome parts. Revell says the parts are painted, so I imagine that means the body parts are in red.

Several Porsche models have just come out recently. First up is Revell's snap-kit Porsche Boxter. The kit is molded in colors, but it doesn't include an engine. This only means fewer parts (only 37 to be exact) so it should be even easier for a youngster to assemble. Revell also caters to the glue model builders with two cars, a Porsche 911 Carrera and a Carrera RS 3.0. I prefer the older 911's myself, and the 3.0 car has some great older style factory Porsche wheels. Revell popped out their Acura Integra Type R. This kit is a gold mine, with several extra parts, DOHC engine, 4 sets of wheels, and choices on the rear spoiler. This kit easily rivals anything that Tamiya or Aoshima would offer.

AMT and Round2 have dug deep in their vaults and have pulled out some kits that have been popular in the past. Their "Street Shaker" 1964 Impala is ready to burn up the streets with it's 409 V8. AMT includes their pad printed Goodyear Polyglas GT Tires to mke this kit look even better previous releases. As a side note, it's molded in white (not pink like on the box), so the paint color is up to you. Lindberg has a Chevy of their own, the 1966 Chevelle. This is one of Lindberg's best car models that I know of as far as the molding, which was done sometime on the 1990's I believe, so it's somewhat modern. This model has a 396 BB. To be honest. I'm digging the summer beach style box art. Revell came out with their 2014 Mustang GT. The car includes a modern 5.0 V8 engine. The kit is sort of a hybrid, with some aspects of a glue kit (detail parts) but the body is prepainted and the wheels use metal axles. (the parts count is only 49 pieces). Though it's still a level 3 kit, so it's right about in the middle for all kinds of builders.

One Big scale kit this year is Italeri's Fiat Mefistofele. This 1:8 kit represents a dramatic adventure of noise, oil, and fumes to drive, as far as the real car. The kit is very detailed. the engine is a work of art, and no detail has been spared. Click here to see a video of the real car. It's quite impressive once assembled.

AMT finally released it's grip on a car model rarely seen today, but many have desired for decades. The Man from UNCLE car. Based on the Piranha CRV (a real car), it was quite popular on TV at the time in the 1960's. The original art Series version has Pad-printed tires, optional smoke timted windows, and is molded in a metallic blue. Round2 has even included a 12 page booklet on the real car so you can built it as accurate as possible. Lindberg just released their 1938 Custom Ford Van. This is based on the Boyd Coddington chassis from another kit, but that doesn't make it's any less of a great model to build. With it's tubular chassis, Corvette suspension and Chevy LT1 V8, it's a fun kit to have on your shelf.

It took a while, but the Moebius Smooth Side Trailer is also out for the model truck builders. It's the same high quality as their previous trailer. I'm guessing it will be easier to paint and / or apply side decals to if you want to customize it. Revell has reissued their Marmon Conventional Truck, Stars & Stripes, and it's been a long many years since that's been on store shelves. On the opposite end of that coin, MPC has reissued their DM800 Mack Truck. I think that continues to be a popular kit because those trucks were everywhere as workhorses. Even though the kit doesn't use a sleeper, it's a great tractor to attach to a local dumper or flatbed trailer.

Lindberg has annouced they'll be reissuing their Dodge L-700 Cab with their (originally an IMC) tanker trailer. This time, Shell Oil decals are included. Italeri will be coming out with a Peterbilt 378 kit, with the shorter 119 chassis. Not to be left out, Revell has come out with their Auto Transport Trailer. It's been decades since'this trailer model has been out, so it should be quite populer when it hits the stores.

AMT has decided to reissue the TeeVee Dune Buggy. It looks ike a basic older kit, but I expect Round 2 to add some new xtras to make the kit even more fun than the nostalgia trip it will bring to modelers.

From the Science Fiction model front, there are some models coming out soon, and some that have just come in recently. As far as Star Trek goes, AMT and Polar Lights have issued a few kits. Polar Lights additions are mainly smaller snap kits, while AMT is reissuing the Cutaway Enterprise. It has new decals, and has been modified to accept the Round2 large display stand. To those who might not know, this kit is larger than the standard 18" Enterprise kit, this one is 22". So far there is not much more mentoned, except for the planned Shuttle kit, but no details have come out on that kit so far this year, and Round2 hasn't shown their hand on how they plan to execute the release of the kit, if they ever do.

Not to be left behind, the Star Wars licensing has changed hands to Bandai (though Revell seems to be still making some) , and they've been making kits as fast as they can. From Astrometric Droids to the T65 X-Wing fighters, they've brough quite a few kits out in a short span of time. They all seem to be snap together kits so far, but I don't have any of them yet, so it's hard to say what they are like quality wise. Though Bandai has a pretty good reputation, I expect them to be very good kits.

On the Scifi front for models, it's a golden era for new kits. Moebius has come out with their Jonny Quest Dragonfly SST. While a small kit, it's a great addition to your collection, no matter if you are a plane modeler or a sci-fi fan. Moebius will soon have the Ranger spaceship from the movie Interstellar in our hands as well. Moebius jumped on that even before the movie came out, so they're right on top of it all with that kit. Their Alien Officer Kane kit will be out any day now. This figure is a large scale 1:9 offering. It's a resin kit, and that may bother some modelers, but more and more of us are learning about resin and vinyl kits, and I don't see it as an issue like it might have been 20 years ago. The spacesuits (designed by the artist known as MOEBIUS) almost have a Steampunk feel to them. They are very unique.

Moebius continues with their Battlestar Galactica series of models, with Colonial One. It seems like an off choice, but the series of kits seem to be popular, and Moebius is bringing these kits to modelers who enjoy them, so I can't fault them for it. I'm more of a classic BSG fan, and I have all those kits from them, but they continue to expand the model line with new kits. If you're a Space 1999 fan, don't forget to get one (or more) of the Eagle One kits with the boster pack, and the science pod. The high quality of the resin conversion parts that are included with blow your mind. They are amazing. Atlantis models will be reissuing the Invaders UFO kit. Previously this has been out with Monogram-Revell at the helm, but it appears Atlantis is going to issue it this time. It's a classic kit, and even includes an interior. The original model mold dates all the way back to Aurora. I expect this to be a hot kit.

There are other model kits coming out that I missed, but check back with us to see what's new. The site is updated daily, so stay tuned for more great model kits!


revell 1929 ford model a roadster hot rod kit


New Scale Model Kits

With March 1st just around the corner, we're already two months into the year of 2015. So far, it looks a little slow out of the gates as far as the model kits trickling through. There's a union strike in California, and many of the models we're waiting on are probably floating out in the ocean just off the coast. So as soon as that nonsense is over, eventually, and it will take some serious time to catch up, eventually we will get some models coming in.

AMT has issued the Man From UNCLE Spy Car kit. It doesn't have the TV show tie in artwork logo on the box, but we all know what it is. The kit hasn't been out in decades, so I'm sure some modelers are glad to see that hit the shelves. As long as we're talking TV and movie models, the Lindberg Flintstones car will be out again. This is a fun kit, well done, and the "stone" roller wheels roll. I built one, and I still have it from when it first came out. Like I said, it's a fun kit to build. The big hit this year will be the Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino. That's on my list for sure. But folks have been wanting that kit for years, so it's a given that it will be popular. Dragon models plans on launching a 1/6 scale Tumbler Batmobile, to go with their 1/6 super hero line (which are pretty much Marvel chracters so far). It will be huge (and I'm sure a little bit expensive), we'll have to wait and see.

As I write this, the Revell Ford Raptor truck model should be out any day. It's a snap kit, but hey, it's the only Raptor kit in town, so you'll have to live wth the snap aspect, or cut the hood open and install your own engine. The 2017 Raptors are already on the show circut, and that truck uses a 3.5 engine. The 2014 Raptors (which is probably Revell's model kit) used a 5.4 or 6.2L engine. You can get those 5.4L engines out of some of the 1997-2003 Ford F150 kits floating around still. Mustangs also use a 5.4L, starting in 1996. So a conversion is possible.

Atlantis models mentioned they will be releasing a model of the Invaders UFO Flying Saucer from the 1960's TV show. It looks like it might be the old Aurora / Monogram kit, but that's fine. That's a good kit. It even has an interior. I'll buy one for sure. Can't wait to see it.


Building a Dodge M37 Truck Video

Building a Dodge M37 Truck video.

Yes, this is for an RC chassis. But there are plenty of good ideas that a plastic modeler can learn from. So break out your Evergreen and Plastruct !

(Hit the link - Building a Dodge M37 Truck

Dodge M37 Model


Heavy Equipment World Machinery Models

This is an interesting article by Equipment World. Featuring production and scratchbuilt machine models.

As plastic modelers, we don't get to many kits of heavy construction equipment for some reason. AMT used to have several farm tractors kits, but most have not been released since the 1970's. One exception being the John Deere 4430 kit, which started out only being available at John Deere stores. Later it trickled out to other model distributers once the demand for the kits had risen, and AMT attempted to keep up with the sales. Later, in the 1990s, about the same time, they did a similar sale on the CAT Bulldozer kits. But they sold out quickly, and are very hard to find these days. Not to mention being somewhat expensive.

Today there are a few resin and plastic equipment kits out there, such as the MENG D9R Bulldozer, or the Stalinetz S65. But that's a very short list. Is there a demand for contruction kits? Backhoes, bulldozers, bucket loaders? I guess it's hard to say. I would like to see AMT release all their tractors again, I haven't built any of them myself. They would be new subjects to me.

Check out the link and see what you think of the article, and the modelers presented there. I think you will find it interesting.


heavy equipment models


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