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revell F4u corsair models

F4U-4 Corsair with Pilot Figure
The Corsair, single place Navy fighter, was the last propeller-driven fighter made in the U.S. Unique in appearance with its inverted gull wing shape, it was designed for carrier operation but was flown from Pacific airstrips by Marine Corps pilots and enjoyed a distinguished postwar career in Korea.Model Features: Corsair F4U-4.-Rotating propeller, bay doors open and close, retractable landing gear, movable tail hook.-Meticulously recreated with a detailed cockpit with separate pilot figure.-Waterslide decals for two versions.

tamiya bird cage F4u corsair models

Vought Birdcage F4U-1 Corsair
All new mold for 2013!

academy jolly rogers F4u corsair models

F4U-1A F4U-1C F4U-1D Corsair VF-17 Jolly Rogers

tamiya bird cage F4u corsair models

Chance Vought F4U 1/2 Bird Cage Corsair
Detailed scale assembly model kit of the Chance Vought F4U Corsair, a single-seat carrier and land based fighter of the United States NAVY and Marine Corps.The Corsair was a formidable fighter aircraft as it was both fast and maneuverable, thanks in large to its Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial (capable of speeds up to 400mph) and advanced aerodynamics. The F4U was universally feared by Japanese pilots, and by the end of World War II, the Corsair had accumulated an impressive 11:1 kill ratio in air-to-air engagements. This scale model kit depicts the F4U-1, the first production version of the Corsair with "bird cage" canopy, and the kit features: Detailed cockpit and instrument panels. Separate flaps can be optionally positioned in up or down position. Parts to construct optional folded wings. Detailed undercarriage. Detailed engine with optional open or closed flaps. Optional parts to construct F4U-2 night-fighter version. 1 pilot figure. Decals with 4 sets of markings.

tamiya F4u corsair with moto tug models

F4U-1D Corsair with Moto-Tug
This kit is perfect for designing the ultimate U.S. Navy Scene Diorama. Aircraft Tug or Moto-Tug tractors, as they were nicknamed, were manufactured by Ford. The Ferguson Company modified these vehicles for ease of application in the U.S. Navy by lowering clearance, and reducing wheel diameter to make it more compact. A protective panel was also added. The double-tire version of this vehicle was the BNO-40, the single-tire version was the BNO-25. Tow bars from Moto Tugs would attach to the rear landing gear or main landing gear struts. These vehicles were active in towing U.S. Naval planes to runways and hangers. The kit will feature all new parts for recreation of rockets on outer section of wing, perfect for displaying in wing-folded position. In addition to the standing pilot figure of the previous kit, a pilot figure to be assembled leaning out of the cockpit (checking towing) will be included. This kit reproduces the double-wheel version of the Moto-Tug with minimal parts for ease of assembly. Currently, decals for the replication of three different planes are planned to be included in this kit. Driver figure as well as two types of tow bars (main landing gear strut type and rear landing gear strut type) for Moto-Tug will also be included.

hasegawa pacific aces F4u corsair models

F4F4-U1 Birdcage Corsair Pacific Aces Combo Fighter (2 Kits in one box)
Vought inverted gull wing carrier-capable fighter-bomber, initial production variant with 'bird cage' framed canopy. 2 unassembled kits - each with fine raised panel lines, basic cockpit, 1-piece canopy, boxed-in wheel wells, 1 and 1/2 row radial engine, boxed-in wheel wells and 1-piece windscreen-canopy hood. Decals and painting notes for 3 US Marine aircraft: 'White 10' of VMF-213, pilot Lt Wilbur Thomas, July 1943; 'White 576' of VMF-214, pilot Lt Edwin Olander, October 1943 and 'White 15' of VMF-213, pilot Capt James Cupp, September 1943 - includes wing root walkways and instrument panel/console markings.

corsair model kits

Modeling the F4u Corsair

how  resin aircraft model kits

How to Build and Modify
Resin Model Aircraft Kits

wwii aircraft model kits

WWII Aircraft: Modeling, Detailing, Painting and Weathering Vol 3

gun camera pacific

Baa Baa Black Sheep

f4u warbirds

Vought F4U-4 Corsair Fighter Pilot's Flight Manual

f4u corsair dvd

American War Eagles: F4U Corsair - Thunder From the Skies DVD

f4u corsairs in korea

F4U Corsair Units of
the Korean War

f4u corsair datafiles warbirds

Modellers Datafile

f4u corsair datafiles warbirds

F4U Corsair
Warbird History

aircraft shot to hell

Shot to Hell: Stories and the Photos of Ravaged WWII Warbirds

aircraft clear the deck books

Clear the Deck!: Aircraft
Carrier Accidents
of World War II

model aircraft

US Navy Aircraft Camouflage and Markings 1940-1945





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