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Rocketfin Hobbies Scale Model Kit Blog and News: More New Model Kits for 2016 - Hobby News

More New Model Kits for 2016 - Hobby News

More New Model Kits for 2016 - Hobby News

In the last article, I talked about Round2's tidal wave of new kits coming out. But there are nuggets of other kits coming from all sorts of other model companies.

I don't think anyone could afford them all, but at least we have some kits to look forward to.

  • Revell 1/8 1965 Chevy Stingray Corvette - This is a reissue of course, but it's been years since it's been available. Don't confuse this with the smaller 1/12 kit. This 1/8 scale monster will take up all the room on your hobby bench. I believe the engine is a 427 big block. It's been years since I've seen one of these kits, so I'm not sure if there are any custom parts included. Meaning, stock may be the only way to go out of the box. (start sourcing this 1/8 aftermarket parts now!).
  • Revell 1/16 BMW Isetta - I don't remember seeing this kit before, so I think this is an all new tooling. While the Isetta isn't the most popular BMW car, or the most common, it is a unique automobile. The last Isetta was made in 1962, so this is geared towards older builders for sure.
  • Revell Chip Foose Ford Pickup - After last years contest / survey, to choose a model to be made for 2016, the Foose truck was one of the two winners chosen to be kitted. While Monogram / Revell already has a couple of 1950s Ford pickups in their stable, modelers are hoping that the new model will be all new, instead of something based on a previous kit. There's no word yet how Revell will make the truck, so we have a few months to go till we find out (unless they push it back to 2017).
  • Italeri Ford European Van - This van has been out before, but it's been quite a few years. The last time I saw (and built one) was maybe in the early 1990s. And that kit I believe was in an Esci box. On this van, the back door opens, but it flips up (Like a hatchback) instead of opening sideways. The doors also open. It's a short van body, so modelers might be able to come up with some creative things based on that. The van is a curbside model, as the hood does not open, and the engine is more of an insert, similar to many Japanese model car kits. The chassis itself is very basic.
  • IMC 1/24 Ford Firetruck - Continuing their line of early Ford cars and vehicles, IMC will be issuing an all new kit of a 1914 Ford Fire Truck. This looks like a very good offering for an early model Ford. It at least includes a ladder or two, and maybe some other equipment. This was 1914, so even the trucks were very basic. The box shows white tires, which would be accurate as tires didn't become black till later. Early tires used chemicals like zinc oxide to make them wear better, while later tires used carbon black and thus they were black from then on (basically).
  • Moebius 1/25 Mercury Comet - It's been a year or two for this model, but eventually, the Comet will see life. Maybe here in 2016. Moebius is very meticulous and they typically don't release a model until it's perfect. So if the test shots from the molds in China aren't up to their standards, they have the work redone until it's right. Moebius makes some great kits, so the wait is always worth it. They just want to make sure you get your moneys worth, and they always come through in the end.
  • Revell 1/25 Ford Gasser (station wagon) - Revell has added more custom parts to their existing Rio Wagon kit to allow modelers to make it into a drag racing Gasser type car. These types of cars are popular with drag fans, so the kits should sell well. To me personally, I wonder why they added Gasser parts to the wagon kit and not the 2-door '57 Ford kit they have? I think that would be more common than a wagon. But I guess they have their reasons (and it's always possible that the wagon Gasser parts will fit the 2-door model well).
  • Revell Dodge Ramcharger - This kit hasn't been issued since it came in the Bass Boat combo. This time it's coming out by itself. With so few Dodge truck model kits on the market, and being based on the D-series style, I think it will do well. I built one years back as a Park Ranger truck. I remember it being a good model to build with no issues.
  • Revell Fast & Furious Dodge Charger - Dom's Charger from the movies. I'm not sure if this is based on an existing Charger kit, or it's based off their diecast Charger. So we'll have to wait and see. I'm guessing it will at least have an optional hood and blower setup for the engine.
  • Moebius / Model King California Flash Belvedere - Moebius and the Model King continue to release special editions of the Moebius Belvedere kit. And why not? The drag racing versions are popular, and the Belvedere is a great kit. It makes perfect sense. In these editions, optional drag parts are included.
  • Revell1/25 Yenko Chevy Nova - If you're looking to build a big block Nova, this is the kit you want. The Nova kits are a newer release, so the molds are clean and sharp, and made with modern technology. They are great builders.
  • Revell 1958 Chevy Impala - This kit has been out many times over the decades. I think the last packaging sold the model as a low rider. It's still a popular release, and hopefully this time around, it looks like it might include some new wheels (?).
  • Moebius 1961 Pontiac Catalina Stock Car - Old stock cars still sell well as model kits. Moebius and the Model King will be bringing out their Pontiac with optional racing parts. Just in time to make the perfect stock car from the 1960s.
  • MENG 1/24 Hummer H1 - Meng follows up their Ford F350 with an all new kit of the civilian GM Hummer H1. For the most part, the civilian example is similar to the military version, though with a lot less tactical options, and no weapons. MENG designed the kit with a diesel engine, opening hood and opening doors. So there's plenty of room to detail the heck out of this kit. I suspect later on MENG will issue a military version, but that's just a guess. Along with the stock kit, MENG will issue an accessory pack that includes off-road parts, such as a gear basket / light bar for the roof, and an extra bull bar.
  • Revell Foose Eldorod - This was one of the winners for the contest / survey from Revell in 2015. This will be an all new kit (as far as I know). It should be available in late 2016, unless Revell pushes it into 2017. They haven't said much about it this year, so I guess we will see what happens.
  • Aoshima Brian James Trailer Model - Aoshima has been working on an A4 Brian James trailer kit. I suspect it will be released near the end of the year. It's the perfect accessory for any pickup truck and race car combo. It's a modern trailer, so it should be quite popular.
  • Revell Chevy C7 Corvette - Revell will reissue it's C7 racing Corvette kit. While new decals is a certainly, it's possble it might include new parts. There are no details yet to confirm one way or another.
  • Italeri 1/24 Trucks and Trailers - Italeri will be issuing several truck models, including their Renault Berliet 356, the Magirus Deutz Canvas truck, and the Iveco Hi-Way cab over. Their ever popular 3-axle canvas trailer will be in a new box with new decals.
  • Revell Tom Daniel Beer Wagon - Once again, Revell reissues one of it's most popular kits ever, the Tom Daniel Beer Wagon. Easy to build, with extra wooden barrels for the payload, this kit is still fun to build, decades after it's initial release.
  • Revell The Baron Fokker Plane - Just a fun kit that hasn't been relased in decades. No scale is given, but for a character model, it would just be fun to build.
  • Moebius Bane Tumbler - Moebius will reissue it's Batman Tumbler Batmobile model with the military type paint scheme, or at least, the style Bane used on the third movie of the set. I'm guessing it will include weapons, notably the gun / cannon on top, but it will include a Bane figure as well (from some reports I've seen).
  • Moebius 1/24 The Bat plane - From the latest Batman vs. Superman movie, Moebius will be releasing a model of the Bat plane. It's an unusual aircraft. Few details have emererged, and I'm not sure if the model is plastic or a type of hard vinyl. But at 1/24 scale, it should be quite large. And fit right in with the Moebius B vs S Batmobile car model they already make.
  • Revell Mercedes AMG GT - Revell will be releasing a kit of the new Mercedes. I'm not sure if it's an all new mold, or a modified kit from a recent issue.
  • Revell Mclaren 570S - Revell will be releasing a model of the Mclaren 570S super car. Aoshima makes several Mclaren kits already but this 570s should fill a gap and offer even more possibilities for modelers when it comes to Maclarens.
  • Aoshima 1/24 Lamborghini Huracan LP610 - Aoshima should be issuing this all new (basically) kit of the Lamborghini Huracan. This is a full detail kit with an engine and interior. A photoetch set will also be available for it by Aoshima.
  • Italeri Lamborghini Miura - Italeri is on a Lamborghini kick, releasing three kits for 2016. Two are already out, but the last one to hit the shelves will be their Mura model.
  • Zoukei-Mura Super Wings Donier Do335 - Zoukei-Mura will be releasing an all new model of the German Dornier Do335AO Pfeil. Their models are alwys heavily detailed and are museum quality. This new kit is in 1/32 scale.
  • HK Models B17E/F Bomber - HK will be reissing their B17 kit but with updated parts to make the E/F version. At 1/32 scale. this kit is a monster in size, and don't expect to cram this puppy into your model case. (it's 39 inches wide!)
  • Revell Star Trek Enterprise Ships Combo - Revell will be releasing a combo kit with two USS Enterprise ships. One is the 1/600 TOS Enterprise, and the other is the version from the new JJ Abrams "reboot" movies. Personally, I haven't built either kit myself, so I might get one of these just to get both kits at the same time. I'm not sure how or if these will be imported into the U.S. market, as the licensing might be for Europe distribution only. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Dragon Models USA Star Wars Model Kits - Dragon USA still plans on releasing several new Star Wars models. The 1/35 scale AT-AT is highly anticipated, since it's the pefect scale to mix with the (thousands) of available military accessories in the model market. I think the AT-AT is ugly myself, but I'm already stashing some 1/35 goodies to add to a diorama with one. Can't wait !
  • Revell Star Wars Models - Revell will be releasing even more Star Wars kits at the end of 2016. You would think the market has been over flooded, with Revell putting out their own line of kits, plus reboxing Fine Molds kits, plus the many Bandai kits that are everywhere. But don't think that train is stopping anytme soon! I wouldn't be surprised if there were 50 Star Wars models available at the end of the year. (too bad AMT can't get on that wagon - some of their glue kits would be great too). Not that their's anything wrong with this, the more the better. But I think you would need a lifetime to build them all.
  • Moebius Proteus Submarine - Needless to say, this is a model that kit builders have wanted for DECADES. Moebius steps up to the plate with a huge 1/32 scale model that will be out, probably in 2017. Full interior? You bet!! Unfortunately there are no figures (given all the window space to see inside, I think they would be a must), but I expect someone will make them aftermarket. I mean, who doesn't want a figure of Raquel Welch? Moebius kits are usually designed with lighting in mind, so if you plan on adding lighting, it shouldn't be to hard.
  • Atlantis Models Flying Saucer / Believe UFO models - Atlantis Models will be releasing a Flying Saucer model, representative of something from a Pulp magazine from the 1930s. The other UFO kit is based on the saucer seen in the "I Want to Believe" poster (seen in Mulder's office). These models are typically around 5 inches or so across. Good for quick builds on a weekend, or perfect for a diorama. For kids, they're great to hang from the ceiling.
  • Moebius Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman Figure Models - Moebius continues with their Batman themed kits with THREE new figures from the recent movie. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. These will be vinyl kits for much better detail and quality. I'm looking forward to these models myself.
  • Moebius Classic Batman Kits, Joker and Penguin - Moebius has taken a lot of flak for these kits not being out right away. But it's unfounded. If these kits were made in vinyl, they would be much easier to produce. But making them in plastic is much more difficult. On a plastic figure models, there are a lot more seams to typicaly fill too for the modeler. So it takes time. I honestly don't know why model companies make figure kits in plastic anymore in this day and age. If you never built a vinyl or resin figure model, grab an issue of Scale Model Life. It's much easier to build these kits than you think.
  • Moebius Frank Frezetta Death Dealer Figure model - Wow,this should be a great kit. Made from vinyl, I suspect it won't have many parts. But the detail so far is amazing. And this should really pull out all the stops as far as painting it. Who can paint it to match the master himself, Frank Frezetta? I guess we will see.
  • Dencomm Monster Scenes - Dencomm will be releasing two new kits in the Monster Scenes series. The Animial Pit, and the Dungeon. These harken back to the old Aurora days and model kits. I'm not sure of the scale. I want to say, maybe, 1/5?


As you can see, there are a lot of models still to be released in 2016. Some might not make it this year, and squeak by into 2017. But however you look at it, there are a lot of new model kits to grab the money right out of your wallet. Hey, it's a hobby, why not enjoy it? I know there's quite a few here I want and some that are must haves.

So buckle up for the ride campers - new model kits are coming your way!




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