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Rocketfin Hobbies Scale Model Kit Blog and News: New Kits From Round2 AMT, MPC, and Polar Lights

New Kits From Round2 AMT, MPC, and Polar Lights


A lot of new models are being released soon. We're only about haflway through the year, and it's already looking like there will be plenty of model kits to choose from. Cars, trucks, aircraft, sci-fi models, we have a lot to look forward to. Just to keep you up to date, here are some of the kits I know about so far from Round2. But you can expect many more, since the model companies don't always release any news about a new kit right away. They slowly roll them out during the year.

Round2 is busting at the seams. They've got the gold mine of kits in their stash, and you never know what they will find or which kit will come out next. For the next few months, you can look forward to:

  • Batman Batmissile - a reissue of the car from the first couple of Batman movies. This AMT model makes a good companion model to the Batmobile they recently released from the same movie (the kit is the version with the removable engine, and includes a cardboard display), and the Batwing (which is 1/25 scale also!). The Batmissile has a cardboard display as well.
  • 1/16 scale Chevy Nomad - a reissue, this kit was out a few years ago, but sold out quick. I would rather have the 2-door '55 Chevy myself, but for station wagon fans, the Chevy Nomad by AMT should do the trick.
  • AMC Pacer Wagon - the AMC Pacer X kit was out a couple of years ago, so the wagon / panel version would be a good kit to build and display against the X version. This version has a few custom parts included I believe.
  • Ford / Sunbeam Tiger - the old Get Smart car model from the TV series. This was reissued by AMT under their Blueprinter series in the 1990's, but hasn't been out since then that I know of. The kit includes the parts to make a race car / SCCA type model, so it's really a two in one kit. It's a good kit, but it does make you realize just how small these cars really were.
  • Ford Pinto Panel Wagon - it's been decades since this kit was out in the public. It includes a few custom parts and a V8 engine. Not to mention the pure 1970s decal graphics.
  • Three Stooges Ford Model T - this AMT car kit has been reissued many times over the years in different boxes. But this version looks like it would be even more fun to buld with Stooge decals, and a cardboard display, complete with cardboard Three Stooges figures. I'll probably get one just for the display and Moe, Larry and Curly.
  • 1973 Ford Mustang - another kit that has been reissued many times. It has the Mach I type hood, and I believe a 351 engine. It's always been an issue as far as trying to build it 100% stock, so it's more of a hybrid, with some custm attributes. Though having built a couple, I believe it is better than the Lindberg or MPC kits.
  • Ford Mustang II Trojan Horse Funny Car - another great drag kit from the archives. The 1970s paint job alone (done with decals) should be spectacular. I can't wait to build one.
  • Plymouth Fuzz Duster Volare' / Road Runner - I had a real Volare V8 myself at one time, so I will be getting a couple of these MPC kits for sure. The car has some custom parts, but should build stock if you wanted to. It includes Road Runner decals as well.
  • Dodge A100 "Dodge Fever" - I'm sure this will be based off the Lindberg "Little Red Wagon" kit, but with new decals, and maybe some other surprises from Round2. A lot of people seem to be looking forward to this kit from what I've seen and heard.
  • Belvedere Super Stock Lawman - this kit has been mentioned for what? Five years maybe? But Round2 keeps taking one to display at shows, so I think this is the year it will really become available. It says AMT on the box, but if it's a Lindberg mold, the Belvevderes are plentiful kits to get. But of course, we all want the Lawman decals and drag parts, so the kits should be popular ... once it's really out.
  • Richard Petty Belvedere - an AMT boxed kit. Again, probably a stock / nascar version of a popular car model kit.
  • Squad Rod Nova - a blast from the past. It's been decades since this kit has been out. I love these older MPC kits with their colorful graphics and spoilers and fender flares and all kinds of odd parts. This kit should be packed with extra stuff. Sounds like fun!
  • 1961 Chevy Impala - Boxed as an AMT kit, I'm not sure if this is the Lindberg mold inside? Either way, it should be a popular kit with Chevy and Impala fans.
  • Chevy Camaro "Cheverra" Z28 - While this is a snap kit, and molded in color, I think it has some custom parts and a unique look to it. I imagine it will be an interesting build. I think the decal sheet will have a 1970s vibe to it.
  • 2016 Camaro - there will be two AMT kits of the all new Camaros. Well, actually, three. One glue version will be available molded in white, the other will be molded in "Garnet Red" (like a promo color). The third version is a snap kit. If you like the new Camaros, you'll probably like these. Unlike the previous Camaros that were built in Canada in real life, the 2016 versions are now made in the USA.
  • 1957 Corvette - AMT is reissing it's 1957 Corvette kit, in two versions. One molded in white, the other molded in color (Aqua).
  • Don Prudhomme The Snake Dragster - an MPC kit, this should be a winner with drag racing fans. Personally, models that have the Snake & Mongoose theme are popular with me.
  • Flying Wedge Dragster - there was still a lot of inovation in the early days of drag racing. I remember building a Flying Wedge model as a kid, so this is a must have for me. It hasn't been available since probably the 1970s.
  • Glen Larsin USA-1 Vega Pro Stock - who doesn't like a racing V8 Vega? This is another kit that will be popular with drag racing fans (especially the Chevy guys).
  • Blazing Bison - We all know this is the Meister Brau puller, but you can't use beer advertising on model kits anymore, so it has a different name on the box. No matter, it's the same great kit with FOUR engines and plenty of building power. The kit hasn't been out in decades, so it should be a hit with modelers.
  • Bobby Issac Ford Torino - Round2 has dug deep and pulled this rabbit out of it's hat. Not since the Johan Torino stock car has there been a Torino nascar model. This reissue from decades past should be popular with Ford fans. The old Johan kits go for gold, but this one should be much more affordable, and probably a lot easier to assemble (a lot less flash).
  • The AMT Mod Rod - Revell might be pumping up it's new '29 Ford, but AMT has one too. Two versions will be available, one molded in white, the other molded in color. Both kit versions can be built one of two ways out of the box. The engine is a Dodge V8. The kit also has Firestone “narrow pie crust” and Goodyear Blue Streak slicks, and there is a 4-cylinder engine if you want to build the car "stock".
  • Super Boss / Papa Trucks - AMT has finally reissued these trucks. Truck builders have wanted these kits back on the market for years. The original kits are extremely expensive. Now the truck builders can load up their stash with as many as they can afford.
  • White Freightliner - for the stock truck builders, the AMT White Freightlier cabover will be reissued. Round2 always takes care of the truck model builders, and they keep on coming up with them as fast as they can. (by the way, the Mack DM600 will also be reissued again - it's crazy popular!).
  • Lil Gasser - there's always a few show cars that come out every year. This time it's the AMT Lil Gasser.
  • Harley Quinn VW Beetle - this is the Polar Lights Beetle that was originally the Herbie car from the movies. It gets reissued wth different decals and boxes over the years. In some ways this is detrimental to the model - it's a very good kit, and one you should build if you're a VW fan, regardless of the box it comes in.
  • Datsun Monster Truck - this is an older MPC kit. I'm not sure how popular monster trucks are, at least, probably not like they used to be. But this is a Datsun, and it looks ike it includes a tow setup, so it could be interesting. Plus - 1970s graphics!
  • Thunder Chopper - I'm glad some of these older big scale bikes are coming out. I hope that the Round2 bikes will inspire Revell to reissue their old Trike kits as well. But this Harley Davidson chopper kit should be a blast to build from MPC.
  • Star Trek kits - Round2 continues to come up with kits for the fans. They will be reissing an F104 representing the aircraft in one of the Star Trek episodes. AMT has been reissuing several aircraft models lately, and this is a good idea on how to get another one to market. Also coming up is the Enterprise-D version, molded in clear to make it easier to light up, and all new Excelsior kit (or a remodified and corrected version actually I believe). On the Polar Lights front, they will be issuing an all new saucer section for the 1:350 USS Enterprise kits. The original kit has fine grid lines molded into the saucer, the new parts will be smooth (you can pencil in the lines like they did on the TV show if you want to, or leave it clean).


How's that for a list? Round2 has been very busy. When do those Kats sleep?


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